Adam Caplan Chat Transcript subscribers took three-step drops and peppered's Adam Caplan with questions relating to the draft and the development of Tarvaris Jackson. See what Caplan had to say about the quarterback situation and other issues surrounding the Vikings.

VikingK: Hi, Adam

keithwviking: Your overview?

adamcaplan: KE: Love the Tyrell Johnson pick. I thought Kenny Phillips would go to NYG, so they would take Johnson in the second round

VikingK: Adam what did you think of the Vikes overall off-season?

adamcaplan: As for the off-season, getting Jared Allen was obviously the best move of all to make, although risky because of the possibility of a suspension for a year for another DUI

greatcdnvike: I am loving the John David Booty pick!

adamcaplan: GREAT: He's a backup really. Non-threatening pick for Tarvaris Jackson, and it's a good scheme fit with the West Coast Offense. He can't throw the ball far like Jackson.

greatcdnvike: So how/why is Jackson NOT a backup and he is

adamcaplan: GREAT: Jackson will have a short leash, trust me on that. While Childress will support him, they simply can't afford all the turnovers.

HireLurts: Nice call, Adam, on the Tyrell Johnson pick. Is that the writing on the wall for Darren Sharper, this will be his last year?

adamcaplan: HI: I expect him to play this season. Then that's probably it. Johnson does need work, though, so him being a backup isn't a bad thing.

minvikes: Why a DT instead of OT Carl Nicks in the 5th?

adamcaplan: MIN: Nicks had some off the field issues

greatcdnvike: You think Matt Birk and Childress bump heads?

adamcaplan: GREAT: They have more than once in those two meetings.

VikingK: What is the problem?

adamcaplan: VIK: Some of the veterans don't like how Childress treats them. I'll let you guess who the players are.

HireLurts: Could be a lot worse than having guys like Birk on your team.

greatcdnvike: Well, it ain't the guys getting paid!

keithwviking: Do you see Bryant McKinnie getting a suspension?

adamcaplan: KE: I don't have a good feeling about it, that I can tell you.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what's your opinion on the Sullivan pick?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Not sure if he can replace Birk in 09. More of a developmental player.

HireLurts: If McKinnie gets suspended, will it be Artis Hicks at LT or Chase Johnson ... Marcus Johnson?

adamcaplan: HI: Good question. Childress said at the owners meetings there were a lot of options, but I didn't get the belief that there were a lot of good ones.

keithwviking: Will O-line be OK this year?

adamcaplan: KE: Adequate

retroviking: Adam, what do you think needs to happen for the Vikes to make a serious playoff run, and do you think they can?

adamcaplan: RET: I wrote today for a mag that comes out in July that I expect the Vikings to be 9-7. Better if Jackson plays at least average, worse if McKinnie is out.

VikingK: I would consider less than 10-6 a disappointment.

adamcaplan: VI: You're probably right. Allen will help but they have to be able to get others to rush the passer, too

keithwviking: Are there any O-line free agents left?

adamcaplan: KE: Left tackles, no. Right tackles, a few.

HireLurts: So Harsh on Jackson, he did go 8-4 and showed some moxie vs. the Broncos, keeping plays alive with his feet, etc.

adamcaplan: HI: Watch his tape and that will tell you all you need to know. DEN is terrible on defense, no pass rush.

adamcaplan: By your standards, Vince Young is a good QB

HireLurts: Jackson's throwing motion is much better than V. Young.

adamcaplan: HI: Jackson has really bad flaws – jump passes, doesn't always get set.

Section207: If Jackson is on a short leash, that means Gus Frerotte to the rescue? Help!

adamcaplan: SEC: Could be, that's why he's there. In Gus you hope we don't have to trust though

VikingK: Bad mechanics are fixable.

adamcaplan: VI: It's up to him to respond to coaching, but those issues were existent all season. That's not a good sign.

minvikes: What is it that the coaches see in Jackson that makes them stick by him?

adamcaplan: MIN: arm strength, willingness to learn. The good thing is they aren't reliant on him as much as other teams are on their QB to win the game. The running game is really going to carry them, but Jackson can't turn it over with fumbles, INTs. Bad mistakes really hurt them.

HireLurts: Bernard Berrian will help, Sidney Rice and Visanthe Shiancoe in 2nd years w/ offense will help. With some poise in the pocket, can't you envision Jackson panning out?

adamcaplan: HI: Getting weapons doesn't change his mechanics

retroviking: Adam, if Jackson is bad, how long does Childress let the season go before pulling him, and how do you see the rest of the division?

adamcaplan: RET: Depends on how bad he plays and what their record is.

keithwviking: You really love T-Jack

adamcaplan: You can see when Jackson plays well, he has a lot of confidence. They don't want to shake that.

HireLurts: With the same team, Brooks Bollinger and Kelly Holcomb were 0-4. Jackson must have been doing something right.

JBrowner47: So if he falters, how close would Booty be to getting time or will Kyle Wright beat him out?

adamcaplan: JB: Booty will be #3. Wright hopes to be on practice squad.

