Chris Steuber Draft Chat Transcript

Without a first-round draft pick in 2008, Vikings fans were curious about second- and fourth-round possibilities this weekend. See what NFL draft analyst Chris Steuber had to say about the potential talent in those rounds.

purplemachine: Hi Chris. So where do we go now?

csteuber: Hey guys ... wow, the Vikings made a huge splash

csteuber: They got what they needed, an impact DE

viklover: Excellent move

gomba45: Do you see the Vikes drafting a receiver with their second-round pick?

purplemachine: So where do we go now?

csteuber: I think the Vikings have to look at QB, S, or WR, even TE

draftNick: What about another DE?

csteuber: I think they're good at DE right now, maybe a DE later in the draft

gomba45: Do you think Malcolm Kelly will fall into their laps?

csteuber: I actually think Malcolm Kelly will still be a first-round pick

gomba45: Even though he had poor 40 times?

greatcdnvike: They will draft from his tape!

csteuber: I think Kelly is too talented not to be a first-round pick. He's a 230-pound WR... he's not supposed to run a 4.4.

greatcdnvike: Would they take Chad Henne if he was there?

csteuber: I think Henne, Joe Flacco or Brian Brohn will be the pick if they're there. But I don't think they will be.

herrmannator: Really with depleted draft we have to take solid players who make team

draftNick: Any chance someone like WR DeSean Jackson could fall to the Vikes at round 2?

csteuber: Jackson is a first-round pick.

Vlibf99: Hey, Chris, how does it affect the draft board of the Vikes besides the obvious need for DE being filled.

csteuber: I think the Vikings have needs, as I laid out, and I think they will draft the best player on the board at one of those positions.

draftNick: Who are some return specialists that the Vikes might consider on Day 2?

csteuber: I like Kevin Robinson and Darrell Blackman as day-two return specialists.

viklover: Josh Johnson ... your thoughts.

csteuber: I think Josh Johnson is in the same boat as Tarvaris Jackson is in; he's a developmental QB with a great upside. A team has to be patient with him

greatcdnvike: With all this talent, Tarvaris has to succeed and Childress has to have a backup plan

viklover: Your thoughts on the center position with Matt Birk's situation ...

csteuber: The center position in this draft is OK, not great, but you can get some good quality throughout.

HireLurts: How about Dexter Jackson as a return guy ... combine fastest 40?

viklover: Chris Johnson had the fastest 40.

csteuber: I think Dexter Jackson will be a third-round pick. He's rising and offers a team a quality slot receiver and a dynamic return man.

herrmannator: Do you think Kenny Phillips slides? The shine seems to be fading on mocks?

csteuber: I think Kenny Phillips will be a first-rounder. He will go anywhere from No. 19 - No. 31.

coyote62: Chris, after the top three QBs are gone, who is the most ready to possibly surprise and get playing time at the QB spot?

Vlibf99: Do the Vikes covet anyone of these QBs enough to give us another present – i.e. package picks and move up?

csteuber: John David Booty is a possibility ... he would be a solid pick. Colt Brennan is another possibility and allow him to progress.

csteuber: After my top three QBs ... I don't know if there is a QB that is ready to start right now.

HireLurts: Is there a chance they take Brian Brohm in second?

csteuber: I think the Vikings really like Brian Brohm. I spoke with Brohm and he had a good feeling after meeting the Vikings.

herrmannator: I really like Colt Brennan, met him at an awards banquet and other players flocked to him - it was amazing.

viklover: Brennan is hurt

gomba45: I like Brennan also. I think he would fit in under the WCO perfect

herrmannator: With Brennan hurt, he will slide hopefully to 6/7th for us

csteuber: Brennan is fine; he's recovering extremely well from his surgery.

csteuber: I think Brennan will be drafted anywhere from the 4th round - 6th round.

draftNick: Would the Vikes consider trading their No. 2 pick for Jason Taylor? Getting 2 All Pro DEs with the first four draft picks would be a good draft in my book and the DL would give opponents fits!

csteuber: I don't think the Vikings will bring in another high-priced DE.

HireLurts: With Visanthe Shiancoe being such a bust, do you think John Carlson or Dustin Keller are options in 2?

csteuber: I think tight end is a possibility in round 2; John Carlson, Martellus Bennett and Fred Davis are potential picks.

HireLurts: Adam Caplan likes safety Tyrell Johnson in 2nd, do you agree?

csteuber: Tyrell Johnson is a nice second-round pick. I don't understand why people think he's a first-rounder. I think that's a bit of a reach.

HireLurts: How did Brennan put on 30 lbs. after the Senior Bowl? Legit muscle or just calories

csteuber: I spoke with Colt, actually 20 minutes ago, and he's doing very well and he's up to 218 pounds. After the Senior Bowl he was on a weight-gain diet and basically ate everything in sight.

