Chat: Caplan Talks Vikings Free Agency

Free agency is only a few days away, and national reporter Adam Caplan answered many dozens of questions from subscribers about the team's interests while analyzing the players. See what Caplan had to say about the Vikings' free-agent possibilities inside.

JBrowner47: Hey Adam....thanks for stopping by

JBrowner47: Adam, are we strictly talking free agency or draft or both?

adamcaplan: free agency

Proudhorn: Who do you expect the Vikings to push more for: Gibril Wilson or Madieu Williams?

adamcaplan: PR: Wilson

Tyr: That's a bit surprising.

vikingspub: In talking with someone from the Cincy media at the Combine, he said how much Leslie Frazier pushed for Williams in the 2004 draft.

adamcaplan: Williams is big/physical

Justincredible11: Who's the better fit for the Vikings WCO, Bernard Berrian, D.J. Hackett or Jerry Porter?

adamcaplan: JUSTIN: Berrian than Porter

adamcaplan: MIN doesn't want Hackett, I think

Tyr: Do you see the Vikings targeting any DEs in free agency or would they prefer to address DE through the draft?

Justincredible11: How strong do you think they will push for Berrian? Is their interest real in him?

adamcaplan: JUSTIN: Yes, I think they will

adamcaplan: TEN too

VikingK: Gibril Wilson is a Childresst ype. He likes guys he played against with Philly

JODakota: Are there any trade talks involving the Vikes (besides the Williamson to Jacksonville deal)?

adamcaplan: JO: Not that I know of

VikingK: Hopefully someone's calling to say that the Vikes traded for Larry Fitzgerald.

adamcaplan: VIK: Read my stuff on Fitz from today

JBrowner47: Adam is getting some inside info on a trade for McKinnie.....LOL

VikingK: I can dream, can't I?

JBrowner47: Adam, Tenn has a lot of cap room, will they be able to resign both Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy? If not who goes where?

adamcaplan: JB: I think TEN will lose both

adamcaplan: PHI wants at least one of them, if not both

Proudhorn: I think the charges against McKinnie are no big deal when the smoke clears

JBrowner47: Proud, McKinnie planted a silver lane pole over the guys head

Proudhorn: Yes but maybe it was self-defense

Rattz67: Pub, what do you think the Vikes will do with McKinnie? Should they look at Flozell Adams and draft a LT?

vikingspub: Both Childress and Spielman said this draft is deep at OT. I'd expect them to draft one in the first three rounds for depth this year and potentially to push Ryan Cook.

coyote62: What do you think the Vikes will do at pick #17 or what should they do?

adamcaplan: COY: They can get a WR later. They have to get a DE badly.

JBrowner47: ?? who

Rattz67: Who at DE?

adamcaplan: We'll look at draft later

adamcaplan: Here's what I think MIN does in free agency as noted in my blog: WR-Berrian or Bryant Johnson

adamcaplan: DE- Justin Smith they will make a run at, I believe

Rattz67: Vikes haven't had much luck drafting DE over the last 10 years plus

adamcaplan: S-Wilson or Williams

adamcaplan: I believe they will show interest in both

JBrowner47: How many could they afford?

Tyr: I would be happy with that.

adamcaplan: They want Berrian, I believe, but won't overpay.

adamcaplan: I would expect a WR/DE/S out of free agency

Tyr: Do you think that Justin Smith could come alive as a pass rusher in Minnesota or is he always just going to be a solid all around end?

adamcaplan: TYR: His play fell off with rush but he can do better

Justincredible11: Is the supposed interest in Cleo Lemon real?

adamcaplan: JUST: He's actually not too bad

VikingK: I think he would be someone who could push T-Jack but wouldn't have to be a starter.

JODakota: Did I read correctly today that Fitz may be Philly?

adamcaplan: JO: They are really far apart. Read my blog today. I have it all

adamcaplan: JO: Forget it to Philly. No chance at (the salary) he wants to play

Tyr: Adam, what kind of money do you think Bryant Johnson is looking for?

adamcaplan: TYR: 8-10 guaranteed

Tyr: That's reasonable compared to Berrian.

adamcaplan: TY: Keep in mind Johnson has been a backup

Tyr: I am very familiar with him.

adamcaplan: Berrian will look for 15-17 g

VikingsY2K: Adam... do the Vikings have more interest in Gibril Wilson or Madieu Williams?

adamcaplan: VIK: I would imagine Wilson, but I know they will show interest in both. They can't talk to them yet but I believe they will on Friday

greatcdnvike: How can anyone take us serious with T-Jack as the starter and no real backup?

adamcaplan: GREAT: I agree

adamcaplan: Lemon isn't bad at all. Good arm

aungo4: Any word on the Vikings soon-to-be free agents (Scott, Richardson, Moore, etc) getting interest from other teams?

VikingsY2K: Any interest on the Vikings part for Antwan Odom?

adamcaplan: VIK: probably, but the Eagles want him

Rattz67: How quickly will these guys move, Friday, the weekend, a week?

adamcaplan: Top guys, first three days

VikingsY2K: Thanks for the insights... good stuff.