HireLurts: How about Jaymar Johnson, can he be a return threat and possibly beat out Aundrea Allison at WR/KR.

adamcaplan: HI: Jaymar Johnson is a nice developmental WR. Some think he could beat out Allison.

retroviking: Adam, how do you think our receivers will fare this year, and who is our fullback?

adamcaplan: RET: Thomas Tapeh is an average blocker. They will likely lose out from Tony Richardson, but Tapeh can move, more athletic.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, concerning a former draft pick of the Vikes, how serious is the talk that Tyler Thigpen might win the starting QB job in KC?

adamcaplan: They hope Thigpen handles the No. 3 job. KC does like him. When the pads go on, that's when you will be able to see camp battles. MIN tried to sneak him through waivers and KC claimed him. They liked him last year.

minvikes: Seems like the line and secondary has improved. Do you think the LBs will hold up in the Tampa-2.

adamcaplan: MIN: Their LBs are really good. All three starters.

adamcaplan: Pope can play all three positions and can start if needed.

kajjansiblackmamba: I like the Pope signing

HireLurts: Is Letroy Guion a diamond in the rough? Does he have a big upside?

adamcaplan: HI: Upside developmental prospect

HireLurts: Will Erin Henderson make the squad?

adamcaplan: HI: Him or J. Leman could make it

retroviking: Adam, do you see any moves the Vikes could still make to make this team a Super Bowl contender?

adamcaplan: RET: There's nothing out there in free agency left that could make an impact.

JBrowner47: Who's better, Leman or Henderson?

adamcaplan: JB: Two different players. Leman is better run defender.

HireLurts: Why no TE in draft or free agency? Shiancoe was a bust with dropped balls

adamcaplan: HI: Childress seems to think Shiancoe can get it done. I'm skeptical. The guy hasn't done a thing in his career so far

adamcaplan: JB: I expect Garrett Mills to make the team. Move TE. They will use him.

retroviking: Adam, how good of a coach do you think Childress is?

adamcaplan: RET: Good question. Let's just say the team has underachieved a bit. Some not his fault though, most weeks

HireLurts: Chilly stays with "his guys" too long. Ryan Cook and Shiancoe to name two ... at the expense of guys like Marcus Johnson, Mewelde Moore, etc..

adamcaplan: HI: They should have traded Moore last year

gomba45: They should have taken the 4th round pick for Moore

adamcaplan: GO: It's not certain what was offered, but they should have taken what they could get for a player they didn't use or weren't going to re-sign

JBrowner47: Does Mills remind you of Dallas Clark?

adamcaplan: JB: If Mills had two more inches he would have been a second rounder

HireLurts: I'll never understand why they planted Moore on the bench. Hope he succeeds in Pitt. Was Allen worth the picks/money? Will it pay off do you think?

adamcaplan: HI: I talked to Dean Dalton about Moore, he felt Moore needed to leave town. Once he got in the doghouse of both sets of coaches he wasn't getting out. If used correctly he could have helped the team

greatcdnvike: Adam, Booty will start in 2009

adamcaplan: GR: If he does, they are in trouble. He's a backup, nothing more. On tape, he doesn't show anything significant.

greatcdnvike: So how is Chad Henne better?

adamcaplan: GR: Better arm, better prospect.

greatcdnvike: Booty hasn't lost a big game, 4 TDs in the Rose Bowl against Michigan's defense

adamcaplan: I would have liked to have seen Brian Brohm instead

retroviking: Adam, who is the last backup QB who became a good starter?

adamcaplan: RET: Kurt Warner comes to mind. Matt Hasselbeck. Mark Brunell. Derek Anderson

retroviking: Can we get any of them?

babyc42: Just have one question: Do you see the Vikings doing more with Chester Taylor and Adrian on the field at the same time this year? Open things up a bit?

adamcaplan: BA: They may have some formations with them both in there.

HireLurts: I was hoping for Colt Brennan...any chance K. Wright passes Booty by and wins #3?

adamcaplan: HI: Brennan will struggle. Trust me, he wouldn't help them. Booty is a WCO fit. I will say that, and he played in it at USC.

adamcaplan: I had a talk with him at the Senior Bowl about it. They rarely asked him to throw more than 20 yards, which will have to change in the MIN scheme. They will throw deep now with Berrian

retroviking: Adam, what does Peterson need to do to stay healthy – can he change his style?

adamcaplan: RET: He needs to run out of bounds more. He will learn that.

HireLurts: So does he have a stronger arm than reported, or is it still his weakness?

adamcaplan: HIRE: His arm isn't strong. He shows on tape to have an average or less arm. Needs to see the field better.

JBrowner47: But he can get stronger, yes?

adamcaplan: JB: No

adamcaplan: All: I see you again soon. Later.

adamcaplan: I'll be on Sirius on Friday 8-11 pm EST

srommes: Thanks, Adam!

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