Chris Steuber NFL Draft Chat Transcript NFL draft analyst Chris Steuber stopped by the chat room to answer questions from Vikings fans. See where he values the players Vikings fans were interested in, from the first round all the way down to late-round prospects.

csteuber: Shall we start or are we waiting for more people?

JBrowner47: Let's roll

JBrowner47: Chris Williams seems to be climbing the boards, how high will he go?

csteuber: J Browner: I think he will be a top-15 pick. He has a chance to get in the top 12, but I currently have him going to the Lions

smccray: Who is better, Phillip Merling or Derrick Harvey?

csteuber: smccray: It depends on what you want in a DE. Harvey is a pass rusher, while Merling is good against the run and has developed into a nice pass rusher. But if you're looking for an impact guy, Harvey is your man.

vikingfan50219: With the first pick, should we be more concerned with DE or RT with the Bryant McKinnie situation?

csteuber: vikingfan: I'd go after a DE. The top tackles will most likely be off the board, except for Jeff Otah. I think Merling has more value than Otah.

vaviking: C Williams may go to the Bears

JBrowner47: I thought the Lions were looking at Rashard Mendenhall?

csteuber: J Browner: I'm sure the Lions like Mendenhall, but the Bears select before them and they really like Mendenhall.

vaviking: What are the chances we trade back with JAX?

csteuber: vaviking: It's hard to say if the Vikings will trade back at this point.

csteuber: vaviking: I haven't heard anything regarding a trade with JAX

JBrowner47: I was wondering the same thing. Seems like the Vikes would be good to drop down some

MinnesotaGuy: What do you think of QB Josh Johnson in 3rd round?

csteuber: minnesotaguy: You want the Vikings to draft another developmental QB?

vaviking: I'd prefer Booty

JBrowner47: Johnson isn't even 200 pounds

smccray: We need an impact defender - I'm tired of the 'solid' players. How about Quentin Groves vs. Harvey?

csteuber: smccray: Groves is a possibility and he's a very good pass rusher.

vaviking: Groves is a 3/4 OLB/DE

JBrowner47: Where does Barton of Ohio State look to go? Can he be a solid RT in this league?

csteuber: J Browner: I like Barton. He's a steady blocker who has a lot of experience. He's a durable player and only missed three games in college. I think he will be a late third rounder.

Tyr: Where do you see Calais Campbell being drafted at this point and does he have enough speed to make an impact as a pass rusher in the NFL?

csteuber: Tyr: I currently have Calais Campbell going to the Jaguars in the first round.

MinnesotaGuy: Campbell might fall to 2nd because of speed

MinnesotaGuy: Do the Vikes like to OC they picked up last year after the draft? I can't remember his name

Tyr: Dan Mozes

JBrowner47: He was pretty light as I recall ... Mozes

JBrowner47: I love Sullivan with our first third

csteuber: J Browner: Sullivan would fit nicely. There are some good centers in this draft and I could see the Vikes grabbing one in the middle rounds.

smccray: We gotta have someone to groom to replace Darren Sharper....who will that be?

csteuber: smccray: The Vikings could draft Kenny Phillips in the first round, but I don't see that happening. They could also grab DaJuan Morgan in the second round.

JBrowner47: Barrett in the third?

csteuber: J Browner: I think Josh Barrett will be selected in the second round, possibly by the Redskins.

JBrowner47: Isn't Morgan more of a FS?

csteuber: J Browner: Morgan is a free safety, but he's versatile and could play either spot.

Tyr: Chris, do you believe that the Vikings will actually trade for Sage Rosenfels? If so, is a third-round pick way too much for him?

csteuber: Tyr: A third-round pick for Sage Rosenfels is crazy.

Tyr: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it stupid.

vaviking: Any idea on what round Tommy Blake will go?

MinnesotaGuy: I would not touch Blake till 6th or later

csteuber: I think Tommy Blake will fall far in the draft. The team that drafts him has to do a lot of background on him.

vaviking: I've heard 7th for Blake

JBrowner47: I'd give up a 7th for him. 7's don't usually make the team anyway

JBrowner47: Chris, off the wall question, but other than McRae, is there any other Ohio Bobcat that may get drafted?

csteuber: J Browner: I don't see any other Ohio players being drafted... McRae is a late rounder himself.

