Jackson Handles Favre Questions

Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and his teammates faced numerous questions about the possibility of the Vikings being interested in Brett Favre. No matter how unlikely the chances, Jackson didn't appear to be bothered by the questions. See what he had and others had to say on the topic.

Tarvaris Jackson took the Brett Favre questions like an experienced pro handling a blitz. He was calm and unwavering, even saying the potential acquisition of Favre would have some positive effects on him.

"It could be a plus and a negative," Jackson said of the speculation that the Vikings were interested in the Pro Bowl quarterback. "A negative with him being the guy that he is, we'd compete for the starting job, but at the same time he's a Hall of Famer so you have to understand that. At the same time, I could learn a lot from him. It could be a plus and you've just got to take it as a blessing to get to learn from one of the best in the game."

When receiver Bobby Wade was informed that NFL Network was reporting Friday that Favre plans to report to Packers training camp on Sunday, a move that would give him the option to be traded, Wade didn't seem all that interested.

"Good for him. I'm excited for him. We've got to see him twice, he's the enemy. Hopefully it works out of him," Wade said.

Jackson said he's just like the fans – waiting to see what will happen – but he's not offended by all the talk of Favre surrounding the Vikings.

"Not at all. It kind of helps me out because I know I have to get better," Jackson said. "It's to the point if it happened again with any other guy, there wouldn't be a question, but I've still got some improving to do and I know that. It's only speculation, but I know (the speculation) is going to happen because of the type of quarterback that he is and I haven't proved myself yet."

He added: "I'm watching and keeping track of it every day just because I'm a fan of the sport. I can't help it because I love sports so much. I just watch to see what's going on in the sports world. It's part of the game, part of the NFL and I know that. I'm just really looking forward to seeing where he's going."

Jackson said he has communicated with head coach Brad Childress throughout the offseason, but nothing came up about Brett Favre. In reality, Favre to the Vikings seems like a stretch at this point, with Tampa Bay seeming like a more likely fit during much of the discussion in the last few weeks and ESPN reporting on Friday that Favre's camp has permission to speak with the New York Jets about a trade.

For Wade, seeing Favre anywhere but an opposing team would be welcome.

"As long as he's out of this conference, I'm good with that," Wade said.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Jackson said he is thankful that his teammates have supported him.

"Things that have been going on for the past couple weeks, things that have been going on since the offseason, my teammates have supported me through it all. They know I'm just trying to get better each day. I'm just thankful for that."

His teammates might have reasons to be a bit more confident in Jackson's abilities. He appears to be more comfortable as a leader and making progress directing the offense. He even said he's giving tips to other players in the huddle.

But he isn't the type of person to say this is "his" team.

"It's our team. It's all a team. It's not just dependant on me," Jackson said. "But, as far as being a quarterback, yes. I'm one of the leaders on the offense. I've just got to step up."

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