Kleinsasser to Play?

A day after being all but ruled out for Sunday's game, Jim Kleinsasser practiced as much as he could Thursday -- leaving today as the day of reckoning on his healing leg.

When Jim Kleinsasser broke a bone in his leg in Week 2 against Buffalo, the initial diagnosis was that the earliest he would be back would be for next week's game vs. the Jets.

As of Thursday morning, that projection seemed accurate. But Kleinsasser apparently has different ideas. He practiced through most of Thursday's workouts and is now in a holding pattern, awaiting the results of the work.

If his leg doesn't swell up like Denny Green's 2002 bank account -- paid for TV and radio work, paid for not coaching -- he will likely be a go on Sunday.

* From the "Say What?" department comes this: Randy Moss won't get an automatic one-year suspension of his Minnesota drivers licence for refusing an alcohol/drug screening following his arrest two weeks ago. After checking into the story, it was determined by lawyers making more than 95 percent of us writing and/or reading this that there wasn't "probable cause" to require a blood-alcohol/drug screening. Ask some poor guy making $8 an hour who got caught with remnants of a joint in his ashtray if "probable cause" has the same definition? If nothing else, this admission alone will be enough for a good lawyer to get Moss either off completely of the charges against him, able to plea bargain the marijuana portion of the incident off the record or win with a jury if it goes that far. While it may not seem like much, a lawyer friend of VU said Thursday that, with proper representation, that admission by the state attorney general's office -- trust us, they've looked at the evidence because of who did the infraction -- there is no way the Hennepin County attorney's office wants to make a grandstand play in front of the local -- and most likely national -- media and get hammered for a loss. For all Moss fans worried about a suspension, this is good news. Hopefully, this will serve as a wake-up call for Moss to not only stay from drugs in any form, but forbid those around him from doing anything to implicate him in the future.
* VU has been told by a Miami source that Bryant McKinnie has started talking and what he is saying privately is interesting. From what VU was told -- tight source on this -- he is convinced Red McCombs is selling, that the sale is likely the reason the signing bonus offer has remained low and that, if signed, he would be ready for full-time duty in two weeks. He also thought there was a good chance that he would be signed during the bye week, but that the talks between the Vikings and his agents have included chatter about what happens March 1, not what happens now.
* Miracle in Motown? A VU source with the Lions said that, despite their listing on the injury report -- none better than questionable -- there is a chance that all four injured wideouts (Bill Schroeder, Az Hakim, Larry Foster and Desmond Howard) may all play Sunday vs. the Vikings.
* Former Viking Robert Griffith, who VU was told wasn't signed to a huge deal because of injury concerns, is out 4-6 weeks with a shoulder injury. The original diagnosis had him just missing this week's game, but we're hearing it could easily be a month or more.
* Quote of the day comes from Marty Mornihnweg, Lions coach upon seeing film of Randy Moss dropping four TD passes and the odds of him doing that vs. Detroit: "Never seen it and probably won't see it again."

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