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See what draft analyst Chris Steuber thinks of the rookies the Vikings ended up with this year, including a number of late-round picks and undrafted rookies he thinks have a chance.

vikingspub: Go ahead and fire away on the rookie questions for Chris.

VikeFromLondon: OK ... based on what you know ... do either Darius Reynaud (WVU) or Jaymer Johnson (JSU) have a shot at making the team or even making impact?

HireLurts: And why did Reynaud go undrafted? Any off the field issues?

csteuber: Reynaud is the better prospect in my mind. Johnson has a lot of upside and may hold more intrigue, but the more polished receiver is Reynaud. I think if the Vikings decide to keep one of them I'd favor Reynaud.

csteuber: I think teams were really surprised to see Reynaud's size up close at the Combine. He only measured in at 5-foot-9. He's solid at 205 pounds, but his height makes him a slot receiver. He's a good receiver, but his overall size and explosion is a concern.

HireLurts: How about Jeremy Leman or Erin Henderson, who sticks with the team this year?

csteuber: I like both Leman and Henderson. I was really surprised to see Henderson go undrafted. I know he has an injury history and he didn't run very well at the Combine, but he's very talented. I'd favor Henderson over Leman, but Leman is a hard worker who could be a nice backup.

csteuber: Reynaud has the edge over Johnson as a receiver and return specialist. Reynaud is bigger, faster and more polished.

VikeFromLondon: What's your opinion of Tyrell Johnson (questionable pick, good pick, great pick)? What can he do for us?

csteuber: Tyrell Johnson had a lot of hype surrounding him a few weeks prior to the draft, and was even mentioned as a possible first-round pick. He's a physical safety who's a tackling machine. He has good ball skills and adds a physical element to the secondary. I think he will be a very good contributor on special teams this season and be a situational performer on defense.

HireLurts: Is Letroy Guion a diamond in the rough? Can he be a contributor or possible replacement for Pat Williams in a year or two? Is he an upgrade from Spencer Johnson?

csteuber: Honestly, I don't see much in Guion. He didn't play much at Florida State and when I watch him on film I don't see much explosion. He didn't have a good showing this offseason and appears to be lazy. I think he has a chance to be a good player, but it will take some effort to get his true potential out of him.

HireLurts: I thought I read that he won the off-season workout warrior award ... figured he wasn't lazy based on that, but I assume you're talking effort on the field.

csteuber: On the field, yes.

HireLurts: Is the knock on John David Booty's arm strength overblown or legit? Can Kyle Wright leapfrog him and be #3?

csteuber: Booty won't overwhelm his receivers with his arm strength, but he's efficient. I think people get too carried away with arm strength. If a QB throws a catchable ball and delivers the ball with good accuracy, that's good enough in most cases. I really like Kyle Wright's potential and in fact he made my All-Sleeper Offensive Team. I don't think he will beat out Booty, but there is a chance he makes the team.

herrmannator: So Chris, now with money spent on Jared Allen and allocated for rookies, do they extend Matt Birk?

csteuber: I don't know if they extend Birk... that's an interesting question. I really like John Sullivan and he has a chance to be a very good pro. It all depends on how Birk performs this season.

HireLurts: Can Sullivan move to guard if they do re-sign Birk?

herrmannator: I do think the Vikings had a "sniper draft," where they took very particular people and needs. I think Sullivan will be solid.

csteuber: Sullivan could probably move to guard, but to me he's a center. He's a great leader and has the ability to be a very good center in the league.

herrmannator: Does Adarius Bowman get signed by anyone?

csteuber: I'm not surprised Adarius Bowman hasn't signed with anyone. He has a lot of off the field concerns. It's a shame, because he's probably the best blocking WR out of this entire draft class. He has a lot of talent and could be a big-play receiver. But character outweighs talent.

herrmannator: Yeah, Bowman I think could be very good. Like Vincent Jackson

csteuber: That's a good comparison for Bowman – Vincent Jackson. Unfortunately, he can't keep his nose clean.

HireLurts: Look at James Hardy, just pointed a gun at his Dad's head...I bet the Bills regret that pick already.

csteuber: Hardy has had problems in the past, but there is more to the story than we know. His father went to prison when he was a young kid and he never forgave his father for what he did. There is history there, but just because he doesn't like his father doesn't give him the right to pull a gun on him.

HireLurts: Now that Mewelde Moore is gone, does Albert Young have a chance to make the team?

csteuber: There's a chance Albert Young makes the team, but Maurice Hicks may have the upper hand as the third running back on the roster.

HireLurts: How about Drew Radovich, does he have potential to be a right tackle or is he too limited agility wise to make in the NFL?

csteuber: Radovich was very good at USC, but he's limited athletically. I don't think he's a tackle at this level; he's better at guard.

HireLurts: Tim Mattran (center) has gotten some ink lately. Does he have the versatility to play guard or his he strictly a center prospect?

csteuber: Mattran is best suited to play center or possibly tackle.

Travis34: Do you think Jaymar Johnson will make the Vikes' receiving corps?

csteuber: Jaymar has a chance to make it and the coaching staff will give him every opportunity to make the team. It's hard to say. There will be a lot of competition.

herrmannator: Does Braden Jones make an impact? I think he is the best tight end on roster, am I crazy?

csteuber: I think you're rating Braden Jones a little high there.

herrmannator: Or maybe, our TEs just aren't very good. Although Jim Kleinsasser is a great third tackle lined up at TE.

HireLurts: Visanthe Shiancoe is a bust ... Garret Mills or even Braden Jones has to be an improvement. Why no TE signings for the Vikes, Chris? Weak crop this year?

Travis34: Garret Mills should be pretty good I think.

csteuber: The TE class wasn't great this year, but it was good. I was a little surprised they didn't draft a TE, but maybe they're confident in what they have.

vikingspub: A couple more for Chris and we'll let him go. Thanks to those of you who showed up this evening.

HireLurts: Aundrae Allison and Robert Ferguson are in for a fight, right? By the sounds of it, you think Reynaud has the best shot?

csteuber: I think there will be a lot of competition at the WR position this year for the Vikes. I like Reynaud and I was surprised to see him go undrafted. I think Reynaud offers a lot to a team, but it will be interesting to see how he performs at training camp.

herrmannator: All together, Rick Spielman has done a great job with the draft. So far no Vernon Carey's.

csteuber: I'd say John Sullivan has a chance to make an impact, especially if something happens to Birk.

HireLurts: Who will make the biggest impact for the Vikes this year from the rookie crop?

herrmannator: Thanks for all your insight, Chris. It is a nice sounding board. I think the team is coming together nicely. Really solid young depth.

HireLurts: One last question from me Chris. Do you think either Marcus Dixon or Tommy Blake make a team?

csteuber: I don't think Blake will; he has too many problems. Dixon has a shot, but it's a long shot.

Travis34: How much do you think the Vikes improved this offseason with free agency and the draft?

csteuber: I think the Vikings are the second best team in the NFC behind the Dallas Cowboys.

supermaz: Cowboys are way overrated!

csteuber: Hey guys, thanks for the questions. ... Have a great night.

vikingspub: Thanks all for the questions.

HireLurts: Thanks, Chris!

Travis34: Thanks, Chris. Go Vikes.

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