Allen Arrives

Jared Allen arrived at Winter Park Friday morning. Here is the latest we're hearing.

Jared Allen, the NFL's sack leader from 2007 arrived at Winter Park at about 11:05 a.m. this morning in a black stretch limousine and a league source tells us that his agent, Ken Harris, is also at Winter Park as the Vikings enter into contract negotiations to obtain Allen.

The most difficult part about acquiring Allen, who has the non-exclusive franchise tag, may not be getting parameters of a contract done with him but rather working out a deal that satisfies the Chiefs' expectations in return.

The Vikings offered a first- and a third-round pick for Allen earlier, a source tells us, but the Chiefs are believed to be seeking more or better picks. It's uncertain if substituting the third-round pick with a second-rounder would be enough to complete the deal.

A league source also tells us that at least three other teams have entered into the fray with interest in Allen as well, but the Vikings are believed to have the most to offer to both the Chiefs and Allen. According to Nick Athan of, the Chiefs site on the network, it would likely take a "wow offer" in draft-pick compensation to get Kansas City to finalize a trade for Allen.

But if the Chiefs decide that they don't want to let go of Allen for a first- and second-round pick (or even more), the Vikings could consider foregoing the sign-and-trade route and instead pay a heavier price and sign Allen to an offer sheet. If they don't work out a trade, with Allen being a franchised player, the Vikings would have to be willing to give up two first-round picks, sign Allen to an offer sheet and the Chiefs would then have seven days to match the offer. However, that offer sheet would have to be signed by Allen and approved by the league by tomorrow – seven days before the NFL draft begins.

Under that scenario, if the Chiefs declined to match the long-term offer, they would receive the Vikings' two first-round picks over the next two years.

With all the serious, contract technical stuff out of the way, below is a fan's video take on Jared Allen.

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