Caplan Chat Transcript: Vikings, Free Agency's Adam Caplan stopped by the chat room Thursday night to answer the questions of a few dozen subscribers. See what he had to say about free agency overall and his assessment of the Vikings' free-agent period and current holes in the roster.

Proudhorn: Adam, with Kalimba Edwards getting cut today, is there a concern with his knee injury or was it just to save money?

Section207: What cost would be reasonable for Jason Taylor?

adamcaplan: SEC: 2nd rounder. I think he has three years left of production

purpleman699: I would give a 2nd for him

adamcaplan: PUR: Vikes are desperate for pass-rush help

ironship93: Hello, Adam, what's our plan: Is adding maybe 2 DEs in the draft or addressing more free agents?

adamcaplan: IR: They will get one in first three rounds. Could trade for one too

VikingK: Have the Vikes made any move to re-sign Darrion Scott?

adamcaplan: VIK: Haven't heard anything new

VikingK: They should be desperate

purpleman699: Any rumors for June 1st cuts on veteran QB the Vikes could get?

adamcaplan: Too early for June 1, but we will know some by draft time

Wolverine: Adam, could you ever see the Vikings trading Chester Taylor ?

adamcaplan: WOL: They really don't want to

Wolverine: Thanks

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, any info on the Vikings pursuit of a backup QB?

adamcaplan: KAJ: I would think A.J. Feeley could have their interest. Lots of ties there

kajjansiblackmamba: And J.P. Losman?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Depends what BUF wants. Losman scares me

purpleanimal: Any news on the DE front for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: PUR: Nothing. James Hall could get some interest

VikingK: Would they have any interest in Chris Simms? I really thought his career was taking off before he was injured.

adamcaplan: VIK: Depends on where he is physically

WYOVIKING: Adam, who in your opinion is the best available quarterback for the Vikes via free agency, draft, or trade?

adamcaplan: WY: Feeley trade. Joe Flaccco draft. No one in free agency

purpleanimal: Any interest in Chris Simms?

adamcaplan: PUR: No, but he may have to be

Wolverine: After Chris Long and Vernon Gholston, who do you think is the 3rd best D-end in the draft?

adamcaplan: WOL: I like Groves

Wolverine: I do too, although the Florida D-end has been pretty productive

adamcaplan: Harvey is interesting, WOL

purpleman699: Do you think Ray Edwards could be an every down DE next year?

jimmyinsd: What do you think Philly would want for Feeley?

adamcaplan: JIM: I would say 4th

purpleanimal: Vikes have Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, Bobby Wade and Aundrae Allison at WR - any more interest in any of the available free agents or who do you see them looking at seriously in the draft?

adamcaplan: PUR: I think they have to get one more veteran WR

VikingK: Adam, what was your opinion of the Vikings' FA signings?

adamcaplan: VIK: They overpaid for Berrian. Not sure if he's a true fit for the West Coast Offense, but he's a good player. It comes down to QB. Jackson has to be accurate.

greatcdnvike: Byrant Johnson would be perfect

adamcaplan: GRE: Makes no sense. Rice is a better prospect. Same type of game

purpleanimal: What about D.J. Hackett?

adamcaplan: PUR: They have no interest in him, I'm told

TyTom: What are the chances of us getting Losman from Bills?

adamcaplan: TY: Possible. They will likely look into it

VikingK: Jackson has to stop jumping and throwing at the same time.

Section207: It comes down to QB ... understatement of the night, Adam!

adamcaplan: SEC: I don't care who the WRs are. He has to be better or they won't be in the playoffs

WordUp15: Adam, any new word regarding Jason Taylor and the possibility of Tuna letting him go? Also any potential interest from the Vikes?

adamcaplan: WO: Trade market for him will heat up before draft. Lots of teams will try to get him

greatcdnvike: Chilly doesn't take the QB position serious!

greatcdnvike: 700 million dollar corporation rested on Tavaris Jackson..and no backup

TyTom: Any chances of us going after the DE that the Lions released, Kalimba Edwards?

adamcaplan: TY: Possibly, because him and James Hall are it. But (Kalimba) Edwards is an underachiever. You never know what you're getting from him

purpleman699: Besides QB and DE, do you think the Vikes have any other serious needs?

purpleanimal: Any possibility of going after Julius Peppers if he is truly available?

adamcaplan: PUR: CAR wants to keep him

VikingK: I'm not sure I'd want a lineman that Marinelli gave up on.

adamcaplan: VIK: Great point, and that's the issue. DET needs pass rushing help, yet cut him. That tells you something

TyTom: Are there any chances of us replacing Cedric Griffin with another cornerback? Or possibly moving Griffin to safety?

adamcaplan: TY: I think a CB could be dealt, yes. That's their area of depth. They like McCauley

greatcdnvike: Griffin is good

greatcdnvike: Griffin gets burnt as much as Al Harris does

VikingK: I thought Griffin played real well down the stretch last year.

adamcaplan: GREAT: Harris had one bad play. He's one of the best man CBs in the league

greatcdnvike: Pass rush would improve the cornerbacks

adamcaplan: GREAT: True

purpleanimal: Will they make an effort to resign Darrion Scott then?

