What About Brohm?

The Vikings brought in quarterback Brian Brohm for a predraft visit, but does that mean they are seriously considering him with the 17th pick? They may not even have that option, as several other teams ahead of them are in need of a quarterback, making Brohm one of the more interesting stories to watch on April 26.

With the draft less than two weeks away, perhaps no player could be as important to the Vikings' eventual selection in the first round than quarterback Brian Brohm.

The quarterback position has been a fickle one on draft day in this decade. Matt Leinart and Ben Roethlisberger slipped to the 10th and 11th picks in their respective drafts. Aaron Rodgers and Brady Quinn have made for some of the more uncomfortable draft-day moments in recent years as well with their draft-day freefalls. There are no guarantees where quarterbacks will be taken.

Matt Ryan remains the popular choice to be the first quarterback off the board. He could be considered by Miami at the first pick. The Falcons could use a new face to their troubled franchise. The Chiefs look pretty dismal at the QB sport. And the Ravens could use a franchise-type guy like Ryan if he should fall all the way to No. 8.

But what about Brohm?

If Ryan does go to Atlanta or Kansas City, Brohm could be a possibility to Baltimore at No. 8. Beyond that, the Panthers or Bears could have a difficult time passing on him. However, they both have short-term answers at QB and, considering they have both struggled since representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, have more pressing short-term, immediate needs.

If neither of them makes a move at QB, there is a very good chance Brohm would be available when the Vikings pick. Some scouts believe he is as far along in his progress as a quarterback as Peyton Manning was when he came out of Tennessee and went to the Colts 10 years ago. Would the Vikings consider Brohm?

You would think it would have to be a possibility. But what would that do the maturation of Tarvaris Jackson? He would still be the No. 1 guy coming into training camp – Brohm would likely start at No. 3 behind Jackson and Gus Frerotte. But where would Jackson's confidence level be at? A first-round pick on a QB would be sending the clear message to Jackson to put up immediately or his job will in jeopardy the first time he stumbles. It's hard to get the best out of a QB when that happens.

It could become the question of the draft for the Vikings and a couple of others teams like the Panthers or Bears – what if Brohm is a franchise QB and we passed on him? Head coaching jobs could be on the line as a result. Some might hope that, of the Falcons, Ravens and Panthers, two of those teams want to commit to a QB. If not, the Vikings war room might be forced to ask the question, "What About Brohm?"

  • The "NFL Draft Special!" issue (their exclamation point) of ESPN The Magazine is on the streets and it would seem the marketing of Adrian Peterson has stepped up. On the inside cover is a three-page foldout ad for Nike Sparq running shoes. In the ad, Peterson is running on a practice field pulling a parachute behind him. The ad tells readers to be like A.D. and they, too, can become better athletes. On the very next page, Peterson is joined by fellow Rookies of the Year Ryan Braun of Major League Baseball and Brandon Roy of the NBA. The three are touting the virtues of Muscle Milk, a nutritional shake that comes in tantalizing Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Strawberries ‘N Cream varieties. Fortunately for Peterson, his likeness stopped there. The next ad that could have featured Peterson was telling guys to "Be a Man" and buy Trojan condoms.

  • In the non-advertising portion of the NFL Draft Special! issue, current ESPN draft golden boy Todd McShay has the Vikings taking cornerback Mike Jennings. Long-time analyst with the unchanging hairstyle – why mess with perfection? – Mel Kiper Jr. has the Vikings taking defensive end Phillip Merling. The fans, who voted on-line to take players off the board, selected wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

  • In more Peterson marketing news, still photos of another ad campaign have surfaced on the Internet. The photos were taken last Monday as part of a commercial shoot. Peterson is carrying a bottle of Vitamin Water while wearing an astronaut suit, joined by Brian Urlacher, Dwight Howard, David Ortiz and 50 Cent. We never did catch what Fiddy's 40-time was at the Combine.

  • From the Draft Speculation Department comes this: The Indianapolis Colts have scheduled pre-draft visits with wide receivers Mario Manningham and Early Doucet. This has opened speculation that Marvin Harrison's days with the Colts, especially at his age and salary, may be numbered.

  • You have to love the marketing side of the NFL. The lounge area at Soldier Field has for many years been called the Cadillac Club. That all changed this weekend, when the Bears signed a seven-year naming rights agreement with United Airlines for the post-game lounge area. Not only that, the deal is rumored to be in the multi-million range. Not too shabby. What's next? The Steak-n-Shake Parking Lot?

  • The Cowboys are said to be close to locking down a naming rights deal for their new stadium with AT&T. If it happens, it will likely be the richest naming rights deal to date.

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