Justincredible11: So Justin Smith, Bernard Berrian, and Gibril Wilson would be a successful FA period for them?

adamcaplan: JUST: Very, and they can afford it

JBrowner47: Who's better, Odom or Smith?

adamcaplan: JB: Smith

adamcaplan: Be sure to read my blog

adamcaplan: I've had a ton of free agency info on the Vikings

VikingsY2K: Will do.

JBrowner47: Blog link Adam?:

adamcaplan: JB: It should be linked off of the front page

adamcaplan: Smith also leads the DEs in plays on the field

Justincredible11: Why no interest in Hackett? Injuries?

adamcaplan: JUST: Too much like Rice

greatcdnvike: Any chance at Randy Moss?

adamcaplan: GREAT: You have a better chance of getting signed

greatcdnvike: hahha

greatcdnvike: Do insiders think our coach is nutz when they watch Tarvaris?

adamcaplan: GREAT: They want to give him a chance

Justincredible11: Would Berrian come here, Adam? I read all over the internet that he wants to go to SF

adamcaplan: JUSTIN: It's about money really. Both teams have it.

Tyr: If Justin Smith signs elsewhere, who do you think that the Vikings would target at DE?

adamcaplan: TYR: Probably one of the TEN DEs.

adamcaplan: and draft

VikingsY2K: Looking ahead to the draft... are they leaning DE? Perhaps Campbell or Harvey?

adamcaplan: VIK: I'm really not looking to draft now. Just free agency

greatcdnvike: Can you start a rumor about Brett Favre quitting. Then we might win our division

Justincredible11: Can Berrian be that deep threat opposite Rice with Wade in the slot? I really don't remember seeing it in Chicago.

adamcaplan: JUST: He really gets deep, although some question if he's a fit for WCO

Tyr: So do you expect the Vikings to be very active at the start of FA or will their moves take some time to play out?

adamcaplan: TYR: Yes

adamcaplan: First few days they will show interest in a bunch of players

Proudhorn: Sweet

Proudhorn: That's great to hear

Tyr: That should be a nice change from last year.

adamcaplan: Kevin Curtis was actually offered more money last year, but yet chose Philly

JBrowner47: What about Nate Washington...RFA?

adamcaplan: JB: Not part of the good hands people, but talented. Can run.

hatesthepackers: Who else are they interested in?

adamcaplan: Porter scares me. Doesn't always come to play.

VikingK: I thought the Vikes were ripped unfairly last year. There wasn't anything out there.

adamcaplan: VIK: Which is why if they don't like what Berrian wants, they won't sign him

VikingK: They spent the year before.

VikingsY2K: Any QB's besides Lemon on their radar?

Tyr: I saw that you posted that the Vikings might have interest in McCareins? Would he be viewed as a replacement for Ferguson or would he be expected to contribute in a bigger role?

adamcaplan: TY: Childress was in Philly, who liked him. WCO fit

VikingK: I live in New York. Every Jet fan hated McCareins

adamcaplan: VIK: HE fell out of favor with the coaching staff

Justincredible11: How happy are the Vikings brass really to have Williamson off their hands?

adamcaplan: JUST: Very. Bad fit for WCO.

Justincredible11: LOL

TyTom: Would be great to see some action in the very beginning of free agency

adamcaplan: TY: Only problem is free agency isn't going to be very good overall

JODakota: I don't see a link to Adam's blog, can someone help? Thanks

Tyr: Is it true that the Raiders are shopping Huff?

adamcaplan: TY: Yes and others

adamcaplan: he's just an average player

Justincredible11: McCareins' hands are terrible. I live in NY and watched him every sunday. It was like watching Troy Williamson in Green.

hatesthepackers: What about Bobby McCray?

adamcaplan: HATE: I believe there could be interest there too. Edge rusher. Tall/thin. Bad season last year, Good two years ago.

Rattz67: Adam's blog is on the right hand side of

aungo4: ¬ 12

JBrowner47: Aungo to the rescue!!

VikingsY2K: Adam... where do you see Michael Turner ending up? Chicago, Seattle?

adamcaplan: VIK: I had it in my blog

adamcaplan: HOU/SEA few others

hatesthepackers: Are the vikes interested in Odom?

adamcaplan: HATE: Depends on what happens with Justin Smith

adamcaplan: If not, then one of the TEN DEs or McCray

TyTom: What about a safety?

adamcaplan: TY: As noted in my blog: Wilson/Williams

Tyr: Do you see the Vikings re-signing any of their own FAs before Friday or do you expects guys like Dontarrious Thomas and Darrion Scott to test FA?

adamcaplan: TYR: Haven't heard yet

adamcaplan: Trying to reach Richardson. Still.

Tyr: Ok, cool.

Justincredible11: Adam, can Brian Robison ever develop into an every-down DE?

adamcaplan: JUST: In time, possibly. Talented DE. Just needs to be on the field more.