adamcaplan: PUR: I think before draft, yes

adamcaplan: Griffin has to be more consistent

purpleman699: Do you pick the Vikes to win the North?

adamcaplan: PUR: GB, although they are falling back without Brett Favre. Let's see what happens in draft

Wolverine: What letter grade would you give the Vikings so far during the first part of free agency?

adamcaplan: WOL: B. Too bad they didn't get Antwan Odom

Wolverine: Yeah Odom would have been nice

Section207: Griffin is right there ... just needs to finish and make the play on the ball.

greatcdnvike: Harris sucks, Adam.. Couldn't cover Terrall Owens, Plaxico Burress or Randy Moss ever. Can never shut down great WRs

adamcaplan: GREAT: When you watch film of him, let me know what you see. Then we can talk. Harris was hurt last season all the time. I talked to him at the Pro Bowl

purpleman699: Do you think they did the right thing by trading Troy Williamson so fast?

adamcaplan: PUR: They got what they could

Viking24: Would the Vikings trade their #1 pick for a proven DE?

adamcaplan: VIK: I don't know what team(s) would be willing to trade a big-time DE though

joey85: Hey, Adam, what do you think the Vikings' options are for backup QB

adamcaplan: JOEY: Feeley, Simms

Wolverine: Are the Vikings satisfied with the right side of their offensive line or do you think they want to upgrade?

adamcaplan: WOL: Ryan Cook for now is at RT. Anthony Herrera is OK, not great. Their more pressing needs are DE (2).

VikingK: I have no problem with Hererra

VikingK: The guy I have a problem with is Bryant McKinnie

TyTom: If no DE is grabbed in FA or the draft, what are Brian Robison's chances of starting?

adamcaplan: TY: They will have a rotation of Robison, Jayme Mitchell and others

WYOVIKING: Adam, I think the Vikes need safety help. Please comment

adamcaplan: WY: Madieu Williams is a good player

purpleman699: Who has a better year, Rice or Berrian? I think Rice will have more TDs.

adamcaplan: PUR: Agreed on both ends. I really like Rice

VikingK: I love Sidney Rice

adamcaplan: I thought MIN did a good job in drafts last two years. Jackson obviously is an exception so far. We'll see on him

VikingK: Except for round 2 in 2006

adamcaplan: VIK: They reached for Cook, but at least he's starting. That's the way they look at it.

TyTom: Adam, I know that it's still unknown, but in your opinion do you think Jackson is our franchise QB?

adamcaplan: TY: No, he has mechanical issues. He throws jump passes

Wolverine: Has McKinnie been a disappointment or just a pretty good left O-tackle?

Viking24: Will our WRs stretch the field for Adrian Peterson or do we need to get another WR?

adamcaplan: VIK: One more veteran WR for depth

VikingK: They could have taken Griffin & Jackson in the 2nd & Cook in the 3rd and not had to trade the other 3

purpleanimal: Do you see the potential in Jackson that Childress does or are we missing it?

adamcaplan: PUR: Upside is one thing, he doesn't throw with good timing, anticipation, or accuracy. All three are top keys for a young QB

purpleanimal: Will Robert Ferguson be back?

adamcaplan: PUR: I don't think so at this point, but you never know

TyTom: Adam, is there any way of Daunte Culpepper returning to Minnesota?

adamcaplan: TY: No

purpleman699: Will the vikes get what they paid for out of Visanthe Shiancoe? Or will Garrett Mills step up?

adamcaplan: PU: I'm told Mills has been told he will get a chance at a bigger role, but Shiancoe will have another shot

hatesthepackers: Is Flacco really a guy they are interested in?

adamcaplan: HATE: Yes, but to what point is the question

adamcaplan: Keep reading my blog. We will have more on him as the weeks go by

vikefansbc: Is Michael Clayton under contract with the Bucs? He would give us some depth at WR.

adamcaplan: VIK: Two more years and they would love to move him

joey85: Adam, is there any chance we bring in Kalimba Edwards

adamcaplan: JOE: Yes, only because there is nothing out there at DE

TyTom: Adam, do you think Allison will be used in the receiving game more this year or kept at KR?

adamcaplan: TY: KR with Hicks.

VikingK: Maurice Hicks could be the KR

adamcaplan: Hicks has good hands, but not explosive

purpleanimal: What would it take to get Simms and Clayton from the Bucs?

adamcaplan: PU: Not much. TB would love to unload them

hatesthepackers: Do they like Quentin Groves from Auburn?

adamcaplan: HATE: Groves has good upside

kajjansiblackmamba: I'll say this about Simms, the guy's tough

adamcaplan: KAJ: Shame what happened to him

kajjansiblackmamba: Yep, still, playing a game with a shredded spleen.....

