Caplan Chat Transcript: Free-Agent Assessment's Adam Caplan spent some time with Vikings fans last night in the chat room. See what Caplan had to say about the Vikings' moves so far and potential moves in the future.

Vlibf99: Adam, in your opinion, what do you think the Vikes will end up doing about the DE situation? Trade? Draft? And who?

adamcaplan: VLB: Jevon Kearse or another veteran and draft or trade, but not any real good options out there

babyc42: What about our QB situation? We are going to need a third ... is trading for Sage Rosenfels still an option even though they want a second-round pick?

adamcaplan: BAB: HOU wants to keep Rosenfels badly I'm told

vneufeld: Will the Vikings try to trade up in the first round to get a DE?

adamcaplan: VN: Decent chance of that happening if there's one they like

RS_Express: Would you rather trade a 3rd for Sage, or just sign Quinn Gray?

adamcaplan: RS: It's a moot point, HOU won't do it, but Gray is a decent backup

Justincredible11: Adam, what QB in the draft best suites the Vikings' WCO style?

adamcaplan: JUST: A.J. Feeley, he could be traded. Eagles really like Kevin Kolb

adamcaplan: RS: Lots of teams need backup QBs and GB got screwed by Brett Favre waiting

kentis: Will we re-sign Darrion Scott?

adamcaplan: KENT: I'm kind of surprised they haven't re-signed him

Justincredible11: Does the Maurice Hicks signing mean they will be open to trading Chester Taylor?

adamcaplan: JUST: One doesn't have to do with the other. Hicks is a #3 RB/KR

babyc42: Javon Walker is still out there. Do you think they would go after him even after signing Bernard Berrian?

adamcaplan: BAB: Damaged goods

metheus: What about trading up to get Joe Flacco?

adamcaplan: METH: Nah, they seem to want to give Jackson a chance.

babyc42: Could you say the same about Kearse?

adamcaplan: BAB: He got benched last year and is really only a backup

kentis: Anything on Marques Douglas?

adamcaplan: KEN: Rotational DE. Good run DE, average pass rusher

adamcaplan: No one who is out there will start, or should start

vneufeld: What is your opinion of how Berrian fits for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: VN: He can stretch the field, but he's really not a true #1 WR, a #2 on a good team. They overpaid, but they didn't want to lose out like they did with Kevin Curtis last year

kentis: Any young DEs being overlooked?

adamcaplan: KENT: In free agency, nope

adamcaplan: Vikings, I'm told, were ready to give Odom a huge deal. Oh well

vikes1162: Any truth about Bryant McKinnie being dealt?

adamcaplan: VIK: Not as of now

babyc42: Childress prides himself on his QB grooming. Do you think pride would get in the way of moving on from Tarvaris?

adamcaplan: BAB: It's this year or never for Jackson

kentis: Kearse is 31. Could he have any explosiveness left?

adamcaplan: KENT: He had none last year

RS_Express: Does Hicks return punts as well or just kickoffs?

adamcaplan: RS: Don't think he has PRs before. Vikings don't want to deal Chester Taylor

kentis: How about Josh Thomas from the Colts?

adamcaplan: KENT: #4 DE

Justincredible11: Yeah, but will CT ask for a trade?

adamcaplan: JUST: Who knows? You can say that about any backup. Any of them could ask for a trade

vikes1162: Everything stays the same until draft day. Who do you use with the 17th pick?

adamcaplan: VIK: This is really a free agency chat. I'll look at draft stuff in a few weeks

VikingDave: Did the Vikes ever talk numbers with Odom?

adamcaplan: VIK: What I can tell you is that they would have given Odom more money, but it's a moot point now

babyc42: If the Eagles like Kolb so much, is Donovan McNabb possibly tradable?

adamcaplan: BAB: Not yet

adamcaplan: Feeley makes more sense and Spielman traded for him before

kentis: Would Kurt Warner be available?

adamcaplan: KENT: ARI wants to keep him

Vlibf99: Any possibility the Vikes make an unprecedented trade for a true number 1 receiver?

adamcaplan: VL: Nope, they really like Sidney Rice and Berrian. Bobby Wade will be #3WR/slot. Makes most sense

pazzo87: Any chance the Vikes go after Jason Taylor? If so, what would he be worth?

adamcaplan: PAZ: Yes, as we get closer to the draft. I don't believe Parcells. He's pissed the word got out.

VikingDave: Where will Tony Richardson land?

adamcaplan: VIK: Possibly DEN. They don't want NEAL or SAPP as of now I'm told

babyc42: Do you think we should have re-signed Richardson?

adamcaplan: BAB: Yes, he's better than Thomas Tapeh. That was a surprising move.

babyc42: Can't believe it

adamcaplan: Don't really understand why they didn't want T-Rich. Eagles, I'm told, didn't want Tapeh back. Never considered it

kentis: Is Aundrae Allison ready to be a #3 or #4 yet?

adamcaplan: KENT: Nope

vikingfan52: With Richardson, do you think it was an age thing, the Vikes thinking he was getting old?

adamcaplan: VIK: Yes, but even still he's better than Tapeh.

babyc42: Is Javon Walker an option still?

adamcaplan: BAB: Don't think so, he wouldn't start for MIN. They really like Rice.

kajjansiblackmamba: I think he's about to sign with the Raiders anyways.

pazzo87: Any indications the Vikes are looking for another tight end considering Visanthe Shiancoe just didn't look good last year, especially when it came to catching passes in the end zone.

adamcaplan: PAZ: They will give Shiancoe another shot

babyc42: Does Bobby Wade benefit big by Berrian signing?

