2008 Free Agents: Defensive Tackles

With two Pro Bowl defensive tackles in Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, the Vikings won't be looking for starting talent at the position, but we list the options on the free-agent market, both restricted and unrestricted.

The Vikings have Pro Bowlers Kevin Williams and Pat Williams locked into long-term, large-dollar contracts that call for cap hits of $4.2 million and $8.4 million, respectively, in 2008. Therefore, they will have no desire to go searching for a front-line defensive tackle, but if they don't re-sign backup Spencer Johnson before free agency starts, they may be looking for help in reserve.

Here are the defensive tackles scheduled to hit the market if they aren't re-signed by their own team before the start of free agency on March 3, listed with their team and years of experience in the league.


Rodney Bailey, Arizona Cardinals (7)
Tim Anderson, Atlanta Falcons (4)
Damione Lewis, Carolina Panthers (7)
Kindal Moorehead, Carolina Panthers (5)
Antonio Garay, Chicago Bears (4)
Corey Williams, Green Bay Packers (4)
Cedric Killings, Houston Texans (4)
Dan Klecko, Indianapolis Colts (4)
Spencer Johnson, Minnesota Vikings (4)
Rashad Moore, New England Patriots (4)
Brian Young, New Orleans Saints (8)
Russell Davis, New York Giants (9)
Ian Scott, Philadelphia Eagles (5)
Kim Von Oelhoffen, Philadelphia Eagles (14)
Chuck Darby, Seattle Seahawks (7)
Ellis Wyms, Seattle Seahawks (7)
Albert Haynesworth, Tennessee Titans (6)
Corey Simon, Tennessee Titans (7)*
Randy Starks, Tennessee Titans (4)
Ryan Boschetti, Washington Redskins (4)


Amon Gordon, Baltimore Ravens (3)
Jason Jefferson, Buffalo Bills (3)
Colin Coles, Green Bay Packers (3)
Anthony Maddox, Houston Texans (3)
Darrell Reid, Indianapolis Colts (3)
Josh Shaw, Oakland Raiders (3)
Jovan Haye, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3)


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