Former Scout Evaluates Vikings' Picks

The Vikings only made five draft selections this weekend, thanks to the Jared Allen trade and trading up to target specific players. Tom Marino, a former NFL scout of more than 35 years of experience, analyzed hundreds of players before the draft. Here is his exclusive analysis from his film study. Find out how he ranked and evaluated each of the Vikings' draft picks for an expert opinion.

Tom Marino spent 35 years as an NFL scout and knows a thing or two about what teams look for in a player at a certain position. Here are his predraft evaluations of the players the Vikings selected over the weekend.


Tyrell Johnson: Marino's No. 2 Safety
Arkansas State, S, 5117 (5-11 7/8)
Late first-round grade; types as a good NFL player
Marino Says: A four-year starter at the safety position, his first three seasons at strong before moving to free as a senior. Has good size, range, has the speed to stay on top of receiver in half coverage. I liked his zone cover skills (showed awareness, an understanding of route progressions, and reacted well to the thrown ball (particularly in front of him). Not a big hitter, but gets people off their feet. Does so many things, but I liked his feel for the game.


John David Booty: Marino's No. 5 Quarterback
USC, QB, 6023, 218, 4.93
Late third-round grade; types as an overachiever, solid college player
Marino Says: Does nothing to get you real excited as a player, but is an efficient, serviceable quarterback. Has an adequate throwing arm, was an accurate short and intermediate passer. Can throw effectively on the move. Good decision-maker who is getting the most out of his ability. Football smart. I would today view him as a backup player within the league who when called upon could potentially contribute. Third- to fourth-round draft potential.

Letroy Guion: Marino's No. 8 Defensive Tackle
Florida State, DT, 6033, 303, 5.37
Late third-round grade; types as an overachiever, solid college player
Marino Says: Injured much of career. Is athletic, has good feet, quickness and adequate range. Felt he hustled and showed the ability to make plays outside the tackle box. Will get tall inline and needs to shed blocks more consistently. Lacks A-1 closing speed. Is not there yet, but you are going to have to take this player far earlier than his skill and production level would indicate. No sacks as a college player. Problems locating ball on misdirections (see Wake Forest).


John Sullivan: Marino's No. 5 Center
Notre Dame, C, 6034, 301, 5.39
Middle fifth-round grade; types as an overachiever, solid college player
Marino Says: Disappointed with his play in 2007. Is an experienced hand with intelligence, but was surprisingly not a natural knee bender even with an extensive wrestling background. Didn't get consistent fits inline (inconsistent hand placement). On pass protection, didn't lower his base and make a consistent stand vs. a power rush. Also had a number of very untimely gun snap errors in 2007. In my opinion, is a far better player than he showed.

Jaymar Johnson: Marino's No. 55 Wide Receiver Jackson St, WR, 5111, 177, 4.54
Compensatory/priority free-agent grade; types as an underdeveloped college player Marino Says: Savvy individual who will flash position skills. Good athlete with impressive body control. No second gear. Very unpolished in this under routes (flags everything). Not particularly strong and showed little creativity as a runner after the catch. Little guy with good but not exceptional skills. Quicker than fast. Caught the ball well both on and off his body. Small-boned frame really concerns me. Has a chance to develop.

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