Adam Caplan Draft Chat Transcript subscribers were throwing questions at Adam Caplan for a taste of his Tuesday night insight. See what Caplan had to say about numerous possibilities for the Vikings in the 2008 draft and the issues and analysis surrounding those players.

adamcaplan: Hi, everyone

Tyr: Hi, Adam

Vlibf99: Adam, assuming Derrick Harvey is gone and Phillip Merling's hernia issue, do the Vikes take BPA even if it is Brian Brohm?

adamcaplan: VLI: Brohm wouldn't be the best player available though.

gomba45: Hey Adam, what do you think the Vikes will do with the 17th pick – Brohm or Flacco or trade it for Julius Peppers.

adamcaplan: I don't see CAR trading Peppers. Honestly, I'd go with Merling. Sure, he's a better value a little later but he might be the best DE in this draft.

gomba45: Bummer, but who do you think will be best available

Tyr: Adam, have you heard anything about the surprise that the Vikings may have in store at 17? Pat Kirwan keeps on hinting that they may be onto something, but it is a bit unclear what that may be.

adamcaplan: TYR: I usually find out the week of the draft what they'll be doing (I had their free agency plan in my blog at the combine).

adamcaplan: But out of this draft they want two DEs, depth on OL, WR, S

jlforsman: With RB, WR, DT and DE as the strongest positions in the draft, should the Vikings look at DBs in 1st round and then get the needs in other rounds?

adamcaplan: OT if they don't think McKinnie will be cleared.

redrhino84: Adam, is Calais Campbell too much of a reach to take at #17?

adamcaplan: RED: Decent pick there. I'd rather have Merling though. He should be ready for training camp, if not before.

gomba45: What if Jeff Otah slips to us, do we take him?

adamcaplan: GO: Interesting choice, that would be tough to pass him up. He could play RT too

Tyr: Is Merling a better prospect than Kenechi Udeze or should we expect about the same level of play from him?

adamcaplan: TYR: Yes ,and some teams have him as the top DE surprisingly

Tyr: Interesting, thanks.

TheDecoder: Adam, is the Vikings organization's perception of Tarvaris Jackson the Nexus of Vikings draft Day Strategy?

adamcaplan: THE: My sense is they will get a QB out of this draft, how high is the question. Booty isn't a bad fit, I talked to him at the Senior Bowl and he said he's a WCO type of QB.

purpleman699: Any more rumors about trading for a DE? Jason Taylor or Peppers?

adamcaplan: PUR: They may see what it will take, but I don't think they will wind up doing it.

stevemfpayne: Adam, given Brennan's recent drop down the boards, is there any chance we take him in the 4th if available.

adamcaplan: STEVE: No, even if he didn't get hurt

JBrowner47: Adam, how much of a difference is there between a Joe Flacco or Chad Henne and a Kevin O'Connell?

adamcaplan: JB: Yes, Flacco has the best arm, Henne is probably more ready to play.

Viking24: Do you see the Vikings drafting one of the 4 or 5 top TEs?

adamcaplan: VIK: Probably not, but they may get one later on

gomba45: How much do you know about this Langford kid?

adamcaplan: GO: Upside second-day selection

Tyr: Adam, how much has Branden Albert's stock improved in recent weeks? Is he really a top-10 pick like some pundits are saying?

adamcaplan: TY: It's because the coaches have now evaluated everything and word is most believe he can play LT, RT, and guard.

JBrowner47: Where does Mario Manningham fall with the 'maryjane' reports?

gomba45: How much has Manningham been slipping and will the Vikes take a look?

adamcaplan: GO: He'll go mid second area or later because of a lot of issues.

n8tiveVikefan: Adam, what CB is worth our second-rounder?

adamcaplan: NT: They won't take a CB that high. Wouldn't make a lot of sense

tinotime22: Adam, would Lawrence Jackson be a reach in the second for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: TIN: Projected to go later

bbvike: Adam, does it make more sense to trade down at 17 and pick up extra picks. I am just not sure of a can't-miss at 17?

adamcaplan: BB: Depends on who is on the board. I can see that

stevemfpayne: Given the recent noise involving Matt Birk, do you see us taking one of the top two centers in the third?

adamcaplan: STEVE: Pollack is the only one with a grade higher than 4th round I believe from most teams. But I do think Birk won't be back in 2009. I don't think Childress wants him back

stevemfpayne: Shame

adamcaplan: Just a sense that I get. I hope I'm wrong.

adamcaplan: I asked most of the Birk questions last week at the owners meetings and I can tell you he really didn't seem like he wanted him back past 2008. We'll see what happens

joey85: Adam, any chance we take Quinten Groves at 17?

adamcaplan: JO: Probably too early.

