Steuber Draft Chat Transcript

Vikings fans peppered draft analyst Chris Steuber with questions about their favorite prospects for the Vikings to draft in three weeks. See what Steuber had to say about the possibilities and where he values certain players in the 2008 NFL Draft.

JBrowner47: Chris, seems like Brian Brohm has been moving up the boards. Where do you see him going?

csteuber: J Browner: That's an interesting question. As you all know, Brohm is my No. 1 QB. I think he will be a great QB at the next level. I see him being selected in the top-20 now and I think a team like the Vikings is a possible spot for him to land.

JBrowner47: I was thinking he could go as high as #8 to Baltimore

csteuber: J Browner: It all depends on where Matt Ryan ends up. Ryan is the consensus No. 1 QB and he will be the first QB off the board, but Brohm shouldn't be far behind. The Ravens are a possibility, but they need CB depth as well.

Proudhorn: Chris, do you think we'll get a TE that is actually an offensive weapon as opposed to just a good blocker?

csteuber: Proudhorn: It's a possibility for the Vikings to draft a TE in the third round. I think they have to get a DE and add depth to the secondary, but TE is up there with their needs.

vikingfan52: I heard today that Colt Brennan is dropping off the board

JBrowner47: Brennan put on about 20 pounds since the Senior Bowl

csteuber: VikingFan: Anyone who knows me knows that I really like Colt Brennan. I've studied him for three years now and I know him personally, but I think he's a great QB. This hip injury he has is not a big deal and teams that shy away from him due to this injury are crazy.

vikingfan52: I just heard them talking on this on Sirius today. Stated bad mechanics, injury, that he is off. But that doesn't mean they are the greatest experts on it.

soulsfan: What are your thoughts on Phillip Merling at #17... and what type of player do you see him as?

csteuber: SoulsFan: Merling is who I currently have the Vikings selecting. He gives Minnesota that all-around DE they need. He's developed his pass-rushing ability nicely and will continue to improve. He's steady defending the run and that will be a huge asset.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, given our recent history with first round DEs, which DEs in the 2nd or 3rd rounds have good potential at the next level?

csteuber: Kajjan: I think Cliff Avril, Lawrence Jackson and Chris Ellis are nice options in those rounds.

JBrowner47: I think if the Vikes were to go DE in the first (other than Chris Long and Vernon Gohlston), it would be a huge mistake.

csteuber: J Browner: If the Vikings got Brohm, that's a great selection. The fans wouldn't be disappointed.

n8tiveVikefan: I hope we pick up a true RT.

JBrowner47: Chris, I would be very pleased with getting Brohm @ #17

viklover: Jackson is Childress' quarterback. They may try to find someone like Tyler Thigpen again.

vikingfan50219: How many picks would we have to give up to move up and get Gohlston from Ohio State and would this be a good move?

csteuber: Viking Fan: I think Gholston will be selected anywhere from No. 2 to No. 6. It would take a lot to move up that far.

soulsfan: Vikes won't pile up picks to move up to the top 10 ... they never seem to move up more than a few picks.

STUDBUZZAR: Yeppers, my thinking too. Just keep a pick or two ready for some possible short hops up to get someone they really like, but no big jumps

n8tiveVikefan: I think we should keep our two 3rd rounders.

JBrowner47: I think Brohm would be a perfect fit for the Childress offense

csteuber: J Browner: I've studied Brohm's game so much and he is the perfect QB for the West Coast Offense. He's a great leader and makes quick decisions. He's efficient and has great timing.

vneufeld: Childress says he prefers to draft QB in later rounds

soulsfan: Vikes are more likely to trade down (Miami or Atlanta?) than actually pick Brohm at 17.

