A.D.'s Jersey Gets Call to the Hall

Joe Horrigan of the Pro Football Hall of Fame was at Winter Park on Thursday to take possession of the jersey and pants that Adrian Peterson wore during his record-setting rushing performance against San Diego. See what Peterson and Horrigan had to say about the honor.

It took Adrian Peterson only eight games to establish the NFL's all-time single-game rushing record, but 10 days after that accomplishment, the jersey he wore during that now-famous game will be heading to Canton, Ohio, to find a resting place in the "Pro Football Today" section of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Joe Horrigan, the vice president of communications/exhibits for the Hall was at the Vikings' Winter Park facilities on Thursday to accept the jersey and pants Peterson wore on Nov. 4 during his 296-yard rushing performance against the San Diego Chargers.

"The rest of the pro football world also appreciates that a record of that magnitude, that what Adrian did on that day is really, really amazing," Horrigan said. "You think about the fact that he's a young rookie and what that means for the future for where he will be for years to come."

Peterson wore his number 28 practice jersey and his signature smile while standing at the podium discussing what it means to him that he has become a part of the Hall of Fame's display already in his rookie year.

"It's a blessing," Peterson said. "It's a great honor to have my jersey in the Hall of Fame. It's crazy when I think about it, being in my rookie year and having something put in the Hall of Fame, where some of the greatest players are mentioned. It's crazy, but I'm very excited."

Horrigan said that single-game records are more unusual occurrences than career records, especially when it comes to the Hall of Fame's displays. The fact that Peterson accomplished it as a rookie makes it even more unusual, he said.

Horrigan will leave the Twin Cities on Thursday and said as long as his flight isn't delayed the jersey and pants will be on display tomorrow in Canton. He will keep the jersey in his personal possession from the time it was presented to him around noon on Thursday until it is hanging in the Hall's display on Friday. It will remain on display for years to come, maybe decades or longer.

"As long as this man keeps running, we're happy to have it on display," Horrigan said while standing next to Peterson. "Truthfully, if somebody breaks the record, this was (still) used to set a record. He established a record, it was a rookie record on top of that. It will always remain something you can reflect back on. Generations to come, as fathers are talking to sons and can say, ‘I remember when …' – that's what we do. We capture moments in time."

Up until this time, the Vikings' equipment personnel had the jersey in their possession, and Peterson joked that might have been kept in a safe somewhere. In return, Horrigan presented Peterson with a Pro Football Hall of Fame hat and shirt, but even Horrigan admitted that the more important part in the exchange was what he received.

"We like to present (football history) to the public in exciting fashion. One of the ways in which we do that is obviously the reliving of milestone events of the actual artifacts that were part of that event. We're also very, very happy when we have a player like Adrian, who is willing to separate himself from that uniform that he used on that milestone day," Horrigan said.

The Hall will continue to display Jamal Lewis' jersey from his Sept. 14, 2003 game in which he rushed for 295 yards. The jersey that Corey Dillon wore on Oct. 22, 2000 from the previous record has been used in a traveling exhibit, Horrigan said. Before that, Walter Payton held the record for 23 years.

Peterson has other pieces of equipment, like the shoes and gloves he wore during that historic day, at his house.

"(The Hall has) the jersey and the pants, but I guess I'll have a little display with my shoes and gloves and maybe I can throw the Chicago jersey in there just to balance it out," Peterson said, referring to his previous single-game franchise record, when he rushed for 224 yards against the Bears on Oct. 14.

Horrigan joked that he hoped the Hall of Fame display would attract more visitors than Peterson gets at his house.

"I hope we have more people going through our showcase than he has going through his family room. We're going to get good use out of our artifacts," he said.

Peterson said he has never been to the Hall of Fame, but, "Gods' will, maybe I'll be in the Hall."


  • Peterson said there isn't any one record out there that he has his sights set on, but instead turned the attention to getting to the Super Bowl.

    "The team goal, the ultimate goal, is to get to the Super Bowl. That's my biggest goal," he said.

  • Peterson hasn't finished getting together his gift to his offensive linemen for their efforts in his record-setting day. He's been busy in the training room ever since the injury he suffered last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. "I'm in the training room like almost all day, every day, just trying to do (stimulation) and whatever I can to just try to speed the process up," he said, adding that there's "no reason to hold your head down and pout about it."

    He said he doesn't want to rush back, but he'll trust the trainers and his body to talk to him and let him know when he's ready to return, but he reiterated what the Vikings said on Monday, that he will play again this season.

  • Informed that he was No. 6 in Pro Bowl voting overall and No. 1 among running backs, Peterson said he wasn't aware of that. He's also never been to Hawaii and indicated that if he makes the Pro Bowl team, the linemen would likely get a trip out of that as well. "That would be crazy to make the Pro Bowl. That would definitely be a dream come true also."


  • DE Erasmus James was the only player in addition to Peterson that wasn't at Thursday's practice. Head coach Brad Childress said James missed practice for personal reasons. James was inactive for the first four games of the season while recovering from his knee surgeries over the past year, then played against Chicago. He missed the next two games with a shoulder injury before playing the last two contests. He had practiced on Wednesday and wasn't listed on that injury report.

  • The Cleveland Browns signed former Minnesota Gophers center Greg Eslinger from Denver's practice squad to their active roster, which left a spot for the Browns to sign former Vikings tight end Richard Angulo to their practice squad.

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