Frazier Loses Out On Miami H.C. Job

The Vikings feared they might lose their second defensive coordinator in as many years when Leslie Frazier interviewed for the Miami head coaching job. But those fears were allayed Wednesday when the Dolphins announced their hire.

The story of the Dolphins head coaching search wouldn't make for a good mystery movie. In fact, it wouldn't even make a good "Scooby Doo" episode.

The Dolphins, who began clearing house within days of Bill Parcells being hired, seemed to simply be playing the waiting game until the Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs. That moment came sooner than most expected, as the Cowboys got greased in their first playoff game with the Giants last Sunday.

Their loss opened the door for the team to go after Cowboys assistant Tony Sparano, a favorite of Parcells and a coach familiar with his ways. While Frazier downplayed his chances of getting the job, he said it was good to get the interviewing process into his system -- knowing full well that he is now on the radar of every G.M. and owner in the league.

It never came as any surprise that Sparano would be hired by Parcells and the Dolphins, but few people thought Mike Tomlin would get the shot to be the head coach with the Steelers, so Vikings fans and coaches can breathe a sigh of relief. With the Dolphins head coach job off the market and both the Falcons and Ravens reportedly willing to offer Jason Garrett their head coaching job, it would seem (for now anyway) that Frazier is safe to remain with the Vikings.

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