Childress Shows His Casual Side

Appearing on Rosen's Sports Sunday, Vikings coach Brad Childress appeared at ease with a new casual look and some witty replies on the Brett Favre situation and other topics. Who knew?

Who would have thought Brad Childress had a wild side?

Vikings fans were left to wonder that Sunday night when Childress appeared on a Twin Cities Sunday night sports talk show with a freshly grown beard and a Hawaiian shirt. As the featured guest on "Rosen's Sports Sunday," Childress looked like he had been booked on "Extreme Makeover." But, it was refreshing to see Chilly letting his hair down (as it were) and discussing the coming Vikings season.

As expected, when host Mark Rosen asked Childress about the Brett Favre saga playing itself out, he couldn't be too forthcoming about any interest the Vikings might have in Favre. Since he is not a free agent, teams can't discuss potential trade offers or make public their interest in having that player come to their team.

But, Childress did seem somewhat amused, saying, "It really is an interesting soap opera to watch from the hinterland up here, watch (it) transpire down South."

Childress also pulled out some "A" material when asked if he thought Favre's retirement announcement in March would stick. After the announcement was made, former Favre teammate Darren Sharper seemed quite clairvoyant in predicting that after four months of fishing and golfing, Favre would have the now-famous itch to come back. Childress said he had thought Favre might hang it up earlier than he did (or didn't) earlier this year.

"I thought a couple of years ago that maybe would have headed to the sideline," Childress said. "In fact, I would have liked him to head to the sidelines because he's 4-0 against us since we've been here with the Vikings."

Who would have thought Childress could have used a drummer firing off rim shots? Well played.

Childress had good things to say about both Adrian Peterson and Bernard Berrian, saying that A.D. is going to look much better in pass-blocking assignments. Last year, Peterson routinely came out on third downs because the team didn't have confidence in him picking up blitzers. If he has improved, it will allow him to be even more dangerous in the Vikings offense. He also had kudos for Berrian, who he said is working hard to establish himself as Tarvaris Jackson's go-to target.

While it refreshing to see Childress talking Vikings, it was even more refreshing to see his demeanor on camera. He actually seemed to be enjoying himself. While we aren't likely to see him show up at practice in bell bottoms and tie-dye or do a 15-minute set at Open Mike Night at The Chuckle Hut, it's great to see a different side of Childress. For two years, he's reminded some fans of Joe Friday from "Dragnet." Who knew he had some "Magnum P.I." in him too?


  • Childress said there has been no word as to what if any punishment the league may impose on offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie. He said the league hasn't informed him of any planned suspension.

  • The Vikings have never had a big issue with the franchise tag. The last time they exercised it was on Jim Kleinsasser. At the time, there were rumors that Joe Gibbs was going to make a run at Kleinsasser to bring him to Washington. Several other teams have created a ton of headaches with the franchise tag. Teams that have designated players as franchise guys have until Tuesday to sign long-term deals or the one-year franchise pay goes into effect.

  • Reports out of Tampa have it that three teams are interested in QB Chris Simms and all of them have a Minnesota connection – Chicago and Detroit are division rivals and Dallas is looking for a younger backup option than former Viking Brad Johnson. Some might find it interesting that those three teams are alleged to have an interest with a QB that is clearly not going to be on the opening day roster of the Buccaneers and none of them have contacted Daunte Culpepper about being a backup there. Culpepper could be in a great spot with the Cowboys and might be able to win the starting jobs in Chicago or Detroit. He really needs to hire an agent.

  • As of yet, the Vikings have made no draft signings and there could end up being a delay in many of the remaining first-round picks to get signed. The NFL Players Association has filed a grievance against the NFL Management Council based on some reported inconsistencies in the language of the current collective bargaining agreement. The grievance will be heard by a special master this week, but until a decision comes, some agents may be hesitant to get complicated contracts done before a ruling is rendered.

  • As long as everyone is else is throwing out Favre theories, how about this one: An AFC team works out a deal to trade a third-round pick to the Packers for Favre and then they turn around and trade him to the Vikings or Bears for a second-round pick? There may some legalese in the CBA about trading a player before he ever plays for you, but it would be one way around the Packers' refusal to move Favre inside the conference.

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