Viking24: Who's your biggest sleeper pick in the draft?

csteuber: I think the biggest sleeper in this draft is Trevor Scott, DE from Buffalo. He's a former tight end who's been a dominant DE for the last two years.

draftNick: What WR would be good fit for the WCO and a good value at round #2?

csteuber: I think Andre Caldwell and Early Doucet would be ideal for the WCO in the second round.

herrmannator: Where do you see Jerome Simpson or Pierre Garcon?

csteuber: I think Jerome Simpson will be a fifth-rounder; Pierre Garcon a sixth- or seventh-rounder.

HireLurts: So much weight too fast...belly weight? Is Brennan Childress' type of guy?

csteuber: Brennan is a great guy, awesome personality. He would be a hit in Minnesota. I think he's a Childress kind of guy because he's a great competitor. He's deadly accurate on intermediate routes and reads defenses well. He would be a very good fit.

HireLurts: Great tutelage under June Jones fingers are crossed. Will the Vikings hold Brennan's early off-the-field issues against him?

csteuber: No, I think Brennan's off the field issues were resolved in meetings. No worries off the field with him.

Viking24: Do you really think Vikings would consider Brennan?

greatcdnvike: Have the Vikes chatted with Colt?

gomba45: I heard the Vikes talked to Brennan at the Senior Bowl

csteuber: Brennan met with the Vikings.

csteuber: I think the Vikings will consider Brennan as a mid-round pick. I know the Bears also like Brennnan.

herrmannator: Couldn't agree more on Colt. Really a natural leader, and will be successful - period.

herrmannator: How about Sam Baker in round 2?

csteuber: I think Baker will be an early second-round pick.

viklover: Have you heard how Rufus Alexander is progressing?

csteuber: I haven't heard about Rufus Alexander.

MiKeYJ42: Which direction will the Vikings go with their second pick?

csteuber: I think the Vikings will target a TE, S, OT, or QB

draftNick: Will the Vikes address the TE position in the draft? Early/late?

csteuber: I think the Vikings will address the TE position, but it may not be in the second round.

HireLurts: You don't think the Bears go QB early – Brohm, Flacco or Henne?

herrmannator: Brennan would have problems surviving in Chitown. He would suffer David Carr concussion syndrome

csteuber: I don't see the Bears going QB in round 1 and the top QBs may be off the board when they make their second-round pick. They may wait until the third round.

viklover: Your analysis of Chase Johnson...he may end up filling in at LT.

csteuber: Chase Johnson is a big tackle; doesn't move well laterally, but he can maul you at the line. I think he's more of a backup player.

HireLurts: How about Dexter Jackson as a return guy...combine fastest 40?

viklover: Chris Johnson had fastest 40

draftNick: Chris had Dexter going in round 3

csteuber: I think Dexter Jackson is a third-round pick.

HireLurts: Could Chad Rinehart be had in the 4th round or will he be gone?

csteuber: I think Rinehart will drop a bit, maybe a late fourth, early fifth.

herrmannator: Do you think Brad Cottam makes it to the fourth for us? We have to draft a guy with injury history

csteuber: Cottam is moving up right now, probably a third-rounder. He could slip to the top of the fourth.

draftNick: Would Chase move to guard in the NFL?

csteuber: I think Chase is too big to play guard.

HireLurts: Any thoughts on Rucker/TE Missouri? Fall to 4th?

csteuber: I think Rucker will fall to the fourth. He's been disappointing this offseason. He didn't perform well and he will fall.

herrmannator: How about Chevis Jackson or Terrell Thomas? Any shot?

csteuber: Terrell Thomas will be a third-round pick; Jackson a fourth rounder.

HireLurts: Qeuntin Groves had the build to play left end, could he be a possibility in round 2?

viklover: Groves isn't big enough...

viklover: Left end is a power end position...

csteuber: Groves will be available in round 2; he could fall to the Vikings. That would be an interesting pick, but he's best suited for a 3-4 defense.

gomba45: Any chance the Vikes move back into the 3rd

csteuber: I think the Vikings will use their second rounder.

HireLurts: Did Rucker disappoint at the combine or post season games?

csteuber: Both. Rucker didn't show me much during the Senior Bowl and was hurt for the combine.

VikesFan1: What's your view on Cook at RT? Do we need an upgrade/insurance policy for McKinnie suspension?

csteuber: I think Cook has potential, but he's inconsistent. He has to play within himself and I think he will be OK. But you can never have enough linemen.

herrmannator: Duane Brown?

csteuber: Duane Brown is moving up; possible early second rounder.

MiKeYJ42: Would the Vikes take Adarius Bowman from Oklahoma State in the 6-7 rounds?

gomba45: Bowman would be a steal in the 4th or 5th

csteuber: Bowman has free-falled this offseason. A team will take a shot at him in the mid-rounds.

csteuber: Thanks guys ... have a great night.

draftNick: Thanks for the time, Chris!

Viking24: Thanks for all the insight, Chris.

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