Favre Coming Back in '08

When one thinks of the media centers of the world, places like New York, London and Tokyo come to mind. But, when it comes to matters relating to Brett Favre, Biloxi is the place to be and, according to local media reports, Favre is not only coming back for 2008, but might want to play even longer.

In what can only be viewed as bad news for Vikings fans and great news for Packers fans, the typical source of Brett Favre-related employment news – the Biloxi (Miss.) Sun-Herald – is reporting that, in an interview with Favre, he has indicated he wants to return in 2008 and possibly beyond.

Favre, who has held the Packers organization hostage a couple of times over his on-again, off-again wish to retire, feels rejuvenated from the Packers' 13-3 season and thinks he can still play at a high level and have team success.

When talking about this weekend's game with the Seahawks, Favre has made a point to try to enjoy the final home game of a season at Lambeau Field because he often views it as potentially his last home game. But this time around, things are different.

"For the first time in three years, I haven't thought this could be my last game," Favre said. "I would like to continue longer."

If he does return next season, Favre will be 39 and, with Vinny Testaverde retired, the oldest quarterback in the NFL.

* The final voting for the NFL All-Pro team showed that several Vikings got a lot of respect from the voters. Adrian Peterson finished third among running backs with 15 votes – LaDainian Tomlinson was named to the first team with all 50 votes. Tony Richardson's 14 votes at fullback trailed only Lorenzo Neal, who received 26 votes. At the tackle spot, Bryant McKinnie got one vote. At guard, Steve Hutchinson was the leading vote-getter with 36. Center Matt Birk was fourth among centers with two votes. On the defensive side, Kevin Williams was second with 32 votes, while Pat Williams was fourth with eight votes. At inside linebacker, E.J. Henderson finished seventh with two votes and Darren Sharper finished third among safeties with seven votes.
* Former Vikings assistant Tony Dungy isn't 100 percent certain he'll return to coaching in 2008, saying he's going to discuss the matter with his wife after the Colts season is done before committing to coming back in 2008.

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