With Frerotte injury, looks were deceiving

Gus Frerotte rose from the ground after being hit and throwing his first interception of the game. He looked at his non-throwing hand to see blood squirting from it. Turns out, Frerotte's injury simply required two stitches and he should be fine.

There are times when looks can be deceiving. So it was with Gus Frerotte's left hand late in Sunday's loss to Tennessee, as what looked to be a serious hand injury turned out to be relatively minor.

The hand was cut on a helmet when Frerotte threw his interception in the fourth quarter and looked pretty gruesome because of the amount of blood. But, at his Monday press conference, head coach Brad Childress said that the injury, which required two stitches to close, looked much worse that it was.

"I'm told it was a pretty good bleeder or it squirted," Childress said. "It looked way worse than it was. He's fine. He had to call his wife and make sure she knew didn't have to have his hand cut off."

Frerotte was much more concerned about what he viewed as a flagrant hit on Tennessee DE Kyle Vanden Bosch. Also in the fourth quarter, Vanden Bosch hit Frerotte with the crown of his helmet in the crotch, drawing winces from those who saw it and anger from Frerotte – who thought it was intentional. Childress was able to make light of the situation at his press conference.

"His wife wasn't worried about his hand, she was worried about his you-know-whats," Childress said. "He's got three children already and doesn't really need any more."


  • Bryant McKinnie returned to Winter Park Monday after serving his four-game suspension. He was not made available to the media.

  • Childress asked the league for a one-week roster exemption, which is standard procedure when a player is coming off a long suspension. The hope is not to have to immediately release someone for McKinnie to return to active duty.

  • Childress was also quick to praise the job done by Artis Hicks, the Vikings guard who filled in admirably for McKinnie at left tackle during his suspension.

  • Adrian Peterson has 420 yards rushing, which is just two yards behind league leader Michael Turner of the Falcons.

  • In what was a surprise to few people, former Vikings offensive coordinator Scott Linehan was fired as the head coach of the St. Louis Rams Monday. Linehan was replaced by assistant and former Saints head coach Jim Haslett.

  • With Linehan the first coaching casualty of the season, don't be stunned to see Lane Kiffin of Oakland quickly become the second. He is no longer speaking with owner Al Davis and, despite being rumored to be fired for the last three weeks, the hammer has yet to fall but could come as early as today.

  • The NFL reacted quickly and with some sting on the helmet-to-helmet hit by Jets safety Eric Smith on Anquan Boldin of Arizona. Smith was suspended one game without pay and fined $50,000.

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