Tyr: Adam do you have any insight on what Detroit might do at 15?

adamcaplan: TY: DE probably

Tyr: Thanks, that probably means we have no chance at Harvey then.

Viking24: Adam, do you feel Brohm can be a franchise QB?

adamcaplan: VI: You would have to define what that is. Can he be a starter for 7-10 years? Sure. Good WCO prospect.

bbvike: Adam, honest opinion of Tarvaris Jackson long-term for us?

adamcaplan: BB: Not good. Too many issues. QBs that throw jump passes concern me.

stevemfpayne: Bad mechanics

adamcaplan: STEVE: Very much so, or at least not consistent in that area.

joey85: Any chance we could make a trade for Jason Taylor?

adamcaplan: JO: I would suspect they will look into that

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what's your opinion on Tony Hills, the OT from Texas and where do you expect him to be drafted?

adamcaplan: KAJ: late rounder, keep an eye on Chad Rinehart from Northern Iowa, OT. MIN likes him.

bbvike: So, maybe Childress' job will depend on this draft and coming away with a possible successor for Jackson this year then.

adamcaplan: BB: Totally, they are tied together. MIN traded up to get him

stevemfpayne: How about Peppers rumors, will a first-round pick pry him away from Carolina?

adamcaplan: STE: They don't want to trade him.

gomba45: What do you think about Andre Woodson, would he be a good fit?

adamcaplan: GO: No, bad fit for just about every one. Bad throwing motion.

gomba45: OK, thanks Adam

adamcaplan: I could read the ten commandments by the time the ball gets out of his hand.

Section207: Adam, that's faster than Charleton Heston himself ... you're the man!

vneufeld: Did you get a sense about why the Vikings wouldn't want to keep Birk? Is it age?

adamcaplan: VN: That and other issues

gomba45: What's the word on Aqib Talib from Kansas, I heard he is falling?

adamcaplan: GO: HE has a lot of issues off the field.

bbvike: So Adam, best QB fit would be?

adamcaplan: BB: Brohm. WCO QB. Although with Bernard Berrian, they will stretch the field more so Flacco would be interesting.

purplehorns: Will the Purple draft a TE on Day 1?

adamcaplan: PU: As for TE, Jermichael Finley is a nice second-day pick

gomba45: I think Brohm would be the perfect fit, then Booty

adamcaplan: GO: Booty doesn't have the arm

Tyr: Adam, was Manningham's pro day enough to work him back into the first round or are his character/off the field issues keeping him in the late first/early second?

adamcaplan: TY: No way he goes first round. Can't see it

bbvike: Let's hope childress realizes he has to get a young man like Brohm NOW!

NorthernVike: What should the Vikes do to get Brohm, pick at 17?

adamcaplan: NO: I can't see that and have another QB they have to train. The player they take in the first won't sit, I can tell you that.

gomba45: Why not? Let's see what Jackson can do this year then if he falters stick Brohm in

JBrowner47: I'd like to see TJack, then Frerotte getting Brohm ready

bbvike: Are you getting a feel for the Bryant Mckinnie situation?

adamcaplan: BB: Not one way or the other...yet

joey85: Where will Harvey go?

adamcaplan: JO: 15-25 area

Vlibf99: Can Brohm slide to 47?

adamcaplan: VL: Mid-second possibly

supermaz: With all the lack of success over the past decades, I am very leery of the Vikings taking a DE with their first-round pick. Help me come to terms!

adamcaplan: SU: I know what you mean, no need to reach for sure

Tyr: Adam, is there any chance that Devin Thomas becomes the next Troy Williamson?

adamcaplan: TYR: Well. he has a long way to go. Ton of upside. Good run after the catch for WCO. Scouts like that, but coming in right away to play won't happen probably.

joey85: Adam, who do you have the Vikes taking in your mock?

adamcaplan: JO: I do mine the week of the draft.

