Vikings Free-Agent Notebook

Updates on the Troy Williamson trade negotiations and a brief look at a premier pass-rushing defensive end whom Vikings fans have speculated about but isn't likely to be traded.

The agent for Troy Williamson was attending a wedding on Saturday, but the marriage between the wide receiver and the Minnesota Vikings continues.

Agent David Canter is striving to end that relationship and the Vikings are willing to take a trade deal if they can get the right divorce agreement.

On Friday, the Vikings confirmed that they had given Canter the ability to seek a trade for Williamson, and the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis would seem to be the ideal setting to at least get the parameters of a deal put together. The Combine brings together scouts, general managers and coaches into one setting in Indianapolis to watch NFL prospects, but it also is the meeting zone for agents as well.

As soon as Canter was granted permission to talk to other teams about Williamson's available, he went to work. Saturday was a bit of a break, but Vikings coach Brad Childress admitted that "nobody is out of cell phone range."

Childress indicated that Canter is the one drumming up the possibilities and working with Rick Spielman, the team's vice president of player personnel. Childress has heard some of the pitches, but he didn't give many details.

"I've certainly talked to a few. I haven't talked to eight teams. Six, eight – I'm not walking around with David Canter and listening to him talk," he said. "I don't know what those things all entail. And you don't know what was getting said back this way – ‘Yeah, we might have an interest.' Who do you know?"

Asked if anything was imminent on the Williamson trade front, Childress said, "Not imminent, no," he said.

Canter told the Star Tribune on Sunday that three teams have a high interest in Williamson but declined to name the teams. On Saturday, the Miami Herald reported that the Miami Dolphins were one of the teams talking with Canter.


Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for Mike Doss, said he expects Doss to become a free agent and Childress affirmed that, calling it a "mutually agreeable" decision.

There is no solid word on any of the other Vikings free agents, but the team is having discussions with their agents.

"They're all here almost for the duration of the Combine here. … But there are things that go on out there, the cat and mouse," Childress said. "That's part of the negotiations. That's still ongoing. Progress, I don't know. Progress is always incremental."

He said he wasn't necessarily expecting any deals to be completed with their own free agents before the end of the Combine on Tuesday.

"No, you know what? A lot of times those are ongoing," he said. "A guy is not going to get back pay if he fixes it on Monday, ahead of a Thursday at 11 o'clock at free agency."


While the Vikings are expected to look for help at the defensive end position, either in free agency or the draft, Miami Dolphins end Jason Taylor probably won't be among those they pursue in a trade scenario. Because of his age and the new coaching staff in Miami, he has been a topic of interest among some Vikings fans. However, according to a source familiar with the Dolphins, he isn't likely to be traded.

Last year, Taylor started all sixteen games and had 11 sacks, 56 tackles and an interception. The Vikings' had three players lead their team with five sacks. For his career, Taylor has 117 sacks in 11 seasons. In the last eight years, he has averaged almost 14 sacks per season and hasn't missed a start.

Besides giving up a premium draft pick of solid player to the Dolphins in a trade scenario, Taylor is owed $7.5 million in base salary in 2008 and $8 million in 2009, which would likely be prohibitive number for a player who will turn 34 before the start of the 2008 season.

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