Childress Expects Smith to Play

Vikings coach Brad Childress said he would let the legal process play out before deciding how to deal with Dwight Smith's latest run-in with the law, and Childress anticipates Smith playing on Monday night against the Chicago Bears.

Vikings coach Brad Childress said he would get all the facts "before I pass any judgment" on safety Dwight Smith being cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana on Thursday night in downtown Minneapolis.

With the weekend here, Childress said "right now I'd anticipate him playing."

Smith was deactivated for his and Childress' first regular-season game with the Vikings in 2006 after being cited for indecent conduct with a woman in the stairwell in downtown Minneapolis. Smith has also been benched for the opening drive of two other games this season, including the Dec. 2 game against Detroit because of a heated argument with Childress in the week leading up to that game.

"I just prefer to center all my attentions on all the positives that have occurred this year and all the good and I think that all the virtue has to be defended," Childress said when asked about Smith's repeated troubles. "I know the good will be attacked, but the virtue needs to be defended and it's just important that we move forward here. That will take care of itself, but as a team that is what we're most interested in. We need to just continue pressing on here."

Childress said he thought the team was able to put the incident behind them on Friday, the day after Smith was cited outside of Schiek's Palace Royale gentleman's club. He said the players know the expectations the coaches and Vikings have for them.

Childress also said he spent time last spring getting to know the downtown Minneapolis atmosphere.

"I have walked around on the beat. I wanted to see it, touch it, feel it, taste it with my own hands and not have that area be told to me about second-hand," he said. "I just think it's important that you spend time and talk about what is out there with your players, whether it be a DVD of bar time down on Hennepin Avenue or talking about activities that go on down there or getting a feel for the policemen and the tough jobs that they have to do down there.

"I just think it's important on both sides and I think it was met with open arms, if you will. I initiated it, but they were nice enough to let me come down there and catch me up to speed. I don't profess to be in that area, but I like to know where our guys go here from Eden Prairie down there and what the dynamics are, if you will. As I mentioned, I put my number up on the squad board – not because we expect anything other than regular treatment. I expect my guys to comport themselves the right way, but I like to know what I am faced with."

Childress said defensive tackle Pat Williams was there but that "Pat was a sidebar to that. He had nothing to with anything."

Williams is documented as being of help to the police in their incident report from Thursday night.

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