Moss On Minny

Randy Moss has been forced by the league to talk to the media under penalty of stiff fines. But Tuesday, he was playful during the entire 60-minute media session, answering questions from reporters from everything from Sports Illustrated to Access Hollywood.

Media Day at the Super Bowl is typically a time when players are forced to endure the ridiculous, the inane and the downright stupid questioning from the league's annual media circus. With late-night talk shows sending people like Biff Henderson and "American Idol" rube Kellie Pickler to ask questions, and gossip shows like "Access Hollywood" sending a female reporter wearing a Tom Brady jersey, you knew the questions weren't going to all be about X's and O's.

But one player who seemed to truly enjoy himself was the one who had to wait a decade to get to the national stage – Randy Moss. Moss, who has maintained something of a contentious relationship with the media throughout his career, was animated and happy during the entire media session.

When asked about how the record-setting 2007 Patriots compare to the 1998 Vikings that tore up the league in Moss' rookie year, he said, "I think the Minnesota Vikings my rookie year had a lot of athletes out there. We were just out there basically playing a lot of street ball and just going out there and making things happen. I think this year, the Patriots have come together and we rely on our preparation and game-planning and our practicing to go out there and win games for us. I think that us being an athletic team like we are, that's just something extra on the cake."

Moss also said he had expected to have his Media Day moment as a member of the Vikings, saying "I have great memories of Minnesota" and later adding, "I did want to retire a Viking."

* Thanks to a technicality in his current contract, the Patriots and Moss can't agree to a contract extension until after the free agent period has begun. When Moss was traded to the Patriots, he agreed to a restructuring of his deal, which can't be done again until after the free agent period begins at the end of February. While it is expected Moss will re-sign with the Patriots, the only way they can keep other teams from at least contacting him is to slap the franchise tag on him, which would pay Moss almost $7.9 million for 2008.
* Former Viking Maurice Mann was signed by the Redskins. Mann, who came up with the Seahawks, joined the Vikings in 2006, but was released midway through the season when the Vikings signed Bethel Johnson. He spent the 2007 season with the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL.
* Who says the Bears were the only team that got a little cocky with their "Super Bowl Shuffle" video during the 1985 season – a video filmed during the team's bye week in October of that season when less than half of the games had been completed? is offerering pre-orders for a book called "19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots." The author is listed as the Boston Globe. No word yet if Mercury Morris is writing the foreward.
* For the upsetting story of the day, do a Google search on Grey Ruegamer and find out his troubling farming history.

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