Chris Steuber Draft Chat Transcript NFL draft analyst Chris Steuber stopped by the chat room Tuesday night to talk about the Purple's draft prospects, who would be a good fit for the Vikings and where he sees their value in the draft.

csteuber: Hey, guys

vikingspub: I'm sure a lot more will be joining us in a few minutes since we're about five minutes early.

vikingspub: Just wanted to give Chris a strong backing. This guy knows his draft players.

kajjansiblackmamba: So this will be more of a draft chat than FA chat?

vikingspub: Yes, this will concentrate mainly on the draft.

Proudhorn: Chris, do you think our first-round pick is going to be BPA for sure?

csteuber: Proudhorn: I think the Vikings have to add a defensive end. I think at No. 17, Phillip Merling and Calais Campbell are the best options.

vikingspub: Those two are primarily considered base ends, correct?

csteuber: Vikingspub: Yes, Merling and Campbell are two of the more complete DEs in the draft. Lawrence Jackson is another one who can be had in the second round.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, even after signing Bernard Berrian, do you see the Vikes drafting a WR early?

csteuber: Kajan: I can see the Vikings drafting a wide receiver, but not in the first few rounds. They have other needs. I see them addressing the defensive line in the first round and the secondary in the second round.

Proudhorn: Do you think DE Jason Jones is worth a Round 2 gamble, in the event the other DEs (we) are interested are gone by #17?

csteuber: Proudhorn: Jason Jones is a nice, intriguing prospect, but he's a major reach in the second round. I'd say he's a late third-, early fourth-round pick.

vikingspub: Which of the tackles could eventually be slated as left tackles at the NFL level?

csteuber: Vikingspub: First-round tackles? I'd say Jake Long, Ryan Clady, Chris Williams, Jeff Otah are all left tackles.

vikingspub: What about in the second and third rounds?

csteuber: Vikingspub: I'd say Duane Brown and John Greco have a chance to be decent left tackles and can be had in the second or third round.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, what, in your opinion, are the deepest positions in this year's draft?

csteuber: Kajan: The deepest positions are: RB, WR, DE, CB

kajjansiblackmamba: Well, we don't need a RB IMHO, but it's good to hear that there's depth at DE.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, how's the depth at the center position? Any chance the Vikes draft Matt Birk's replacement on day 2?

csteuber: Kajan: The center class isn't that deep, but it's good. Mike Pollak is probably the best center. He's from Arizona State. He'll be a late second-, early third-rounder. Steven Justice (Wake Forest), John Sullivan (Notre Dame) and Kory Lichtensteiger (Bowling Green) are the best.

kajjansiblackmamba: So if we chose to, we'll probably have choices in the 3rd where we have 2 picks.

csteuber: Kajan: There will be centers available in the third round, yes.

Proudhorn: We've interviewed OT Gosder Cherilus from Boston College. Are a lot of teams looking at this gentleman as well?

csteuber: Proudhorn: I think Cherilus will be a late first-, early second-round pick. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Niners or Chargers grab Cherilus at the end of the first round.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, right now who are your 'fastest risers' in this year's draft?

csteuber: Kajan: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Dustin Keller, Vernon Gholston, Trevor Laws and Joe Flacco are all rising.

Proudhorn: Any small-college sleeper QBs out there this season (a la Tarvaris Jackson)?

csteuber: Proudhorn: The best small-school prospect, other than Joe Flacco, is Josh Johnson out of San Diego. He's 6-3, 200 pounds and has a lot of skills. He's a great athlete with a strong arm. He's a nice prospect with a lot of upside.

hatesthepackers: Do the Vikings like Limas Sweed?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: I'm not sure if the Vikings like Limas Sweed, but I don't see the Vikings drafting a WR in the first round. Sweed is a first-round prospect.

hatesthepackers: How about Chris Williams and interest there?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: If Williams is on the board at No. 17, he's an option. But I think he will be gone before the Vikings select.

hatesthepackers: How about Bruce Davis, any interest there?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: I've been a little disappointed with Bruce Davis. He was a streaky DE at UCLA and he's an ultimate tweener. I think he has to play in a 3-4 defense to be effective. He has to play more consistent and not disappear during games.