NorthernVike: At 17, can we take BPA or must we go DE?

adamcaplan: NO: Depends on what DE is there. If there isn't one they could deal out of it

bbvike: Adam, have we improved enough at WR to let it slide till later rounds?

adamcaplan: BB: I'd take a WR later on. For depth, rounds 4-5

Tyr: I just have a bad feeling about Thomas. I always get nervous when players enter the draft with only one good year of work.

adamcaplan: TY: That's why whoever takes him will let him learn first

supermaz: Are the Vikings really contemplating trading McKinnie, and if so who would want him with his possible suspension pending?

adamcaplan: SU: No one would trade for him

JBrowner47: Adam, what about Early Doucet? Where will he go?

adamcaplan: JB: Early second

rayden22: Adam, rumors of Broncos today about wanting to trade down. Anyway the Vikings move up to get the person they want or would it cost them to much?

adamcaplan: RAY: DEN needs so much help that they do need to get extra picks. DEN is only picking 5 spots up

Vlibf99: Den and Minny have worked together in the past.

gomba45: I see the Vikes trading down about six spots and possibly taking Flacco

adamcaplan: Vikings are in an interesting spot. No. 17 you could see them trade up or trade down slightly

bbvike: Adam, bottom line, do you feel Childress and Rick Spielman can make the right choices to win now?

adamcaplan: BB: If they can get an impact DE, that would help

gomba45: Why is 17 an interesting spot?

adamcaplan: GO: Because they could miss out on a solid DE, which could make them want to deal down

Tyr: Adam, if both were available, would you take Merling or Harvey?

adamcaplan: TYR: Merling

Tyr: That's a bit surprising. Thanks.

adamcaplan: The people I respect the most in the NFL tell me he could be the best DE

gomba45: I wouldn't touch Merling with a ten-foot pole

adamcaplan: GO: Why? Keep in mind you're not drafting the player for one season, 8-10 hopefully. Sports hernia injury is basically a 3-month deal

gomba45: And Groves either

Vlibf99: Neither Merling or Harvey aare pure pass rushers, so why all the slurping?

gomba45: True, but look, Merling is a run stopper plain and simple

adamcaplan: VL: How much have you see Merling play? He can rush

Vlibf99: A lot, but his sell is playing the run and pass. The Vikes have struck out twice in a position where a pass rush specialist is needed.

gomba45: And Groves is better for the 3-4

adamcaplan: GO: He's actually a decent pass rusher who can line up at RDE or LDE

gomba45: So can Ray Edwards and Brian Robison, along with Ellis Wyms

adamcaplan: GO: Wyms is really a DT who can play DE if needed.

gomba45: True

tantrictoad: How do you feel about Jordy Nelson in Round 4?

adamcaplan: TA: I had a note in my blog today about him, probably 3rd round now based on recent info

Tyr: I like Nelson. He reminds me of Cris Carter with a little bit of Wes Welker.

adamcaplan: TY: Joe Jurevicius with better speed. Great Senior Bowl week for Nelson.

adamcaplan: Nelson runs better than I thought. No one could cover him during Senior Bowl practices. He had a great combine as well

stevemfpayne: Do you think Ray Edwards is the answer for a pure pass rusher?

adamcaplan: STE: He's not bad, but none of them are really entrenched.

stevemfpayne: I just thought he showed promise

gomba45: I still think Langford in the third for the Vikes

adamcaplan: GO: He's not a starter

rayden22: Do you see anymore action taken in the draft about getting a competition for T-Jack or do think with the new issue on the O-line is taking precedence?

adamcaplan: RAY: My sense is they will get a QB before the draft is over. No idea how high yet

JODakota: Some posters here think the Vikes will trade Chester, what do you think?

adamcaplan: JO: Doubt it, they really don't want to. Need that insurance

JODakota: That's what I have been saying, but some here want Chester gone

adamcaplan: JO: Wouldn't make any sense. Peterson will get hurt. He runs so hard and needs to get out of bounds

gomba45: thanks

supermaz: Peterson is in reality Clark Kent, ADAM!!!

NorthernVike: Do you think the Vikes plan to move Ryan Cook to center at some point?

adamcaplan: NO: Not unless they have no choice

Travis34: do you see the vikings taking a first day Reciever

tantrictoad: Any chance Antoine Winfield will end up like Troy Vincent and switching to safety in the twilight of his career?

adamcaplan: TA: Yes, he could play that.

adamcaplan: BTW, I'll be on PA and Dubay at 10:20 a.m. CST on Friday. Sirius Friday night at 8-11 pm EST, channel 124

gomba45: OK, thanks Adam

NorthernVike: Thanks … great session

adamcaplan: Later all

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