JBrowner47: Like Trevor Laws?

csteuber: J Browner: I think Laws will be an early second rounder.

csteuber: Tyr: What's wrong with the DTs they have now? I think they should draft a DE in the first round and a DB in round 2; OT round 3.

JBrowner47: Chris, what's your thoughts on Kevin O'Connell? Is he better than josh Johnson?

csteuber: J Browner: O'Connell has a lot of tools, but Johnson's athleticism is very intriguing.

csteuber: J Browner: O'Connell is athletic, but he's more of a pocket QB who can make plays on the run.

JBrowner47: O'Connell more of a pocket guy? O'Connell has really good size

MinnesotaGuy: What do you think of DE Jason Jones?

csteuber: Minnesota Guy: I like Jason Jones. He's a really good athlete with good explosion. He's a promising pass rusher who really played well at the Senior Bowl. I think he will be a third rounder.

JBrowner47: Chris, will the Vikings even consider a LB this year? I think they're set, what do you think?

csteuber: J Browner: I think they have a nice core of linebackers. You can never have enough playmakers and if there is someone on the board they like they have to consider it.

MinnesotaGuy: csteuber: Do you think the Vikes would take CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie if he was there at 17 and Harvey gone?

csteuber: MinnesotaGuy: If Cromartie drops that far, I'll be shocked. That would be a gift if he's there for the Vikes.

MinnesotaGuy: I agree but it would be nice. I didn't think AP would be at 7 last year...didn't think teams were that dumb

JBrowner47: you think the Vikes will make all their selections, or trade some to move up?

csteuber: J Browner: I think every team should be aggressive in the draft and if there's a player the Vikings value they should move up and get him.

Tyr: Chris, do you think Carl Nicks or Sam Baker would be good fits for the Vikings at OT?

csteuber: Tyr: I like Baker better than Nicks. I think Baker is steadier and has more experience. Nicks is raw and still developing. He has to get in better shape.

vikingfan50219: Is DE Vernon Gholston worth packaging picks to get?

csteuber: Viking Fan: Gholston is a beast and will become a dominant pass rusher in the league.

JBrowner47: Is Jeff Otah really a first round pick?

csteuber: J Browner: I think Otah is good, but he's limited athletically. There is such a premium on tackles and Otah is over valued at this time.

afviking: Can Branden Albert really transition to tackle in the NFL like some folks seem to think he can?

csteuber: afviking: I think Albert can play either guard or tackle at the next level. He has to be in the right offense to play tackle.

JBrowner47: Oh, what about V-Tech's OT Brown? Would he be a steal in the 2nd?

csteuber: J Browner: Duane Brown is moving up the charts right now. He's probably a late second, early third rounder at this point.

coyote62: Who do you see sliding the most on draft day from where they are projected to go?

csteuber: Coyote 62: Andre Woodson was projected to be a first rounder and now may slide into the third round, but I see him being a second rounder.

JBrowner47: I thought he was over valued...thanks

Tyr: How far do you see Brian Brohm sliding? Will someone trade up for him in the late first round or does he slide into the early second?

csteuber: Tyr: I project Brohm to be a late first rounder with a team trading up to get him.

JBrowner47: A team like Atlanta?

csteuber: J Browner: I projected Atlanta in my current mock draft.

Rattz67: Will the Vikes still look at WR in round 1 or 2?

csteuber: Rattz: I think the Vikings will look at WRs, but they have more pressing needs at this time.

Rattz67: Agreed, DE, OT

JBrowner47: I LOVE the NFL Draft!!! Thanks always!!

JBrowner47: Chris, what do you think about Thomas Brown, RB, Georgia and what round will he go? Vikes need to draft a backup.

csteuber: J Browner: Brown is an interesting back, but I see him more as a situational runner. I think he will be a fifth or sixth rounder.

csteuber: Thanks guys, it's been fun. I'll talk to you next week.

MinnesotaGuy: Thanks

Rattz67: Thanks Chris, see you then!

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