Wolverine: Any chance Dan Mozes, the center from WVU, being our center of the future ?

adamcaplan: WOL: Was a good collegiate player, so you never know

JBrowner47: Adam, any chance the Vikes look to move Griffin to safety?

adamcaplan: JB: No indication of such a move

purpleandgold18: Did we sign Derrick Pope or Ellis Wyms, or are we going to

adamcaplan: PUR: Wyms to MIN or TEN. Pope is a solid backup, can play all three LB positions and specials

kajjansiblackmamba: That's Pope's value, I'm high on signing him

JBrowner47: What about moving Antoine Winfield in a trade?

adamcaplan: JB: I could see it, but not sure what they would get

purpleanimal: Would Wyms be serviceable as a base end with Robison/Edwards coming in on passing downs?

adamcaplan: PUR: No, he's a rotational DL, can play either position

TyTom: Adam, who was the guy you were most disappointed about us losing in FA this year, like from the Vikings to another team?

adamcaplan: Mewelde Moore, only because he was never used correctly. But it was partially him too

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what, in your opinion, was the best move in this year's FA, and what was the worst league wide?

adamcaplan: KAJ: OAK worst with Javon Walker and Tommie Kelly

adamcaplan: Best could be overall what CLE did

VikingK: With Favre gone, no one in the North has a QB significantly better than T-Jack

kajjansiblackmamba: Yeah, they were impressive. Kinda gutted their draft but it may work for them.

adamcaplan: VIK: MIN will be closer to GB, but Jackson is a huge problem

supermaz: Why are the Vikings not signing Darrion Scott?

adamcaplan: SUP: Not sure, no sense of urgency there

purpleandgold18: Do you think we draft a safety to eventually take over for Darren Sharper in this draft?

adamcaplan: PUR: They do need to look at replacing him

JBrowner47: Adam, does Victor Hobson have anything left in the tank?

adamcaplan: JB: Sure, he's a good player. He was in wrong scheme. He's really a 4-3 SLB. Hobson wants to start

TyTom: Adam, even though we signed Berrian, do you think teams will still stack the box to stop Peterson?

adamcaplan: TY: Only if Jackson still is off his game. That's the issue. Jackson has to be more accurate.

Viking24: Does this team have enough veteran leadership to get us deep into the playoffs?

adamcaplan: VIK: To a point, yes

vikefansbc: Are the Vikes interested in Kalimba Edwards?

adamcaplan: VI: He will find attention, although he's been on the down slide. There are no DEs left of worth in free agency

joey85: Adam, what's your prediction right now for the North division?

adamcaplan: JOE: pre-draft, GB-MIN, CHI, DT

purpleanimal: Greg Spires have anything left?

adamcaplan: PU: Probably not

purpleandgold18: Would we take Kenny Phillips at 17 from Miami if the DE we covet is gone?

adamcaplan: Safety first three rounds

adamcaplan: BTW, I will be on Sirius tomorrow from 8-11 pm EST on channel 124 and Saturday 6-9 pm EST

purpleman699: If the Vikes did land a Peppers or Taylor, would they be considered a serious contender?

adamcaplan: PUR: They would be better with Taylor, no doubt

supermaz: I think Darrion Scott is every bit as good as say Antwan Odom or Travis LaBoy

adamcaplan: SUP: LaBoy has concussion issues

TyTom: Adam, do you Favre will eventually come out of retirement?

adamcaplan: TY: No

jessicag: Who are the opening-day DEs if you could guess?

adamcaplan: JESS: Too early for that. Let;s see what happens in draft, then ask again. I'll do a post-draft chat

Wolverine: What do you think of Notre Dame D-tackle Trevor Laws. Dude had over 100 tackles !

adamcaplan: WOL: Great Combine and Senior Bowl. Was very impressed with him

supermaz: I think you pry Taylor loose with a 3rd and maybe throw in a 6th. What do you think it will take??

adamcaplan: SUP: Problem is MIA may get a second rounder

jessicag: You seem to really be a non believer in T-Jack. Is he in the wrong system for his talents?

adamcaplan: JESS: Every now and then you see progress, then he regresses. So he has to start a full season and then re-evaluate him.

JBrowner47: Is Milford Brown better than Herrera?

adamcaplan: JB: No, he's a backup type

purpleanimal: Is Mario Manningham the second coming of Charles Rogers or could he be a good possession-type receiver in the WCO similar to a a Bobby Engram?

adamcaplan: PUR: No, but he's more like a Jerricho Cotchery, run after the catch WR

kajjansiblackmamba: Any chance Adam that they'd take a 3rd this year and a conditional pick next year for Jason Taylor?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Not sure yet

TyTom: Adam, were you happy with the signing of Berrian (even though we overpaid) or did you want them to go after someone else like Javon Walker?

adamcaplan: TY: I'm OK with it to a point. Berrian would be a better fit for Philly's WCO though, as they go more down field

Wolverine: Since you seem high on Groves, would picking him at #17 be too high?

adamcaplan: WO: I think he would be there, but that may be too high for him

supermaz: What do you think of Sedrick Ellis. I love this guy!

adamcaplan: He's a beast, Ellis. Great Senior Bowl.

adamcaplan: All: That's all the time I have, we'll do it again soon

purpleanimal: Thanks, Adam

jessicag: Peace

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