Scott Charges Detailed

Former Viking Darrion Scott is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to answer to three charges surrounding an alleged incident with his young son.

When the charge of felony assault was made against Darrion Scott last week, many Vikings fans – especially those who are parents – cringed when they saw that one of the charges included the involvement of a child. Tuesday, those fears got even worse as details of the police complaint became public.

Scott was officially charged Tuesday and, detailed in the complaint, he was charged with allegedly putting a dry-cleaning bag over the head of his 2-year-old son.

Scott was charged with third-degree felony assault, felony domestic assault by strangulation and misdemeanor endangerment of a child. According to the report, the boy's mother heard her son's muffled screams and, upon entering the room where he was, found the boy laying on his back with Scott holding the dry cleaning bag tightly around the boy's neck.

The child's mother said that there had been previous injuries to the boy while under Scott's supervision and a doctor that examined the boy said there were marks on the boys arm and ear that, in the doctor's medical opinion, were intentional. In addition, the doctor believes that the injuries were consistent with either being struck or being burned.

Scott claimed that the two were playing with the bag and he wanted to see if the boy could remove the bag from around his head by himself.

In the search of the home that followed his arrest, police found a .50-caliber handgun in an unlocked nightstand that, according to the criminal complaint, was easily accessible to the child.

In a statement last week, Scott's agent, Tim DiPiero, said that the incident was a mistake and that Scott was looking forward to proving his innocence.

"Anyone who knows Darrion knows him to be a big ‘teddy bear' type of guy – easygoing and never loud or abrasive," DiPiero said in the statement. "We believe this nightmare is a terrible mistake and that the child has not been abused, at least not by Darrion."

Scott's first court appearance to answer to the charges is scheduled for today.


  • When the Vikings meet Green Bay in the season opener Sept. 8, the retirement of Brett Favre's No. 4 won't be the only cause for interest in the game. The Packers will player host to David Witthoft, who has set something of a record as a Favre fan. Witthoft, 12, lives in Ridgefield, Conn., and has worn his Favre jersey every day since receiving it as a Christmas present – in 2003. The boy finally quit wearing the jersey at this 12th birthday April 23, because he was growing concerned about his appearance. The jersey, which was given to him while he was still 7, barely covered his stomach. The boy had worn the jersey for 1,581 consecutive days, with time out spent so his mother could wash it.

  • Vikings fans channel surfing last night may have caught a glimpse of Bryant McKinnie onVH-1. As part of a "Where Are they Now?" episode tracking down memorable reality show participants, one of the people profiled was Katrina Campins. Campins, who was a contestant on the second season of "The Apprentice" – the Donald Trump reality vehicle – used the celebrity gained from the series to launch a career in real estate. Campins specializes in selling high-end real estate to celebrities in the field of music and sports. As the VH-1 cameras rolled, they showed Campins showing prospective clients, among them McKinnie and some of his friends, some expensive digs.

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