Quarterback Advantage?

Contemplate all the stats you want about Brett Favre and the Packers at home, cold or not cold. Fact is, Favre hasn't been that dominant in his last three games against the Vikings at Lambeau, while Daunte Culpepper has been solid against the Packers.

You would think that tomorrow's matchup between the Vikings and Packers would be a huge edge for Brett Favre. But, you would be wrong.

Everyone knows the struggles Favre has experienced in the Metrodome, but he hasn't fared that well recently at Lambeau vs. Minnesota either. After starting his career very hot — 15 touchdowns in his first five games — he has just three TDs in his last four home games vs. the Vikings. That pain has been eased by the Packers winning the last three games, but Favre has been far from dominant in recent years.

In contrast, Daunte Culpepper has been very successful vs. the Packers. In four career games, he has thrown for 1,012 yards, eight touchdowns and has three rushing TDs.

As hard as it may seem to believe, but if you're going to give an advantage to a QB, the numbers would say give it to Culpepper, not Favre.

The now is, will the numbers lie or are stats for losers.

* Randy Moss owns the Packers and has provided much of Culpepper's good fortune. In nine career games, he has caught 46 passes for 950 yards and eight touchdowns.
* Michael Bennett has never scored vs the Packers but in his two games, he has rushed 45 times for 234 yards – topping 100 yards both times.
* Ahman Green has scored five touchdowns in five career games vs. the Vikings — averaging 18 carries and five receptions a game.
* The early take on the Vikings' plans for their first-round draft pick is to go with a defensive player — whether it be a lineman, a linebacker or a cornerback. However, there is some sentiment to go after another franchise offensive tackle and set the team up much in the way Dennis Green did when he drafted Todd Steussie and Korey Stringer in consecutive seasons.
* It's well known that Brett Favre is 33-0 when the temperature is 34 degrees or less at Lambeau Field. It is expected to be about 10 degrees Sunday night.
* Leslie Alexander, the owner of the NBA's Houston Rockets, has been rumored to be interested in buying the Vikings. But he has denied any connection to a purchase attempt for the team.
* Former Viking David Palmer was arrested Thursday and charged with marijuana possession after being pulled over after leaving a house under police surveillance for marijuana sale in Fultondale, Ala. The chief of police Byron Pigg (fill in your own joke here) said Palmer was released on $500 bail and charged with misdemeanor possession.
* Jim Kleinsasser, Bryant McKinnie and Chris Walsh can be upset about the current Pro Bowl ballot, which doesn't include any of them. The ballot features 26 Vikings, including several who are no longer starting — like Hunter Goodwin (listed as a fullback), Byron Chamberlain, Lewis Kelly, Willie Offord and kick returner Nick Davis. The league also has a category for a special teams player and, while Walsh is viewed as one of the best in the league, Harold Morrow is the Viking listed.

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