Adam Caplan Draft Chat Transcript's Adam Caplan offered his insights to subscribers on the Vikings' draft needs and which players are a better fit for them. See what questions were asked and Caplan's rapid-fire responses.

adamcaplan: Hi, everyone

Tyr: Hey Adam

gomba45: Hey, Adam, what do you think of the comment made by John David Booty, about him wanting to play for the Vikes and Adrian Peterson ... and how would he fit into the Vikes system?

adamcaplan: GO: Booty is a West Coast Offense QB. I talked to him about that at the Senior Bowl, but they don't need a backup type like him. He's not seen as a starter at the next level.

Proudhorn: Do you think Jason Jones (DE E Michigan) would be a good fit for us?

adamcaplan: PR: Probably better for 3-4

viklover: My personal feeling is that the Vikes will go OL in the first round. What's your opinion on those positions?

adamcaplan: VIK: Depends who is on the board. If the right DE is there, that's their pick

Tyr: With 10 days left before the draft, what is your gut feeling about what the Vikings will do in the first round?

adamcaplan: TY: Depends who is there really. There are about 5-10 players they like in that area, but only a few that they probably would pull the trigger on

gomba45: I still think it's gonna be Brian Brohm

adamcaplan: GO: I'd be shocked if it's Brohm

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what is your opinion of WR Earl Bennett, and do you think the Vikes have any interest in him?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Decent mid-rounder. WCO type of WR, good RAC (run after catch).

Tyr: Thanks.

Vikadan11: Adam, do you see a QB in round 2 or 3 that the Vikings might take a shot at?

adamcaplan: VIK: Brian Brohm or Chad Henne. Joe Flacco will be long gone

thorlo: AC, are any of the DEs NOT a reach at 17? Can any of these guys give us 8-10 sacks in their first year?

adamcaplan: TH: Derrick Harvey, Phillip Merling would be solid picks there

viklover: What's your opinion on the assistant coaches on the Vikes' staff?

adamcaplan: VIK: Pretty good coaches. Whether Brad Childress is willing to listen to them for the draft is another issue entirely.

viklover: How does that affect their draft strategy?

adamcaplan: VIK: I don't know if they do or don't. But the point is they are good coaches and the hope is that Childress is willing to take their input

viklover: Are you saying that they have little input?

adamcaplan: VIK: I say that because some veteran players don't believe he's willing to listen to them. To hope is to assume he doesn't.

viklover: Interesting

stevemfpayne: Adam, any chance we draft Merling with the 17th and package a 2nd and 3rd pick to grab Campbell in the first?

adamcaplan: STEVE: There are chances of them trading down if the right DE is gone

Tyr: Adam, which players do you think we'd target in a trade down scenario?

adamcaplan: TY: DE, that would be a better value later in the first

gomba45: Adam, what's going on with Kenny Phillips? Is he falling out of the first round?

adamcaplan: GO: No reason he wouldn't go in the first

TheDecoder: The Vikes have 9 picks (assuming no trades). What positions will be filled by these 9 choices, including multiple picks at one position?

adamcaplan: THE: WR, OLT, C, DE (2), SS, CB depth. Possibly QB.

Tyr: So trading down and drafting Campbell would be better than picking up Merling?

adamcaplan: TY: Nope. Merling is a solid pick at #17

Tyr: Thanks, I wish I could convince myself of that, but he still scares me that high in the draft.

viklover: Quentin Groves ... early second-round talent or overrated?

adamcaplan: VIK: Second round is the right target area for him

stevemfpayne: Adam, does Tony Hill have good value in the 3rd. It seems he has been on the decline on most draft boards, given his injury history.

adamcaplan: STEV: No, he'll go somewhere later on the second day

Vikadan11: Adam, are you hearing anything about how the Vikings are feeling about Tarvaris Jackson this season?

adamcaplan: VIK: Childress is happy with his progress, but I'll say this, if his mechanics don't improve, he has no chance to be consistent.

Vikadan11: Adam are you seeing what Chilly is seeing in Jackson – he still worries me from what I saw last season?

adamcaplan: VIK: I don't, but I give Childress credit for all the work he's doing with him. Whether it will pay off is another issue.

adamcaplan: If you saw the Monday night game with ESPN last season, Ron Jaworski did a great job of breaking him down with the mechanics.

viklover: I see a situational pass rusher, and linebacker depth with Groves.

adamcaplan: VIK: They have to get two DEs somehow. One has to play right away.

gomba45: Adam, what do you think of the Vikings drafting?

adamcaplan: GO: They have drafted quite well the last two seasons.

thorlo: Adam, how on earth can we TRADE UP to draft a QB that throws one-legged jump passes and has absolutely no pocket presence? What specifically, Adam, did Brad see in him that enamored him so with T-Jack?

adamcaplan: TH: You hit on the jump passes, that will never work long term. That's a really bad issue. It opens up his shoulder and he can't get torque into his throws. A scout pointed that out to me at the Combine. We'll see how he does in his second year as a full-time starter

Rattz67: Any word on what the Vikes will do with OT situation with Bryant McKinnie?

adamcaplan: RAT: They will let the legal process work that out, but don't be surprised if they select a LT in the first three rounds

joey85: If Brohm is there at 17, do you think the Vikes will seriously consider him?

adamcaplan: JO: Not a chance. Would make no sense for several reasons.

