NFL Notebook: Favre Talks and More

Vikings rival Brett Favre talked about his decision to retire from the NFL after 17 seasons. See some of what he had to say and get many more notes from around the NFL as free agency moves forward.

  • QB Brett Favre met with the media Thursday to discuss his decision to retire. "There's nothing left to prove, there really isn't," he said. "There wasn't last year. It wasn't that difficult. Once again, it's more important to me to play the game a certain way and being completely in it than it is to admit to myself that maybe I don't have it anymore."

    Favre said he has no specific plans for the future, but isn't worried about people who say he will miss the competition of the NFL.

    "People say, 'play as long as you can, they can drag you off the field'," Favre said. "If I play much longer, they will.

    "It's easy, I think, for other people to say to do this or do that. But I have to be cautious in looking at it from their standpoint. Will I find something equal to throwing a touchdown pass at Lambeau? I doubt it. Will I find something equal to playing in the Super Bowl? I doubt it. I'm not even going to try.

    "There really isn't a plan. I know that this place and what it meant to my career is really special. To think I can find something to replace that and feel the same, I'm no fool to think that's out there. I'm not even going to try, but life goes on. But it will be nice for a while -- i think -- to not feel like I have to live up to certain expectations.

    "I can ride off into the sunset, whatever that means. Just try to relax for once in my life and enjoy it."

  • DE Jevon Kearse met with the Titans on Wednesday, and was checked out by team doctors. He has said he'd like to finish his career back in Tennessee, but it's uncertain whether the Titans will meet his contract demands, especially with Minnesota also interested in his services.

  • DT Shaun Rogers agreed to a restructured six-year deal with the Brown that is worth $42 million, according to The deal essentially adds three years and $20 million onto what Rogers was scheduled to make.

  • QB Kurt Warner's contract is set to expire after next season, but the team is talking to him about a possible two-year extension, according to multiple reports. Warner is scheduled to make $4 million next season with a $5 million cap figure.

  • DE Joe Tafoya, an unrestricted free agent, is talking to the Cardinals about a two-year contract, according to the East Valley Tribune.

  • OT Barry Sims' talks with the Panthers are "dead in the water," his agent told the Charlotte Observer. Sims wants a multi-year deal while Carolina is offering only a one-year contract.

  • RB Julius Jones visited with the Titans after meeting with Detroit earlier this week.

  • CB Brian Kelly, an unrestricted free agent, met with Detroit on Wednesday and was expected to visit the Giants on Thursday.

  • CB Travis Fisher agreed to a three-year to return to Detroit, according to several reports. He started 13 games for the Lions last season.

  • SS Tank Williams signed a one-year deal with New England.

  • DE Chris Clemons' five-year deal is worth $12.6 million, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, citing league sources. His base salaries will be $600,000 in 2008, $1 million in 2009, $1.2 million in 2010, $2.3 million in 2011 and $3 million in 2012, and he received a $4 million signing bonus with $100,000 workout bonuses in each year of the deal.

  • CB Asante Samuel will make $32.14 million in the first three years of his deal with the Eagles, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, citing league sources. His base salaries will be $645,000 for 2008, $1.9 million for 2009, $8.895 million for 2010, $5.9 million for 2011, $8.4 million for 2012, and $10.4 million for 2013. The total value of the deal is $57.14 million, with a $6 million signing bonus and $7 million roster bonuses in 2008 and 2009.

  • LB Terrell Suggs has filed a grievance against the Ravens, according to the Baltimore Sun. Designated as the team's franchise player at linebacker, Suggs would earn $8.065 million as the average of the top five salaries at the position. Suggs wants to be designated as a defensive end, which would be worth $8.879 million. With the grievance, the sides have stopped negotiating on a long-term deal for the time being.

  • OG Jake Scott visited with the Titans on Wednesday, according to the Indianapolis Star/News. However, he is expected to meet with other teams as his contract demands were reportedly too high for Tennessee.

  • CB Michael Lehan re-signed with Miami for four years. He will reportedly earn $2.1 million next season.

  • OG Rex Hadnot visited with Houston this week, but did not receive a contract offer. He met with Cleveland and Pittsburgh this week as well.

  • P Dirk Johnson signed a one-year deal with Atlanta.

  • LB Adam Seward was expected to meet with New England on Thursday, according to the Charlotte Observer. Seward received a low-round tender as a restricted free agent.

  • LB Brendon Ayanbadejo, a Pro Bowl special teams player, is weighing four-year deals from the Jets and Ravens, according to the Chicago Tribune. He reportedly is looking at a $5 million deal, of which he wants $2 million guaranteed.

  • LB Boss Bailey met with Denver on Wednesday. He is also receiving interest from Green Bay, Houston and Atlanta.

  • LB Brandon Chillar met with the Packers on Wednesday, according to the Journal Sentinel. He visited with Arizona on Tuesday. In Green Bay, Chillar would compete with Brady Poppinga for a starting job on the outside.

  • DE Corey Smith met with the Packers on Wednesday, according to the Journal Sentinel. He was scheduled to visit Houston on Thursday and Minnesota this week as well.

  • WR/KR Tab Perry met with Miami on Wednesday and is expected to visit Baltimore.

  • LB Tracy White met with Pittsburgh on Wednesday, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

  • DL Ellis Wyms is scheduled to meet with Minnesota on Friday. He met with Detroit earlier this week and was scheduled to visit Tennessee on Thursday.

  • RB T.J. Duckett's five-year deal with Seattle will count only $1 million against the 2008 salary cap, according to the Seatle Post-Intelligencer. He received $4 million in guaranteed money as part of a $17 million package.

  • TE Jeb Putzier's one-year deal with Seattle is worth $605,000, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

  • QB Trent Green visited with the Rams on Wednesday after meeting with New Orleans earlier in the week.

  • TE Courtney Anderson met with Buffalo on Wednesday.

  • S Marlon McCree met with Denver on Wednesday.

  • S Chris Crocker received an offer from Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle, although he is visiting with other teams.

  • C John Wade has received an offer from the Texans, according to the Houston Chronicle.

  • DE Josh Thomas visited with the Titans on Wednesday, according to the Indianapolis Star/News.

  • S Greg Wesley, who lost his starting job last year, has asked the Chiefs for his release. He is due to make $3.2 million in 2008 and $3.7 in 2009.

  • FB Boomer Grigsby signed a one-year deal with Miami, where he will compete with Reagan Mauia.

  • CB Jason Webster's one-year deal with the Patriots will pay him a $730,000 base salary.

  • WR Jabar Gaffney's one-year deal is worth $2 million, according to the NFL Network.

  • WR Justin McCareins was expected to meet with Tennessee on Thursday. A fourth-round pick by the Titans in 2001, he had a career-high 47 catches for the Titans in 2003.

  • DE Marques Douglas was scheduled to meet with Tennessee on Thursday.

  • CB Chris Carr met with Tennessee on Thursday.

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