Chris Steuber Draft Chat subscribers continued to get more input on the draft possibilities with draft analyst Chris Steuber. See what Steuber had to say about the early- and mid-round possibilities, as well as a few value-pick quarterbacks in the late rounds.

vikingfan50219: Welcome. If we do pick either best athlete or an O-lineman, who would be a good round 2 DE?

csteuber: VikingFan: A good second-round DE would be Lawrence Jackson. He's similar to Phillip Merling, but a little less upside. I think Jackson has peaked and he's just a solid player.

gomba45: Do you think the Vikings will draft Merling or will they go Brian Brohm or Gosder Cherilus?

csteuber: Gomba: I think Merling is the perfect fit for the Vikings defense. He's a very good all-around DE with great upside. I think Brohm is a possibility for the Vikings. He fits Childress' offense extremely well.

gomba45: I am hoping Brohm; there are plenty of good DE in the later rounds

Blaze326326: If you had to decide between DE Phiillup Merling and DE Derrick Harvey, which would be your pick and why?

csteuber: Blaze: I'd go with Harvey. Premier pass rushers are hard to come by and Harvey has the ability to be an elite pass rusher. Merling is solid, but he's better against the run than he is as a pass rusher. But I think Harvey will be off the board.

tomwarner49: Hi, Chris. What round do you think is a good one to target a TE and who do you like?

csteuber: Tom Warner: I'd go after a TE in round 3 or 4. You can get some quality in the mid-rounds. Brad Cottam (Tennessee) and Craig Stevens (California) are two that are moving up the boards. Kellen Davis is also a possibility.

gomba45: I heard Merling is just a run-stopping DE and Harvey is a better fit for a 3-4

gomba45: How is Merling a good fit for the Vikes?

csteuber: Gomba: Merling is a good fit because he hasn't reached his full potential. I think he can develop into a solid pass rusher and that will happen in time. He's tremendous against the run and when he learns better technique he will improve his pass rushing.

Blaze326326: Any chance in trading up to get DE Vernon Gholston?

csteuber: Blaze: I don't see how the Vikings could move up to get Gholston.

gomba45: What do you think about Colt Brennen and where do you see him fit?

csteuber: Gomba: I really like Colt Brennan. I think everyone is always out to find the negative with him and they ignore the positives. He has a lot going for him. He's extremely accurate and has a good arm. He doesn't have the strongest arm, but he's confident and displays great touch. I think he will be a mid-rounder and become a quality starter.

kloosf16: Any players falling away from the Vikes for character issues or bad interviews?

csteuber: Kloosf16: The only players who are considered first-round picks that have some character questions are: Darren McFadden, Aqib Talib and Mario Manningham. I don't see any of those players on the Vikings wish list to begin with.

vikingfan50219: Is Harvey worth trading with Denver and give them back their 3rd round pick to get Harvey?

csteuber: VikingFan: I think Harvey is going to be a very good pass rusher. He's a bit streaky and he gets his sacks in bunches, but he can impact a game. I'd make a move for him.

Blaze326326: Where to you think QB Joe Flacco will get picked, and do the Vikes have a chance to get him in the 2nd?

csteuber: Blaze: I think Flacco will be an early-to-mid second-round pick. I think the Vikes have a shot at him.

Vikadan11: If the Vikings take a WR this year, any idea who and where?

csteuber: Vikadan: It's hard to say where the Vikings will target a receiver in the draft, but I don't see it being on day one.

VikingDave: Is Chris Williams a possibility in round one?

gomba45: I am hoping for them to get James Hardy or Manningham in the second

gomba45: Would Brennan be a good fit for the WCO and the Vikes?

csteuber: Gomba: Brennan played in a West Coast Offense in high school. He's familiar with it and his game translates well to that offense. He's extremely accurate on intermediate routes and leads his receivers.

JBrowner47: Chris, the Vikes are going to have to get a center, who and what round?

csteuber: JBrowner: I think the Vikings first two picks will be on defense; I think they could get a center in round three or four.

Blaze326326: I see WR Malcolm Kelly was not happy in not being able to run on Astroturf. Will his slow time hurt him and what are the chances the Vikes select him? Maybe now he will drop some.

csteuber: Blaze: Kelly is the best WR in the draft; I don't care how fast he ran. He's a big receiver and he's not going to run a 4.3 or a 4.4. He runs fast on gamedays and that's all that matters. I think he should still be a top-15 pick. He's too talented, but he has to be healthy.

Vikadan11: Will Quentin Groves fall out of the first after he underwent surgery to treat Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome in his heart on March 27.

csteuber: Vikaden: I think Groves will drop into the second round.

Vikadan11: Thanks

JBrowner47: Chris, who do you see the Vikes going after to replace Matt Birk eventually? Birk appears to be in his last year here

csteuber: JBrowner: I could see the Vikings drafting Steven Justice (Wake Forest) or John Sullivan (Notre Dame).

JBrowner47: Will Sullivan last till the 4th?

csteuber: JBrowner: I think Sullivan will be there in the fourth.

