QB Shopping Not Easy

With just 32 teams in the NFL, it seems impossible to imagine that the league averaged more than two starting quarterbacks per team this year. As the Vikings could look to shop for a veteran backup to Tarvaris Jackson, it's clear the market won't make it easy -- especially with 50-year-olds like Vinny Testaverde finally off the market.

The controversy surrounding the future of the Vikings quarterback position is one that has caused a lot of discussion among Vikings fans. The thought has been that the team needs to bring in a veteran quarterback to at least serve as a backup. But how easy will that be?

Whether it was just bad luck or coincidence, a record number of quarterbacks (66) started games this season. To look at the list, it really makes you shake your head at times. Don't believe us? Here's the list:

  • Cardinals – Matt Leinart, Kurt Warner

  • Falcons – Joey Harrington, Chris Redman, Byron Leftwich

  • Ravens – Steve McNair, Kyle Boller, Troy Smith

  • Bills – Trent Edwards, J.P. Losman

  • Panthers – Jake Delhomme, Vinny Testaverde, David Carr, Matt Moore

  • Bears – Rex Grossman, Brian Griese, Kyle Orton

  • Bengals – Carson Palmer

  • Browns – Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye

  • Cowboys – Tony Romo

  • Broncos – Jay Cutler

  • Lions – Jon Kitna

  • Packers – Brett Favre

  • Texans – Matt Schaub, Sage Rosenfels

  • Colts – Peyton Manning

  • Jaguars – David Garrard, Quinn Gray

  • Chiefs – Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle

  • Dolphins – Trent Green, Cleon Lemon, John Beck

  • Vikings – Tarvaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger

  • Patriots – Tom Brady

  • Saints – Drew Brees

  • Giants – Eli Manning

  • Jets – Chad Pennington, Kellen Clemens

  • Raiders – Josh McCown, Daunte Culpepper, JaMarcus Russell

  • Eagles – Donovan McNabb, A.J. Feeley

  • Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger, Charlie Batch

  • Rams – Marc Bulger, Gus Frerotte, Brock Berlin

  • Chargers – Philip Rivers

  • 49ers – Alex Smith, Trent Dilfer, Shaun Hill, Chris Weinke

  • Seahawks – Matt Hasselbeck, Seneca Wallace

  • Buccaneers – Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Bruce Gradkowski
    * Titans – Vince Young, Kerry Collins

  • Redskins – Jason Campbell, Todd Collins

    The math speaks for itself. Of the 32 NFL teams, only 10 had one quarterback start all 16 games, while nine other teams had three or more starters. It should also be noted that six of the nine teams that had one QB start the entire season made the playoffs and four of those teams are the four teams that earned playoff byes. Coincidence? You decide.

    It's great to think the Vikings will get a veteran QB to come in and be the insurance policy the team needs for T-Jack, but with the way quarterbacks went down in 2007, the backup QB is likely going to be in line to make a lot more money in the coming years and getting one won't be as easy. It's a seller's market and with not enough talent to go around, the Vikings might not have as many veteran options at it would appear at first blush.

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