Alexander to Be I.R.'ed Today

While the Vikings didn't make a roster move Tuesday to replace Derrick Alexander, the eventual move may be permanent.

One of the topics discussed between one Vikings official and VU Tuesday was the structure of Derrick Alexander's contract -- a clear signal that the injured Viking is likely through with the purple.

Alexander tore his left ACL in Sunday's game and is expected to be placed on injured reserve today so the team can promote Kelly Campbell from the practice squad.

With Alexander's three-year deal structured so it wouldn't have a massive signing bonus, the Vikings will likely take a $500,000 cap hit if he is released before June 1, 2003, and $250,000 in two years if done after June 1.

While those are speculative dates, it's becoming more clear that Alexander's days with the Vikings are numbered and that his last reception was just that -- his last reception as a Viking.

* The Vikings will add Carl Eller's name to the Wall of Fame Sunday. The part about retiring his jersey may have come and gone, since Anthony Carter wore No. 81 and did pretty well with it.
* The Vikings defensive coaches are figuring the best way to solve some of the problems at safety will be to move Corey Chavous there next year. Although he plays cornerback, when he entered the free agent market, some teams saw him only as a safety.

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