adamcaplan: BAB: He'll play mostly slot now. Better for him

vanman101010: Should the Vikes consider signing Jared Allen and take the two first-round pick hit?

adamcaplan: VAN: KC wants Allen badly. They seem to want to make it work. Same issues with Larry Johnson, but they got it done in the end

VikingDave: Other than DE, any other holes to fill?

adamcaplan: VIK: One more WR, OL depth

adamcaplan: Safety depth and LB depth

lancep1: Will we be looking for a FA tackle due to McKinnie's situation?

adamcaplan: LA: Not as of now

pazzo87: What do you think about Garrett Mills? Is he the future at tight end or will we eventually look for someone down the road?

adamcaplan: PAZ: They told him that he'll have a chance to compete for more playing time in 2008

Pikmin: Is Kenechi Udeze getting better?

adamcaplan: PIK Team isn't releasing any more details

vikes1162: Matt Birk is getting older. Any centers available?

adamcaplan: VI: Birk's deal is over after 2008. Casey Wiegmann is decent

vikes1162: Then what?

adamcaplan: VI: I'm told no talks have been going on with Birk for several months. They don't seem to want to re-sign him now

josh1991: Do you think the Vikings take a shot in a trade for Derek Anderson, Jason Taylor or Larry Fitzgerald?

adamcaplan: No one other than Taylor makes sense. He's due $15.5 million, though, over the next two seasons

babyc42: I would think these DEs would want to come to Minny in this defense?

adamcaplan: PAZ: All I can tell you is Odom would have received more from the Vikings

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, any truth to the story that Kearse has set up a visit in Minnesota on Thursday?

adamcaplan: KA: He's supposed to visit Thursday. Wouldn't be a loss, though, if he doesn't sign with MIN. Eagles told you what they thought of him by releasing him

josh1991: Do you think the Vikings will sign Dan Morgan-MLB or draft MLB and have E.J. Henderson go back outside?

adamcaplan: JOSH: No. Morgan has too many concussion issues. Vinny Ciurciu can do that, played at MLB did for CAR

VikingDave: Do the Vikes bring back Tank Williams?

adamcaplan: VIK: Possibly later on

babyc42: Is Madieu Williams all that great?

adamcaplan: BAB: He's an upgrade over Dwight Smith. More athletic and can be used in other ways.

Pikmin: Think the Vikes will try to get EJ's bro, Erin Henderson?

adamcaplan: PIK: No

vanman101010: Who are the top two DEs out there?

adamcaplan: VAN: Kevin Carter and Mike Rucker. Neither are worth signing. Rucker is a backup at this point.

Pikmin: Where do you think Bryant Johnson will go? I hear Roy Williams could be traded too.

adamcaplan: PIK: WAS, CHI, TB for Johnson

supervikes: Will Erasmus James play next year?

adamcaplan: SU: 50-50

vikingms93: Adam, pleasure to talk with you. Everyone is talking DE. Don't you think the Vikes could really use a solid cover corner? Also, I feel Cedric Griffin is a dime back at best.

adamcaplan: VIK: Better pass rush would help. More consistent, that's for sure

pazzo87: With Brett Favre retiring, the Bears rebuilding, especially on offense, and the Lions being, well, the Lions, is this our division to lose or do you still see the Pack as the favorite?

adamcaplan: PAZ: GB #1 MIN #2 if QB plays well

vanman101010: If those two DEs aren't worth signing - who is?

adamcaplan: VAN: I'd trade for Jason Taylor. Or draft one with first-round pick for sure

Pikmin: Will T-Jack be much improved next year??

adamcaplan: PIK: He has mechanical issues

Justincredible11: Is Jason Taylor the same player in a 4-3?

adamcaplan: JUST: He played 4-3 most of his career

Justincredible11: I thought he switched from OLB to down end in Miami 3-4?

adamcaplan: JUST: They ran both fronts last few years

babyc42: Are there any free agents out there now that you see that we should try to sign?

adamcaplan: BAB: Not off hand

josh1991: T-Jack will not be ready for another 2 years

adamcaplan: JOSH If so, they will have another QB

babyc42: Justin Smith, 2.5 sacks last year. Doesn't sound like we missed much, right?

adamcaplan: BAB: They wanted him as I had in my blog from the Combine

Pikmin: Is Sage still an option?

adamcaplan: PIK: No on Rosenfels

VikingDave: Will Marcus Johnson ever be any more than a backup?

adamcaplan: VIK: Not at this point

vikingspub: Guys, five more minutes and Adam has to get cruising.

Pikmin: Will Bobby Wade be much better now that he's in the slot?

adamcaplan: PIK: Yes, less pressure on him too

vikingms93: How about Scott? We gonna re-sign him. I like the guy, think he's a solid run stuffer

adamcaplan: VIK: I'm kind of surprised that he's not re-signed yet

ClassicVike: Do you think Quinn Gray or David Carr would be a good fit for backup or compete for starter? Just came in, sorry if already asked

adamcaplan: CL: Carr isn't even an Arena League QB. He looks punch drunk

vikingfan52: Adam, I said that about Carr the other day

vanman101010: Does signing Hicks mean Allison's roster spot might not be safe if we find another WR?

adamcaplan: VAN: No, but he may not dress every game if they sign a veteran WR

Pikmin: Will Mewelde kick butt in Pitt?

adamcaplan: PIK: Surprising signing with PIT. KR there since Rossum is gone

Pikmin: What's up with Daunte Culpepper and these rumors with Randy Moss?

adamcaplan: PIK: Nonsense

adamcaplan: Guys, good chat, we'll do it again soon.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks, Adam

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