Favre Still Subject of Conflicting Reports

The drama surrounding Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers and tampering charges against the Minnesota Vikings continues to develop. But, as Brad Childress put it, you can't believe everything you read, as conflicting reports call into question what evidence is really there.

Maybe Brad Childress was right.

"You know you can't believe everything you read, but that's an NFL matter, so I'm not going to touch that one," the Vikings head coach said shortly after arriving at the Vikings' training camp home in Mankato when asked if he has spoken with Brett Favre on the phone. "But I am excited to get here to Gage Hall, if you can imagine that."

Favre remains the property of the Green Bay Packers but has asked for his release despite announcing his retirement earlier this year. The Packers claim they have phone records that indicate the Vikings have had "inappropriate dialogue" with Favre and therefore have filed tampering charges against the Vikings.

But this is a story that seems to change daily, if not every few hours.

One thing that remains the same is that quarterback is the primary topic of discussion with the Vikings, but even that is different. Last year, it was handing the starting job to then-second-year pro Tarvaris Jackson. This year, all the talk remains around Favre and what his role may or may not be as the Vikings continue to be linked to the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Childress was cornered by a group of reporters as he made his way to the Minnesota State University campus in Mankato and asked about the Favre situation and his cautionary words about believing everything you read might be right.

A report in the Green Bay Press-Gazette Wednesday contradicted previous reports that Favre had a team-issued cell phone while allegedly making calls to Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. The report cited two sources stating that Favre doesn't have a team-issued cell phone, which would smack in the face of previous reports as to how the Packers had phone information on Favre's calling habits. Other reports still said that the Packers claim Favre did have a team-issued phone.

A report in the Wisconsin State Journal said the Packers claim to know of text messages between Favre and the Vikings, but a Verizon Wireless spokesman told the newspaper that the content of text messages are only kept for days, which would eliminate the possibility of the Packers being able to see exactly what was sent.

It seems you can't have a training camp without some kind of controversy, but who would have believed the team has a controversy about a player who not only isn't in camp, but isn't expected to be coming at all.

Players didn't seem overly concerned by the speculation of Favre potentially joining the Vikings, but rookie quarterback John David Booty said he understands why Favre might have targeted the Vikings as a potential landing spot if he is released or traded.

"I could definitely see why this is one of the teams that he would be interested in coming to with the amount of talent we got here," Booty said. "I think it's definitely a Super Bowl-contending team. As far as what's going on, there is nothing I can do or say about it that would make any sense. For me, I am just watching the whole thing, just like you are."

Childress was asked if he was ready for the jokes that could be coming with the first training camp practice.

"I don't think you will ever be as bad as 25,000 people cursing at you in Philadelphia at 8 in the morning," Childress said.


  • The current focus of the Favre saga now seems to be centering on Tampa Bay, where its West Coast Offense is similar to Green Bay's and, despite being in the same conference and on the Packers 2008 schedule, the Bucs now appear to be the frontrunner if Favre is to play elsewhere this season.

  • Veterans don't officially have to be at training camp until today.

  • Bryant McKinnie arrived at camp still not knowing what if any punitive action is going to be taken against him by the league related to an offseason fight outside a Miami nightclub.

  • The players won't be accessible to the media today, but Childress will conduct a press conference at 1:30 p.m.

  • The Bears' QB situations remains a sad joke. Wednesday the team conducted a coin flip to see who would start the alternating role of taking snaps with the first team. Kyle Orton won, so he got first chance while Rex Grossman got No. 2 initial billing. Expect the Bears QB battle to rage during training camp with neither getting full-time work with the first unit offense.

  • Former Viking Nate Burleson was viewed as a player on the bubble last year entering training camp. This year, he's coming in as Seattle's No. 1 wide receiver.

  • The New York Jets players, coaches and front office types found themselves deflecting questions about Favre as well, saying they're happy with Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens and don't expect to discuss potential trade offers.

  • Adrian Peterson is the starting running back entering training camp – the "other" Adrian Peterson with the Chicago Bears.

  • Erasmus James is being held out of Redskins practices as he still tries to recover from his most recent knee surgery. James was traded to the Redskins after he was released, but before his placement on waivers made it through league channels.

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