Deja Vu All Over Again?

The Vikings lost defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin a year ago when the Steelers had a sudden and somewhat unexpected head coaching opening. With rumors running rampant in Indianapolis that Tony Dungy is considering retirement, now some of the talk is centering on Leslie Frazier as another potential coaching loss for the Vikings.

The Vikings suffered a blow when the team lost defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin to the Steelers. Now it looks like there is a chance history will repeat itself.

Speculation continues to swirl in Indianapolis that head coach Tony Dungy is going to retire after this season. The new hot-topic name being thrown around as a potential successor is Leslie Frazier.

Frazier, who came to the Vikings from the Colts, is a student of the Dungy Tampa-2 defense and is said to be very well-liked by players and the front office. He has already been interviewed for the Dolphins head coaching job and is going to be a fast-track candidate as future jobs open up.

The decision as to whether Dungy stays or retires won't be known until after the Colts are finished with their 2007 season, but if Dungy does decide to hang up his coaching spurs, Frazier might be at the top of the list of potential replacements.

* There continues to be persistent talk that Mike Tice has a shot at the Dolphins head coaching job. Tice, who was fired within minutes of the Vikings' 2005 season coming to an end, was thought to be a dead man walking in light of the party boat scandal and being busted by the league for scalping Super Bowl tickets while head coach. However, the talk continues to build and we'll find out one way or the other now that the Jaguars have been eliminated from the playoffs.
* The decision for Arkansas running back Darren McFadden to enter the NFL draft will be the first chance to see the impact that Adrian Peterson has had on the draft. After Randy Moss slipped to the middle of the first round in 1998, wide receivers went early and often in subsequent years as teams lined up to find the next Moss. A.P. may be having the same affect and it won't be surprising if McFadden goes in the top five picks – whether by the teams slated to take the pick or to someone who trades up to get him.
* Frazier isn't one of the early candidates being interviewed for the Redskins job vacancy.
* Unlike the Vikings, who declined to anoint Tarvaris Jackson as their starter in 2008, Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said that the Bears are happy with their quarterbacks and kind of shot down rumors that the Bears might be interested in swinging a deal to get Donovan McNabb – a Chicago native.

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