Adam Caplan Draft Chat Transcript's Adam Caplan stopped by a busy chat room Tuesday night and talked a little Jared Allen trade (before it was announced), but the conversation focused on the draft and the Vikings' current roster. See what Caplan had to see about areas of need and potential picks to fill them.

CanadaVike: Hi, Adam.

srommes: Adam, where do we go with picks 2 and 3?

adamcaplan: SR: You may see a safety in the second. Tyrell Johnson from Arkansas State. Really good upside safety

StraightPurple: What about trading Bryant McKinnie?

adamcaplan: ST: They can't trade him. No one wants him.

sdcavikesfan: Where do you expect the Vikings to pick up a developmental QB if they are going to?

adamcaplan: SD: I keep hearing they are seriously backing Tarvaris Jackson, so they may not take one as early as first thought

Tyr: If the Allen deal falls through, then what do you see the Vikings doing in the first round?

adamcaplan: TY: Phillip Merling's workout will help solve that, but my sense is they want the pass rusher in Derrick Harvey. But Merling probably is the better long-term player.

HireLurts: With Madieu Williams and Michael Boulware on the team, won't they look at O-line or WR as opposed to safety in round 2?

Tyr: Boulware is an athlete, but he's really no better than Tank Williams.

winnersd: What are we going to do for a QB?

adamcaplan: WIN: Again, they like Jackson enough not to go for a QB in the second. Not saying it won't happen, but it may not be the priority that many first thought.

sdcavikesfan: Wouldn't it be a smart thing to have something in case Jackson does not pan out, though?

adamcaplan: SD: I agree on that. But they will see what QBs are there in the second and third. They really do want to get Darren Sharper's replacement in the fold. He won't be playing much longer.

VikingK: Boulware is a good special teams player. Almost everyone of the lesser free agents the Vikes signed is good on special teams.

adamcaplan: Boulware is a marginal backup, nothing more. He had major coverage problems in SEA. Remember he played OLB in college.

Tyr: Adam, how do you think Tyrell Johnson projects in our defense?

adamcaplan: TY: Terrific player. Can play SS or FS.

jwdalle: Hi, Adam. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us. What WR in this draft would make an ideal No. 3/slot for us and what round could we get him in?

adamcaplan: JW: They don't need a slot WR, that's Bobby Wade.

adamcaplan: Read my notes tomorrow; I'll put in every player that fits what they're looking for.

CanadaVike: Adam, I agree with your assessment between Merling and Harvey. The thing that concerns me about Harvey the most is his personality. He is a VERY lazy, lethargic kid. He keeps talking that he has made it. In my eyes, he hasn't made anything just yet.

adamcaplan: CAN: I actually agree that Merling is the better player. In fact, if you asked 10 GMs, they might agree.

StraightPurple: They need a No. 1 WR. Bernard Berrian is not it.

adamcaplan: ST: They are paying him to be.

adamcaplan: They could use a developmental WR.

StraightPurple: Limas Sweed. Someone with some size that can go up get balls.

winnersd: I agree with the developmental WR.

CanadaVike: Adam, do you think Visanthe Shiancoe will step it up and become a player for us this year, or is this a position of need for us?

adamcaplan: I'm very interested to see what, if anything, they do at TE. I keep hearing they won't do anything, but Childress is on the line with Shiancoe, so he will give him every chance to succeed. I don't think he's anything special to be honest.

jkpisch2: Adam, I like Martellus Bennett. Do you think he will be available in round 2? Do you think he is a good player?

adamcaplan: JK: He should be there, but my sense is they won't take a TE if at all that high.

Tyr: Adam, assuming that the Vikings add either Allen or Harvey and Tyrell Johnson, what do you see them doing on day two of the draft?

adamcaplan: TY: There are some safeties that would be good second-rounders like Johnson. DaJuan Morgan is another one.

babyc42: Adam, what if Brian Brohm falls into the second round and is available for us to take. Childress passes on him??

adamcaplan: BA: That's a good question. I would say depends who else is there, if a good safety or DE is there.

babyc42: I keep thinking that that is what is going to happen for some reason

zer0effect: You know, looking forward to drafts I just am not as impressed with the players as I was in past years. Is it me or is this draft not showing any talents with huge upsides like previous years or is it where we are picking?

adamcaplan: ZER: This isn't a really good first-round draft.

CanadaVike: I don't think that the Vikes could go wrong with either Johnson or Morgan in the 2nd round.

adamcaplan: CA: Yep, both are highly rated around the league

Tyr: Do you still think that the Vikings will go after two DEs, whether it be through the draft and/or trades?

adamcaplan: TY: Let's put Allen to the side, they have to get at least one and hopefully two.

HireLurts: Any thoughts on Quentin Groves?

adamcaplan: HI: If he makes it to them in the second, they would have to take him. Groves could go late first. He has a wide area where he could go

sdcavikesfan: Adam, if the Allen trade falls apart, do they go after Jason Taylor?

adamcaplan: SD: I think they will call MIA regardless this week or weekend. Just to see what MIA is going to do.

HireLurts: What will Miami settle for Taylor?

adamcaplan: HI: Probably a high second.

VikingK: If they get Jared Allen I'm happy with the rest of the DE's I like Brian Robison

zer0effect: What are your thoughts on Robison? I thought after watching him he was going to be huge. Also, Aundrae Allison in training camp he seemed to catch everything. Is he in the doghouse?

Tyr: We could still use a bit of a base end to rotate in on running downs. He wouldn't need to be a high pick, but just someone a little more stout against the run than Edwards.

adamcaplan: Talented developmental DE. He's good enough to be in a four-man rotation certainly.

