Favre Circus Continues

The story surrounding Brett Favre and his potential returns to the game – whether with the Packers or Vikings – continues to add a new subplot each day.

Just when you thought the Brett Favre saga couldn't get any stranger, the payoff scenario rears its ugly head.

In the latest spin, Favre was expected to make the trip to Green Bay to resume his playing career. But in an unprecedented attempt to get him to remain retired, the Packers have reportedly offered Favre $20 million over 10 years to remain retired.

Favre has declined to negotiate with either the Jets or Buccaneers, two teams mentioned most often as potential trade partners with the Packers. There were also some rumors that the Packers, if forced into a corner, would come off of their insistence not to trade Favre to a division rival – by most accounts being the Vikings.

One thing that has been made very clear in all of this is that Favre wants to play in Minnesota. But, as has become the norm for Favre, he has waffled on his stance more than once. Apparently the $20 million offer from Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy was initially rejected Wednesday, but, according to a report by ESPN, Favre said in a text message that, "although awkward and unsettling for most, (the buyout) may be the best (option) in the end."

For Vikings fans that have wondered how the team would be different if Favre came to the team, he's never been closer than he is right now. If he rejects the Packers' offer to have a still-unspecified position within the organization, Green Bay may have no choice but to trade him to the Vikings if he maintains his current position on the matter.

As always, this situation is in flux and subject to change on a daily – if not hourly – basis. Until Favre shows up in Green Bay and forces the organization's hand, little if any tangible significance will change. But, if he forces the Packers to blink in their current stare-down, the conjecture of Favre becoming a Viking could actually become reality.


  • The questions surrounding how Jared Allen would be treated by his former teammates and Kansas City media was rendered moot Thursday. Brad Childress opted to keep Allen and several other veterans, including stars like Pat Williams, Kevin Williams, Darren Sharper, Matt Birk and Steve Hutchinson, back in Mankato when the team made the trip to River Falls Thursday. When asked why, Childress said, "I thought it would cut down on the circus," adding that he knew it would be a dog and pony show if Allen had made the trip.

  • Thursday's joint practice with the Vikings and Chiefs may be the last of its kind. The Chiefs are in the last year of their current agreement to have training camp in River Falls and it is expected that the team will conduct future training camps closer to Kansas City starting next year.

  • Only three defensive starters – Ray Edwards, Cedric Griffin and Madieu Williams – received much work in River Falls during the practice.

  • Marcus McCauley injured his right knee during special teams drills in the joint practice with the Chiefs, but said following the practice that he was doing fine.

  • Tyler Thigpen, who was snagged off the waiver wire by the Chiefs when the Vikings tried to slide him through to the practice squad last year, is expected top be the Chiefs' No. 2 quarterback this year.
  • Chiefs rookie offensive lineman Branden Albert, injured his left ankle during Thursday night's practice and left the practice early.

  • In what should come as a surprise to nobody, word out of Jacksonville is that Troy Williamson dropped a pair of passes in red zone drills for the Jaguars Thursday.

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