Moss Memories: 1998 Relived in Photos

Randy Moss gets his dream come true today with his Super Bowl appearance, the biggest stage of his football career. But Vikings fans have bragged about his talent for 10 years. We relive his rookie season with the Vikings with the top 10 photos to conjure up memories of Purple greatness.

True confessions on a Sunday morning: I didn't get nostalgic about Randy Moss' days in Minnesota until late last week. I was editing an article on the Vikings' magical 1998 season and started the search for accompanying artwork. There it was – all kinds of images of the SuperFreak in 1998.

Normally, during the course of a typically hectic work day, it would be a quick search for the best photo, select it and move on. This time, however, it was not so quick. The melodic meander down memory lane sent the quick work project on a detour of the mind.

After a few dozen photos conjuring up memories of receiving dominance, it hit me. Why be selfish? Why not have let the subscribers relive the good times, too, even if it is in the context of Moss playing for another team … and finally making his Super Bowl dream come true.

So here they are, my favorite photos from Moss during his rookie season of 1998, a season every Vikings fan remembers as one of extreme highs punctuated with a thumping punch to the gut with the overtime loss to Atlanta in the NFC Championship Game. But back to the mostly good memories of Moss in purple on this Super Bowl Sunday:

Randy Moss and his routine of hanging his gloves from his helmet were already on display during his days at Marshall. In April 1998, the Vikings franchise got its first taste of Moss.

Remember Moss arriving and originally wearing jersey number 18 in minicamps? In this shot, he talks with quarterback Brad Johnson, who was expected to be the starter for the 1998 season until he got hurt and Randall Cunningham got hot.

Moss wasn't expected be quite the big hit he was, but he, Cris Carter (80) and Jake Reed (86) quickly combined to become known as "Three Deep."

Moss' talent showed in his first game, but it wasn't until the fifth game of his rookie season, a 37-24 win at Green Bay, that he had his first 100-yard game. It turned out to be a 190-yard performance that put him in the starting lineup thereafter. Even his late friend, Korey Stringer (77), had reason to celebrate after one of his two touchdowns in that Oct. 5 game.

The more he scored, the more Vikings fans became used to catching him as he jumped into the stands. For some, it became a ritual to cherish.

Speaking of rituals to cherish, Moss and Carter became one of the best receiving tandems in the history of the NFL.

If Moss' performance against the Packers wasn't enough to convince fans watching on national television, his three-catch, 163-yard, three-touchdown game at Dallas should have done the trick.

His big game against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day left the television crew celebrating his effort with a turkey and a post-game interview.

Moss' magical rookie season came to an end with a loss every Vikings fan remembers and would like to forget, a 30-27 overtime loss to Atlanta in the NFC Championship Game. Moss had 75 yards receiving and one touchdown.

Moss and memories. 1998.

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