Rattz67: What about center situation with Matt Birk?

adamcaplan: RAT: He won't be back in 2009 is what I believe will happen. I'd give him a 20% chance of coming back

joey85: Any word on what it will take to get Jason Taylor?

adamcaplan: JO: Second

Rattz67: Will they try to trade Birk on or before draft?

adamcaplan: RAT: I doubt it. They don't have anyone to replace him, that's the problem. It seems they don't want to move Ryan Cook over unless they have to

Rattz67: I'd rather not move Cook either

adamcaplan: I think it also says something about Marcus Johnson. Too bad as he was highly touted coming into the draft

joey85: Adam, where do you see Harvey ending up?

adamcaplan: JO: It could be very close to #17. That's the problem, there are a lot of teams that need Des.

joey85: I think Carolina or Detroit at 15

adamcaplan: DET, CAR, BUF, NO, CIN

viklover: I still go back to offensive line in the first round...Good point about Johnson.

herrmannator: What do you think Chris Williams vs. Phillip Merling at 17?

adamcaplan: HER: Both fine picks, but the need is at DE. Williams also may not be ready to play right away. Needs to get stronger. More of a finesse tackle

Tyr: Adam, what is the outlook for Cook's future? You already mentioned that he's not being looked at as a center anymore and he seems to be average at best at RT. Does he have any potential to be anything more than average or are we wasting our time with him at RT?

adamcaplan: TY: RT still because of his size. But yes, they could use an upgrade there

gomba45: What do you think of the receiver from Michigan State that's rising up the draft boards? I forget his name.

Proudhorn: Devin Thomas

adamcaplan: GO: Developmental WR. Probably not ready to start. Good for WCO. Good size, RAC.

gomba45: So why is he rising so fast?

adamcaplan: GO: Big upside. Teams are willing to develop WRs, not RBs since they have a shorter shelf life

stevemfpayne: I think Chilly is content with the WR corps.

adamcaplan: Steve: They could use one more developmental guy. Robert Ferguson is a one-year deal and who knows about Aundrae Allison?

viklover: Do you think they will draft a TE to push Visanthe Shiancoe?

adamcaplan: VIK: less than 50-50. He's in a do-or-die scenario though.

thorlo: Adam, is there any way the Vikings can contend being so underwhelming at the two positions you must have in order the win a championship? We are the exact opposite of the Giants. Good QB play in the playoffs and an excellent D-line got them a ring. Can we contend with NO pass rush and mediocre QB play?

adamcaplan: TH: If the QB play improves significantly, they will be in the playoffs. Easier said than done though

thorlo: No doubt

herrmannator: There seems to be some Jared Allen-type DEs later – Jason Jones.

adamcaplan: HERM: There is good mid-round value at DE, but the issue is if he's a 3-4 OLB or undersized 4-3 DE. Better fit for Colts though

manntech8: Adam, what do you think of the Vikes going after a prospect like Josh Johnson?

adamcaplan: MAN: Solid mid-rounder

iobanks: DE first and QB second round?

adamcaplan: IO: Could be. Makes sense

herrmannator: Does Colt Brennan make it all the way down to round 6? Met him, really like him.

adamcaplan: HER: That area. He's more of an Arena League QB

iobanks: Adam, what's the diff between Merling & Harvey? Heard different opinions.

adamcaplan: IO: Harvey may be the better pass rusher, Merling better all-around DE

Tyr: Adam, what do you think the Vikings will do with their two third-round picks?

adamcaplan: TY: Depends who they get in the first two rounds

vikingspub: A couple more and we'll let Adam get rolling.

iobanks: Do you think the Vikes will be involved in any trades?

adamcaplan: IO: IF the players they want aren't there early, yes

Vikadan11: Adam if the Vikings don't draft a good QB this year and Jackson falls flat, how do the QBs look in 2009

adamcaplan: VIK: They will draft a QB in the first in 2009 if Jackson is bad this season or they will draft a QB in rounds 2-3 this season

joey85: If you had to guess right now, Adam, who is your pick at #17?

adamcaplan: JO: Ask me next week. That's when I usually pinpoint what they will do. You saw how I got all of their free agency stuff before anyone had any idea.

JBrowner47: Adam, how far will the kid from Wisconsin fall. CB Ikegweonu?

adamcaplan: JB: 3-4th area

iobanks: You are awesome, Adam, thanks for your time.

thorlo: Thank you, AC.

Tyr: Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll say about the draft next week.

adamcaplan: BTW, I'll be on PA and Dubay 10:20 am CST Friday. Sirius 7-10 pm CST Friday.

Rattz67: Thanks again for the time!

stevemfpayne: Thanks, Adam, always a pleasure

adamcaplan: Later

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