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Herrera hoping to retain starting spot

It certainly didn’t hurt Anthony Herrera’s chances of retaining the starting right guard spot that the team’s offense put up a season-high 34 points and that the running game generated 311 yards rushing in his first start this season.

The key for Herrera is to play under control.  By nature, he plays with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, which can be good.  But it can also be his downfall at times.

It appears that Herrera has found the right demeanor.  As long as he keeps doing what he’s been doing, it’s unlikely he will be supplanted from the starting lineup anytime soon.

Peterson not starting is no big deal

It’s interesting to see “experts” coming down on both side of the “how much to use Adrian Peterson” issue.  Some, particularly the Brad Childress haters, are still harping on the fact that he still is being listed as the “backup” running back behind Chester Taylor.

Others see wisdom in not burning Peterson out.

Too much is made of who actually starts, because it’s often dictated by the formation the team chooses to open with.  For instance, last week at Chicago, both Taylor and Peterson officially started.

The key is to use Peterson as much as possible but not to wear him out and keep him healthy for the long haul.

Now is the time for passing game to start clicking

It’s highly unlikely that the Vikings running game will be anywhere near as effective against Dallas this week as it was last week in Chicago.

The Cowboys will likely do everything in their power to pick a different poison, meaning they will put eight or nine defenders in the box to try and stop the Vikings ground game.

“I think when you are looking as a defensive coach you are going to say, ‘How are we going to win this game, what do we need to do?’  They are going to talk about stopping the run and then whatever it is within your system but usually it is moving people in the front, adding numbers into the front, typically a guy like a Roy Williams who can knock you down and be physical at the line of scrimmage,” according to Childress.  “We will probably see all forms of that at some point in time and you expect it.  You just have to try to account with it with your scheme and usually the running back has to take care of somebody.”

Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson knows it is time for him to take advantage of those big-play opportunities that he has too often missed on thus far.

“After the game [at Chicago], I'm pretty sure they’re going to make us beat them with our passing game,” Jackson said earlier this week.

If indeed the Vikings can capitalize on opportunities in the passing game, it will only make things more difficult for opposing defenses.

Extra Points

Last season the Vikings outplayed and defeated the previous year’s Super Bowl representative from the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks; this year, the knocked off the Bears.  Both games were on the road.

In this report, Brad Childress is still listed No. 2 on the hot seat among head coaches.  Interestingly, defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is NOT among the top five defensive coordinators, but he is listed No. 4 among head coaching candidates in waiting.

Former Vikings cornerback Dovonte Edwards signed with the Detroit Lions recently as they released veteran linebacker Donte Curry.

Defensive tackle Howard Green, who went to training camp with the Vikings, has signed with the Seattle Seahawks.  Green was penciled in to become the backup behind Kevin and Pat Williams until Fred Evans was signed.

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