Jay14: Why is Brad so sold on T Jack

csteuber: I believe in competition and never hand a starting job to anyone. If the Vikings drafted Brohm, it would give Jackson something to fight for in camp and possibly make him a better player.

viklover: He's been coaching quarterbacks for two decades, I think he knows what he's doing.

vikingfan52: May the best man win

soulsfan: Are we really thinking about replacing Bryant McKinnie?

csteuber: SoulsFan: McKinnie is one of the better OTs in the league and has a great future, but he has to stay focused.

vikingspub: Since Kendall Langford visited the Vikings, I'd like your opinion on him and where his value lies in this draft?

csteuber: VikingsPub: Langford is a very intriguing player. He has good quickness off the line and uses his hands well, but I wonder how he will translate to the NFL. He had a very good junior year, but wasn't as productive this past season. He has great size and with more seasoning and coaching he should develop. I think he will be a fourth-round pick.

Tyr: Hey Chris, have you heard anything about why Branden Albert is suddenly jumping up Mayock and Kiper's draft boards?

csteuber: Tyr: Thing with Branden Albert is that he's versatile and can play inside or outside. He moves well in space and gets to the second level to help in the run game. He had a nice showing at Virginia's Pro Day. He showed scouts his athleticism and they really liked what they saw. I'm not sure why he's moving up as much as those guys project, but he may be a top-20 pick.

n8tiveVikefan: Chris, do you think we go CB in first round if one falls?

csteuber: N8tive Vike Fan: CB is a possibility in the first round, but I think DE or safety are bigger possibilities in round one for the Vikings.

viklover: Don't be surprised if we pick OL in the first round. With McKinnie and Matt Birk having issues, I think it's a need area.

tinotime22: Chris, any chance that Keith Rivers drops to 17 for the Vikes?

csteuber: TinoTime: I think Rivers is a stud and the New Orleans Saints shouldn't let him get past No. 10.

soulsfan: Is Merling a good value at 17...or is your mock pick based more on need?

csteuber: SoulsFan: Merling is good value, because he's developing into a solid DE. He has a lot of upside. He was a very good player at Clemson and a great all-around defender. I don't think he will be a reach, because if he gets past No. 17, the Eagles, Redskins and Titans will be interested in him.

viklover: Merling's injury will decide his draft position for him.

STUDBUZZAR: Who is the top-rated TE in this draft?

csteuber: StudBuzzar: My top TE is Dustin Keller, followed by Martellus Bennett, Fred Davis and John Carlson

viklover: Keller is an L.J. Smith style of tight end in terms of size and speed. Not a good blocker.

Tyr: How does Merling's run defense compare to other base end prospects like Lawrence Jackson and Kendall Langford?

csteuber: Tyr: Merling and Jackson are probably the two best against the run. I think they're solid. I think Merling's upside is better than Jackson's, but Jackson is a steady player who will be very good at the next level.

Tyr: Thanks, I'm still not quite sold on Merling, but I've resigned myself to the fact that he's the most likely and logical pick for us.

soulsfan: What QBs do you see as late-round (5-7) projects, excluding Brennan, that the Vikes could pick as a replacement for Brooks Bollinger?

csteuber: SoulsFan: A couple QBs to look for in the late rounds are Kevin O'Connell (San Diego State), Paul Smith (Tulsa) and Kyle Wright (Miami)

Tyr: Chris, are there any corner prospects in the top 3 rounds that you can see getting a lot attention as potential safeties?

csteuber: TYR: One CB that translates well to safety is Terrell Thomas from USC. He has good size and speed, but doesn't have elite speed to be a quality corner.

viklover: I believe Thomas ran a 4.47 at the combine...

csteuber: VikLover: Thomas just ran a 4.55 at USC's Pro Day. I think he translates well to a safety in the NFL.

JBrowner47: I think O'Connell is the ultimate sleeper

csteuber: J Browner: O'Connell is a sleeper who's moving up, but I think Kyle Wright has a chance to be a player in the right system.