CanadaVike: I like Robison too

adamcaplan: I want to see Ray Edwards be more consistent

sdcavikesfan: Do you think there is any possibility we pick them both up by maybe signing Allen to an offer sheet after the draft and using a second round for Taylor?

adamcaplan: SD: No. I can't see that. They want one impact guy

Tyr: Robison can be an edge rusher on the left side and I don't think it would be the end of the world if Edwards played some LE. We need to get after the passer and I'd be willing to sarcrifice some run defense to do that.

babyc42: Adam, talk to me about Rufus Alexander. Can we expect anything from him?

adamcaplan: BA: Other than a backup/special teamer, no

zer0effect: How about Allison as a wideout?

adamcaplan: ZE: He has a long way to go. Upside is there, but he needs a lot of work

CanadaVike: Adam, do you have any developmental QBs that the Vikes have an interest in? I heard that they like the kid from Tulsa...

adamcaplan: CA: Keep an eye on Kevin O'Connell. Big-arrmed QB, fourth-round area. See, I think if they don't take a QB in the second that's the area where they do it. I actually believe Childress. He really wants to give Jackson a chance

CanadaVike: Thank you...

adamcaplan: If it was me, I'd take a QB in the second. I don't trust Jackson from what I saw last season. He has some real issues mechanically

HireLurts: How about Colt Brennan in the 6th or 7th...good tutelage under June Jones

Tyr: Adam, do you have any idea if St. Louis leaning towards Dorsey or Long?

jwdalle: Adam whats' your opinion – fill team need or BPA for a draft strategy?

adamcaplan: JW: BPA at the position of need.

babyc42: I was asking about Brohm. Joe Flacco will be there too (in the second).

adamcaplan: BA: Flacco is the better QB, no question. But as for system, you can make the case for Brohm. Better WCO fit

CanadaVike: Honestly, with the addition of Berrian, another year under his belt, and our running game, do you feel Jackson will step up and have a DECENT year?

VikingK: Adam. Don't you feel that some of your complaints about Jackson are just the things a young QB needs to work out?

adamcaplan: VI: Not exactly. The jump passes are a bad problem. That must be corrected.

VikingK: Except for Jay Cutler, I would not say that anyone from his draft class is way ahead of him right now.

adamcaplan: VI: I really like Cutler. Flacco is similar. Great arm, looks down the gun barrel type of QB. Stands in there and throws

adamcaplan: You have to see Flacco play up close as I did to understand.

HireLurts: My take was Jackson was being overcoached to stay in the pocket too long, forcing those jump passes...vs. Denver he tucked it and bought time or ran...showed signs that he could be the man

zeroeffect: Where do you think Chad Henne will go?

adamcaplan: ZE: Mid second area. I don't believe those reports of late first. He's not special at all. I do like him but he has no special qualities

Tyr: Adam, do you know which center prospect the Vikings would like to develop as Birk's replacement?

jwdalle: How many times did u see on film Jackson throw "jump passes?"

adamcaplan: JW: Way too much, and one pass like that is enough. Show me another QB that does that.

srommes: Adam, do you think the reason the Vikes are standing pat with T-Jack is because they plan on making a run at McNabb next year if T-Jack fails this year?

adamcaplan: SR: No, again, they could take a QB as early as the second, but it's not a certainty at all like others believe it is.

HireLurts: Why aren't the Vikes re-signing Birk? Off the field or on the field reasons? And is John Sullivan of Notre Dame a possibility in the draft for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: HI: If you read my report from the owners meetings, they just don't think he's worth it for 2-3 more years.

CMDRQ: Do you think they will ever let T.J. just play football instead of telling him don't do this, don't do that and screwing him up?

adamcaplan: CM: They are letting him play. He just needs to play more.

babyc42: Adam, will there be a dropoff at FB this year with Thomas Tapeh? I was surprised at that move

adamcaplan: BA: Yes, I can't believe they signed him and didn't want Tony Richardson.

vikingspub: A couple more questions and we'll let Adam go.

adamcaplan: Tapeh is more athletic, I will grant you that. But what are they looking for from that position?

Tyr: Richardson was a good player, but he missed a lot of time due to injuries last year. I like T-Rich a lot, but I just don't think he has a full season left in him.

VikingK: This year they seemed to put a premium on guys who would play special teams.

babyc42: Yeah, but T-Rich is a Pro Bowl FB. I couldn't believe it either. They are just looking for someone to smash people and get them out of the way

adamcaplan: Ba: Tapeh isn't it. I'm told the Eagles had no interest in bringing him back. No contract offered

babyc42: That is interesting

adamcaplan: So, again, I don't know what the Vikings saw, but we'll have to trust their film study. They know more than I do.

HireLurts: But Tapeh is more of a running threat than T-Rich, making them a little less predictable with a FB in the game

adamcaplan: HI: You don't sign a FB to run with Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. Let's get serious

VikingK: So now Richardson is part of the Jets youth movement?

adamcaplan: VI: That could be it, younger. But jeez, they can't say he's better than T-Rich. Oh well

srommes: Let's be honest, Tapeh was signed because Childress was familiar with him and, who knows, maybe his MN connection.

babyc42: Thank you very much, Adam. This was awesome.

adamcaplan: BTW, I'm on PA and Dubay for two segments on Friday, 10:20 CST. And Sirius channel 124 Thursday, Friday 7-10 pm CST. Mock draft show Thursday night. Call in.

Tyr: Thanks Adam.

adamcaplan: Later all

CanadaVike: Thank you for all this info Adam...I look forward to the next time!

adamcaplan: Read my notes tomorrow. That's when I put everything out every year.

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