JBrowner47: Late arriver here...what are your thoughts on little known Kelvin McRae, RB out of Ohio University?

csteuber: JBrowner: McRae will be a late-round pick. He has good size and decent speed. The problem is that there is a lot of talent at the RB position and a player like McRae will fall in the draft.

hatesthepackers: Do they like DaJuan Morgan and what round do you see him going?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: DaJuan Morgan is a major possibility. He would fit well with the Vikings. I think there is a chance he may be the pick in the second round, but I think they might draft a corner.

hatesthepackers: Earl Bennett is a receiver I love - what round do you see him going?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: Earl Bennett is a very consistent receiver who doesn't have game-breaking speed, but he has nice YAC potential. I see him being a third-round pick.

hatesthepackers: Do they like Terrell Thomas?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: They may like Terrell Thomas; he's an option. He's a bigger corner and that's always intriguing. But I think the Vikings will look for a combo CB/RS.

hatesthepackers: What do you think about the possibility of Reggie Smith?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: Reggie Smith is another possibility, but I think he will be an early second-round pick. A team like Buffalo may select him in round 2.

hatesthepackers: How about Tracy Porter?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: That's who I have the Vikings taking in the second round, Tracy Porter, in my new two-round mock draft that will be posted later this week ...

JBrowner47: What about a Dorien Bryant as WR/RS?

csteuber: JBrowner: Dorien Bryant has been disappointing this offseason. He's a small guy and hasn't shown much explosion. I think he's a slot receiver with very little wiggle.

Tyr: How much is Merling's hernia surgery going to affect his draft status? Is he still worth a pick in the teens or how far will he slide?

csteuber: TYR: I still think Merling will be a first-round pick and I don't think the hernia surgery will hurt his status. He should be ready for training camp.

Tyr: That's good to hear. He's not my top choice at DE, but he could be a good option if we need a long-term replacement for Kenechi Udeze.

hatesthepackers: How much is true with Dorsey's stock falling?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers; I think Dorsey is in trouble, because Sedrick Ellis has moved past him as the best DT in the draft. Dorsey will still be a top-ten pick.

hatesthepackers: Do you see them looking at DT and maybe Trevor Laws or Dre Moore?

Proudhorn: They did interview Laws and Moore, hatesthepackers.

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: I don't think the Vikings have a major need at DT.

JBrowner47: What about Lehman? MLB from Illinois? Looks like may slip out of the draft.

csteuber: J Browner: I like the way Leman plays. He has a great work ethic and is a hard-nosed player. He will be a mid-round pick.

hatesthepackers: Another intriguing receiver is Jerome Simpson.Where do you see him going?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: Jerome Simpson is a nice player with good speed and probably the biggest hands I've ever seen on a WR. He will be a fourth rounder.

hatesthepackers: Do you think they are looking at a tight end?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: A TE is possible in round 3 or 4, but not in round 1 or 2.

vikingspub: A few more questions for Chris and then we'll wrap it up for this week. We plan on bringing him back on a weekly basis.

JBrowner47: This may have been asked, but is there any inkling that the Vikes will trade up in the draft for a Vernon Gholston, Ryan, or Clady?

csteuber: J Browner: I don't see the Vikings having a shot at Gholston or Ryan, but Clady is a possibility. ... But I think the Vikings will stay where they are.

hatesthepackers: Is Derrick Harvey the logical choice?

csteuber: Hatesthepackers: If Harvey is available, that would be a great pick for the Vikings, but I have Harvey going to the Panthers.

JBrowner47: Where will Calais Campbell go in the draft?

csteuber: J Browner: He's been a disappointment thus far. He's really lacked the explosion he showed as a sophomore. I think Campbell will drop in the late 20s, possibly to Jacksonville.

Tyr: Is Harvey worth trading up for or could we still find a decent pass rusher in the 2nd or 3rd round?

csteuber: TYR: I think the Vikings could stay at No. 17 and take Merling. That will help them in run defense and add a solid pass rusher.

Proudhorn: Sweet

Tyr: I'm not sold on Merling yet, I still have questions about whether he'll be much of a pass rusher at the next level, but we're desperate for ends at this point, so I would understand the move.

csteuber: TYR: Merling is good, not great, but he's a steady end who can defend the run and rush the passer.

nokio8423: Where do you have Malcolm Kelly going?

csteuber: Nokio: I have Kelly going to the Bills at No. 11. They need a big receiver to help Lee Evans.

Tyr: So Kelly's injuries aren't enough for his stock to take a big slide?

nokio8423: #11 even though he hasn't been able to work out yet?

csteuber: Nokio: He has a lot of talent and I think teams know that. When he's healthy he's a great deep threat.

vikingspub: Chris, thanks for stopping by. We've got to wrap it up. Chris should be back next week. Thanks, everyone.

csteuber: Thanks guys ... talk to you next week.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks for your time, Chris.

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