Blaze326326: So it's probably a DE or OT in the 1st, and either a S or a OT in the 2nd

csteuber: Blaze: Yes, I could see DE and S in the first two rounds.

vikingfan50219: Are there any good 5th- to 6th-round QBs that could possibly turn out like Brady?

csteuber: VikingFan: Brady is a once-in-a-lifetime situation. But I like Colt Brennan, Kevin O'Connell and Paul Smith.

VikingDave: Jordy Nelson?

Blaze326326: Will Kelly last until #17 in the 1st?

csteuber: Blaze: I still project Kelly to be selected by the Bills. That could change in my final mock draft, but as of now I'm sticking with that. He could be available to the Vikes and that would be interesting.

Blaze326326: Any word on Bryant McKinnie's situation, and is it possible to trade McKinnie and move up in the draft. I suppose no one would want him because of his legal issues, but many players have had issues like T.O. and Randy Moss and others.

csteuber: Blaze: I don't see the Vikings trading McKinnie; he's valuable when he has everything together.

JBrowner47: Could Kenny Phillips fall to our 2nd-round pick?

csteuber: JBrowner: I can't see Phillips lasting that long. He's way too talented. He will be a late first rounder.

VikingDave: Is DuJuan Morgan for real?

csteuber: VikingDave: Morgan looks good; really good. He's strong and a good tackler. He has to cover better, but that will come with more experience. Remember, he left NC State as a junior. He's young.

Blaze326326: As far as WR speed, Cris Carter was not all that fast, but he is a hall of famer. He had outstanding ball skills. So maybe Kelly falls into that category.

VikingDave: What about Kyle Wright in the seventh round?

csteuber: VikingDave: Kyle Wright was my sleeper QB. I like him. He was very inconsistent in college, but he has a lot of talent. The right system and coaching could give him confidence to be the player he was supposed to be.

vikwetzel: Chris, what kind of chance is there that they will trade down and draft like a Quentin Groves?

csteuber: Vikwetzel: It's hard to predict trades in the second round. I think if the Vikings don't draft a DE in round one, they will grab one in round two.

JBrowner47: Do you think Wright will be better than O'Connell?

csteuber: JBrowner: O'Connell has a lot of talent and has the look of a very good QB. Wright has to go back to the fundamentals and reclaim his game. They both have potential and I think Wright will be the better player.

kloosf16: Do the Vikes have a good team assembled for draft strategy or was last year just a fluke? Do they have a good plan for this year?

csteuber: Kloosf16: It all depends on how the board shakes out and then we'll all decide on how their draft plan went.

Blaze326326: How about a center or OT in the 3rd? Do you think this will be Birk's last year?

csteuber: Blaze: Birk is a stud. He's been so good for so many years. He still has some good football in him, but drafting a center is a good idea.

JBrowner47: Calais Campbell will be drafted about where?

csteuber: JBrowner: I think Calais Campbell will be drafted anywhere from No. 19 - No. 27

vikwetzel: Have you heard any other possibilities besides the O-line and D-line that could be a possible first-round pick?

csteuber: Vikwetzel: I think other than those positions, drafting Kenny Phillips is a possibility.

vikingspub: A few more questions and we'll let Chris catch up and get going.

nordicvike: Short list of 2nd round DEs they would target?

csteuber: Nordicvike: Cliff Avril, Lawrence Jackson, Quentin Groves and Chris Ellis are second-round possibilities.

Blaze326326: Who do you see falling as far as the top-name players and who is on the rise?

csteuber: Blaze: Players falling: Jonathan Stewart (just a little bit), Malcolm Kelly (just a little bit), Kenny Phillips. Rising: Jeff Otah, Branden Albert and Keith Rivers.

VikingDave: What do you think of Donnie Avery?

csteuber: Viking Dave: I like Donnie Avery, but he has to catch the ball consistently. He's too erratic. He has great speed; probably a third rounder.

Blaze326326: Any word on DE Jason Taylor, and might we trade for him?

csteuber: Blaze: I think Jason Taylor will stay in Miami.

JBrowner47: Who would you compare Campbell to? I was thinking Alonzo Spellman

csteuber: JBrowner: I think Campbell could be a monster, if he's focused. I don't think he really compares to anyone. He has unique size.

TheDecoder: Should the Vikes trade down?

csteuber: The Decoder: It all depends on the board and who's available.

Blaze326326: Might the Vikes trade up a few spots like 3 or 4?

csteuber: Blaze: It all depends on the board and if they fear a player won't be around at No. 17.

vikwetzel: I heard the name Mike Jenkins being floated around with the possible 17th pick.

csteuber: Vikwetzel: It's possible to draft Jenkins; that's a value pick.

Blaze326326: I think we must be drawing to a close here, Chris. Thanks for your time and your insights.

VikingDave: Campbell has UPSIDE

JBrowner47: Thanks as usual Chris...always great getting your view on the draft.

csteuber: Hey guys, I appreciate it... I'll talk to you next week.

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