Fan's View: Time to bench Jackson

The Vikings have too much talent on the roster to lose games because the team is waiting for a quarterback to show he's developing. It's time to save the season with a veteran, says John Nunes.

If you're Brad Childress, what do you do about the problem of Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback? Jackson has looked shaky and overmatched so far this year, and the Vikings have lost two games they could have won with better quarterback play.

My opinion is that Childress has to bench Jackson to save his own job. No matter how much he believes in Jackson's potential and in his own ability to help him reach his potential, if he were to sacrifice the year to (further?) develop Jackson he'd deserve to get fired. The Vikings have assembled a very talented team and have been picked by some to reach the Super Bowl this year behind an improved defense and the otherworldly talents of Adrian Peterson.

We've seen the Vikings stick with a quarterback having a bad year. In 2002, they sacrificed the season as Daunte Culpepper threw 23 interceptions and fumbled another 23 times (losing nine). Culpepper was successful his first year starting with the Vikings in 2000, but then suffered two bad years before hitting his stride in '03. That team wasn't nearly as good overall as this one is, so it was easier to understand. But I never agree with playing a guy who is clearly struggling, to lose game after game when someone on the bench could do better. It's a team game, and the idea that one player is above the team doesn't fly with me.

Gus Frerotte may not be a great quarterback. The good news is that the Vikings don't need a great quarterback, They can probably win with an average QB. We've been hoping for Jackson to be average in his third season and he's fallen short. That's why Viking fans are so disappointed; we're rooting for a guy to be just okay, to not lose the game for us, and he's failing. It's time for a change, and even the guy who has staked his reputation on developing Jackson needs to realize it before it costs him his own job.

Save yourself, Brad. If the Vikings do well, the fans will forget that you spent a high draft pick on Jackson. If you don't bench Jackson, you're probably going to be looking for a new job.

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