Porter Confounds Cosell

NFL Films producer Greg Cosell has a lot of well-researched opinions on players throughout the league, but one free-agent receiver that mystifies Cosell is Oakland's Jerry Porter. See what the well-studied analyst had to say about the potential Vikings target in free agency.

NFL Films producer Greg Cosell studies a lot of players in the league and has well-respected opinions on almost every one of them. But there is at least one player that confounds him – Oakland Raiders receiver Jerry Porter.

Porter has been mentioned as a potential Vikings target in free agency, so Viking Update wanted to get Cosell's opinion on him. Cosell seems torn on Porter's possibilities – being impressed by his skills but puzzled by his production.

"Jerry Porter is someone I struggled with for years because I think ability-wise he's like T.O. , but it's never happened," Cosell said. "I'm not with him every day, but you hear reports that he's not a wonderful guy and all of that. I can't speak to that. So I struggle with (evaluating) him because when he's at his best, he's big, he's fast, he's physical, he's quick.

"He almost seems to be a guy that has everything and it's never been put together – except for a very short stretch I guess. I guess he did real well the year they went to the Super Bowl, which goes back now five or six years. And he's had brief stretches where you thought, ‘Wow, this guy has a chance to be really good,' but it's never happened on a consistent basis."

The 6-foot-2, 220-pound receiver had 44 catches for 705 yards and six touchdowns last year in Oakland. In 2006, however, he was suspended four games for disciplinary reasons for criticizing the organization and suffered through a hip injury. He played only four games that season.

The previous two seasons, he was nearly a 1,000-yard receiver, catching 76 passes for 942 yards in 2005 and 64 passes for 998 yards in 2004.

In eight seasons with the Raiders, Porter has 3,939 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Cosell said he doesn't see any reason for Porter's inconsistencies.

"Not on film. I think it's probably outside the lines, and I'm not there every day so I don't know," he said.

Asked if Porter would be a fit for a West Coast Offense, which the Vikings run, Cosell continued to gush about the receiver's abilities.

"I think Porter could be anything, just like (Terrell Owens) could be anything. I think he's that kind of guy physically. In an ideal situation, if Porter ever were to put it together physically and mentally, I think Porter could play in any system and be a No. 1 receiver," he said. "My guess is it won't happen at this point because he's been in the league now seven or eight years. I guess I still hold out hope because I thought the guy had a real chance."

Vikings fans will hold out hope, too, if the team doesn't land Chicago's Bernard Berrian and turns its sights on Porter.

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