Tyr: Which teams do you expect to be major players in FA this year?

adamcaplan: TYR: MIN, DET, NYJ

adamcaplan: SF

Tyr: Thanks.

hatesthepackers: do the vikes have any interest in Bryant Johnson

adamcaplan: HATE: Yes I believe

greatcdnvike: We should trade for Jared Allen..for Mckinnie?

adamcaplan: GREAT: Good luck with that

TyTom: There is no rumor of trading away Chester Taylor is there?

adamcaplan: TY: Nope

JODakota: Where will Mewelde Moore go?

adamcaplan: JO: Good question.

adamcaplan: Hopefully where he'll actually get a realistic chance to play

greatcdnvike: Jacksonville..hahha

nokio8423: Where do you think Jonathan Vilma will end up?

adamcaplan: NO: Team that needs a 4-3 MLB, like NO

Tyr: Do you see Larry Fitzgerald restructuring his contract before FA or are the Cardinals screwed?

adamcaplan: TY: Teams says yes, but they are really far apart

adamcaplan: Fitz needs to get realistic

JBrowner47: Adam, do you think the Vikes will try to move McKinnie due to the new 'policy'?

adamcaplan: JB: No idea yet

greatcdnvike: Would KC trade Jared Allen for McKinnie and a pick?

adamcaplan: GREAT: McKinnie is an average LT

adamcaplan: Carl Peterson would be fired if he made that deal

Justincredible11: They can't move him. Who's gonna play LT? Artis Hicks?

VikingK: Is Fitzgerald trying to worm his way out of AZ?

greatcdnvike: Sean Jensen has a new report out moss is staying with Patriots

adamcaplan: GREAT: I expected as much

JBrowner47: What about Fitz for McKinnie...he'd protect Leinart's front side

adamcaplan: JB: Again, good luck with that

JBrowner47: LOL

adamcaplan: Teams know McKinnie on tape isn't anything special

hatesthepackers: Any chance we offer Jared Allen a contract

JBrowner47: But that cap figure puts them in a pickle

adamcaplan: HATE: Uh, no

VikingK: Maybe if we gave McKinnie a pole he'd be more aggressive on the field

Tyr: At least McKinnie has stepped up as a run blocker.

adamcaplan: Guys, this isn't fantasy football. You can't just throw guys out there.

JBrowner47: VikingK...LOL

adamcaplan: VIK: Good one

greatcdnvike: Do Childress and Wilf get along?

adamcaplan: GREAT: As far as I know, yes

Justincredible11: If the Vikings are able to obtain Berrian, Smith and Wilson, this offseason coupled by another good draft. How do you think they stack up in the NFC?

adamcaplan: JUSTIN: Let's see who they get first

JBrowner47: Adam, did we get enough for Williamson? Or did we rob the Jags?

adamcaplan: JB: If it's a 6th, I would say no. Should have been conditional up to 5th

Tyr: I just assumed that they took a 6th this year so that they can try move around in the draft.

greatcdnvike: Any chance TB would give up Chris Sims

adamcaplan: GREAT: Yes

adamcaplan: They can't bring them all back

Rattz67: Adam, are the Vikes a legit playoff contender, even with a good FA and draft, with T-Jack at QB?

adamcaplan: RATT: No. No pass rush. No QB yet.

greatcdnvike: 38 sacks. 8th in the league?

adamcaplan: GR: Watch them play

JBrowner47: Mostly by LBs

Tyr: But it wasn't a consistent pass rush.

Justincredible11: Bringing LB's. Awful in pass d for a reason

greatcdnvike: QB play is putrid

Justincredible11: No pressure from the front 4

adamcaplan: JUST: Not enough, and they don't have a DE who can rush, period.

Rattz67: Ok, on the QB front, any McNabb rumors?

adamcaplan: ratt: Nope

adamcaplan: I don't see him being moved yet

Tyr: We need more pressure from the ends and a penetrating DT to rotate in with the Williams would really help.

idahovike: Will Vikes bring back Darrion Scott

adamcaplan: ID: I would think they will try, but haven't heard

VikingK: I'd like to see Kevin Willams lose a little weight.

VikingK: He doesn't make as many plays as he did his first two years.

Tyr: He did have that knee injury, but it seems like Pat and Kevin have turned into the same player.

adamcaplan: BTW, PA and Dubay on Friday 10:20 AM CST

idahovike: would vikes ever try to get moss back

adamcaplan: Sirius 7-10 PM CST

adamcaplan: Saturday 5-8 pm CST

greatcdnvike: i know..i hear you..all the time...

greatcdnvike: PA relies on you

adamcaplan: Great guy, PA

nokio8423: Is Dewayne Robertson on the radar? He is a good penetrator at DT

adamcaplan: NO: He'll be moved

Rattz67: Samuel is going to New Orleans per

adamcaplan: RATT: Makes sense, and McKenzie may not be able to play

adamcaplan: ALL: That's all the time I have, see you next time

adamcaplan: Probably next week

Proudhorn: Thanks for all the info

JODakota: thanks

aungo4: Adam - Thanks.

Tyr: Thank you.

Rattz67: Thanks Adam!

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