STUDBUZZAR: Every great West Coast offense I have seen since 49er glory days seems to have a great pass-catching TE. With the new sideline rule pertaining to both feet being in bounds, my thought is the middle of the field is going to be even more important. Which makes me think the TE is going to be critical this year. Shank might get more involved, but he better step up. A quality TE who can catch seems to me to be in the top 3 needs

soulsfan: I actually like our WRs now. I can't wait to see Sidney Rice in year 2. I'd rather we didn't draft a WR, but maybe pick up another veteran after final cuts.

viklover: Thomas is not necessarily a safety in the box type. He is more of a free safety coverage safety. The Vikings safeties have to be more interchangeable, as their safeties have essentially the same responsibilities

csteuber: VikLover: Exactly; he's a free safety. He's not physical enough to play SS.

vikingfan52: Pat Kirwin was pretty excited about Thomas as a player. They were talking safety as well.

JBrowner47: Any possibility the Vikes would consider Chris Johnson if he fell to them? He would be a great special teamer and solid threat on 3rd downs

csteuber: J Browner: I don't see a need for Chris Johnson. I think he could fill the void left by Mewelde Moore, but that's not a high priority.

Tyr: Do you think that the Vikings would be fine with two FS in the defensive backfield or will they want more of a hitter to complement Madieu Williams' coverage skills?

csteuber: Tyr: I think two FS are fine, but you'd like a player who intimidates the opposition. Josh Barrett is a possibility in the second round. He has great size and speed and is a hard hitter.

JBrowner47: Barrett in the second or Thomas DeCoud in the 4th would be a nice addition

viklover: Barrett will never be anything more than a special teamer. He is a size, speed prospect only.

Tyr: Chris, are there any players that you can see "unexpectedly" jumping up the draft board on draft day?

csteuber: Tyr: I think Trevor Laws is a player teams will be interested in at the bottom of the first round.

Tyr: I really like Laws and I could see him getting interest as either a 3-4 end or UT in a 4-3.

JBrowner47: Chris, will the Vikes address the center position this draft and, if so, where will they look?

csteuber: JBrowner: I think the third or fourth round are good rounds to select a center. John Sullivan and Steve Justice are good prospects.

VikeMike52: Chris, do you see the Vikings going OL at all and if so who and where?

csteuber: VikeMike: Hard to say if the Vikes will draft a OT in the early rounds, but I could see them adding depth at the position in the later rounds. I think it all depends on what's available to them in the early rounds, and if an OT is the BPA they will go that direction.

n8tiveVikefan: Chris, if Carl Nicks is there in 3rd, do we take him? Plus, will we draft a RT this year?

csteuber: Native Vike Fan: I've cooled off on Nicks. He's slow and doesn't have good technique. He relies on his strength too much and that gets him in trouble.

soulsfan: It seems like our team is legitimately better now than it was at the end of the season. I can't wait for the draft. For the most part, we should be able to take that oh-so-popular "best player available."

viklover: Chris what are your thoughts on the Vikes' linebacker depth?

csteuber: VikLover: They could use depth at linebacker, but there's no need to use a high pick on a LB. I like Chad Greenway and E.J. Henderson; they have a bright future.

Tyr: Chris, are there any highly ranked prospects that seem very likely to be busts at the next level?

csteuber: Tyr: I'm not a huge fan of Matt Ryan and I think he will be a bust.

MiKeYJ42: Has Colt Brennan fallen to 6th round status and would he fit into the Vikes system

csteuber: Mikey: Yes, Brennan fits well with the Vikings offense. I think Childress could do wonders with Brennan. I still think Brennan will be a fourth rounder.

JBrowner47: Chris, what are your preliminary thoughts on the 2009 QB class. It looks deep.

csteuber: J Browner: Deep? It looks good, but not great. I like Chase Daniels, Curtis Painter, Colt McCoy, Chase Holbrook

VikeMike52: Do you think Dom Barber from U of M will get drafted or will he be an UFA?

csteuber: VikeMike: Barber will be drafted; probably fifth or sixth round.

vikingfan52: Thanks Chris

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