Hovan and Tice Q and A

Hovan on Barber "He is so elusive. But if guys stay in their gaps and we contain we can shut him in..."

Vikings DT Chris Hovan

What are the differences in preparing for Tiki Barber vs. Ron Dayne?
Tiki has the most catches on the team and can pretty much make or break the game. He is so elusive. But if guys stay in their gaps and we contain we can shut him in. Ron Dayne is more of a north-south runner, more power, more lead. We just have to know who we are playing against in personnel and adjust to it.

After the 2000 NFC Championship game, your team has struggled since, why?
The thing is, the Giants came here last year and we whooped up on them. So, I don't know what you are trying to say. We haven't slid at all. That was a game we would like to forget. But, let us not forget, the Giants came here last year and lost.

Vikings Head Coach Mike Tice

What do you see as being the biggest difference between the Sean Payton run offense and the Jim Fassel run offense from Sunday night?
Well the biggest difference is that it is less. With Jim it's more repeat things and a little bit less. With Sean there's a lot of motion and shifting and more. Really, that's what it is. But both guys, I believe, do a great job. I think it's something that Jim, I'm guessing, it's something that Jim did just to settle things down a little bit. And it worked.

As a former Tight End, what do you think of Jeremy Shockey?
Well, I can tell you this. He moves a lot better than I ever thought of moving. You know he's really another wide receiver on the field. He's got great, great hips. He's very fluid and has super hands. He's got great confidence which is something you have to have in this league if you are going to catch the football. I tell you what, he's a rising star and he's going to be a great tight end for many years to come as long as he stays healthy.

How is randy Moss both on and off the field, do you think you have to change the 'Randy Ratio,' and how much do you think you'll challenge the Giants down the field?
Well I won't answer the last part because then I'd be giving out my gameplan. I may be a rookie head coach but hopefully I'm not stupid. So as far as Randy on and off the field, I don't follow him around off the field so I couldn't tell you that. But on the field he's been outstanding. He's been extremely coachable, he's worked extremely hard in practice, he's been a leader with the young guys and tried to help them as best he can. Not only by setting an example and tone in practice but by his work ethic. He's cued those guys and helped them...you know Randy is a very smart football player and a lot of people lose that in the whole deal with all of the other things. As far as with the coaches he has been excellent and as far as with the officials on the field he has been excellent. So he's done a lot of things better. We had the one set-back that really hurt us as a football team and his image again. But I tell you he's worked his way through it and battled his way through it. So in that sense he has been good. As far as the 'Randy Ratio' it is really a thing that has been over-blown, and it was just a way to hype up the player and let him know that he was a big part of what we were doing. He's not concerned about the 'Randy Ratio' nor am I anymore. The only ratio I'm concerned about is not turning the damn football over.

How do you think the Giants look with Fassel calling the plays?
Well I think they look better. They won. They did something that we haven't been able to do. They won a football game and in this league its hard to win any football game no matter who you're playing against. And they won a football game, they're 4-4 and they got themselves even at the halfway point. They're sitting pretty good last year, actually.

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