Puttin' the Band Back Together?

The rumor mill concerning delays in the Patriots getting Randy Moss signed have led to the bizarre tales that Moss has reached out to Daunte Culpepper about joining forces and putting the band back together in another town.

Unemployment can create some strange bedfellows.

There was a time not too long ago that most Vikings fans were convinced they were going to see Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper play for the purple for the remainder of their careers. Moss, a first-round pick in 1998, and Culpepper, a first-round pick in 1999, both signed long-term extensions to their rookie contracts with the Vikings and, for awhile anyway, it appeared as though their futures would be tied together.

In a way, they were. Both got traded away by the Vikings and, although they haven't played as teammates since, both had seen their careers come to a stagnated halt with the Raiders. But, now that both are free agents, Moss apparently is willing to have teams consider a package deal.

Reports this weekend have it that Moss has reached out to Culpepper to see if teams would want to sign both players, which would open up the possibility of the lesser teams in the league to get Moss to come to their town.

The feeling around the league was that Moss needed to be on a team with a top-end quarterback in order to keep his interest level up. He found that with Tom Brady and the Patriots last year and the result was astounding – a new NFL record for touchdown receptions in a season. When the Pats were slow to make a free-agent offer, buzz began to circulate that Moss would start taking visits with other teams. The problem was that the team needed to be good and have a quarterback in place that could get Moss the ball. The teams mentioned as potential landing sights included the Giants, Colts, Packers and Cowboys.

Apparently, that may be changing. If a team doesn't have a great quarterback, all they need to do is add Pepp and Moss might come back to help put the band back together. We're not sure if any G.M. in the league will take them up on this bizarre offer, but this pair can be yours if the price is right.

Stay tuned.

* The Packers are once again in the Moss discussions, but until Brett Favre makes his decision official on whether he's coming back, any plan in that direction would be on hold. Even then, there would be no guarantee that the Packers would want Moss or be willing to meet his salary demands.
* Mewelde Moore has been meeting with Steelers officials and, despite the team backing up the Brinks truck to sign Ben Roethlisberger to a long-term extension, it looks as though Moore may be announced as early as today as the newest member of the Steeler family.
* Tony Richardson is scheduled to have visits with the Jets and Rams this week.
* The Vikings' search for a defensive end in free agency may have to shift into aging veteran mode. The only remaining young DE viewed as a potential difference-maker is Antwan Odom of the Titans – and he already has visits lined up with the Bengals and Cardinals, either of whom could offer him a huge deal.
* The Eagles discussed a potential trade for Larry Fitzgerald, but the demands made by the Cardinals for compensation were termed "absurd" by an Eagles source. The Cardinals shouldn't be on such a high horse because they negotiated one of the stupidest contracts in the history of the league. Fitz has a base salary of a numbing $14.6 million this year and $17.4 million in 2009. It seems clear that Fitzgerald's initial contract was never supposed to get to this point. Now that it has, he doesn't have to take a step to renegotiate. He can sit back and collect the money, because the Cardinals aren't going to release him, especially if their trade demands are so high.

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