CB Griffin frustrated Johnson

Cedric Griffin had one of his better games of the season against one of the best receivers in the NFL this season. Andre Johnson admitted to getting frustrated with Griffin's physical play. Plus, see what Houston's rookie left tackle had to say about Jared Allen, a player that knocked Matt Schaub out of the game.

Texans WR Andre Johnson put together one of the best months in NFL history in October. November started slowly against the Vikings though.

With former Longhorn Cedric Griffin constantly on top of Johnson, the Texans' top receiver finished with just four catches for 62 yards and a touchdown.

"I guess their coach just told them, ‘Just beat him up,'" Johnson said. "At the line, I got thrown down a couple of times.

"It was one of my more difficult games. I think they did a great job. I think they had a good game plan. It kind of got me a bit frustrated. And when you get frustrated, it kind of has an effect on your game a little bit."

The Vikings often had two players covering Johnson, who didn't make his first catch until midway through the second quarter.

"They played us in a ton of 2-deep - a very aggressive cover-2," coach Gary Kubiak said. "They jammed him at the line of scrimmage. We did a little bit of everything, but give them credit. They did a good job and rushed the passer really well."


Rookie LT Duane Brown has faced some of the league's best pass rushers already this season, but he said no challenge has been more difficult than trying to slow Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen.

Allen finished the game with two sacks. And it didn't help that the Texans were playing in the Metrodome, which is the loudest stadium they have played in all year.

"You couldn't hear anything really. You couldn't go off the quarterback. You had to go off the defense's movement. So whenever they moved, I moved. And whenever you're going against a player like Jared Allen, it puts you in a difficult position when he was able to react off of that and got the best of me sometimes."


Texans quarterback Matt Schaub suffered a torn medial collateral ligament in his left knee on Sunday and could be out for at least four games.

Schaub underwent an MRI on Monday and discovered the extent of the injury that was caused by defensive end Jared Allen, who hit the quarterback low on the first series of Minnesota's 28-21 victory at the Metrodome.

"It's very frustrating," coach Gary Kubiak said. "I know it is for him. He's worked extremely hard to lead this football team and was playing as good as anybody I've been around in the last few weeks. No doubt in my mind yesterday, even though he had the turnover, he was fixing to play extremely well again. But it is what it is. That's what happens. He took a heck of a shot and tried to play through it. He was very courageous through the first half but it was obvious that he couldn't protect himself. He'll be back. It's just sad because he's making a ton of progress."

Schaub continued to play with the injury until his knee stiffened at halftime. He was replaced by Sage Rosenfels, who threw two touchdown passes and an interception in the loss that snapped the three-game winning streak.

The Texans are hoping that Schaub heals fast enough so he might miss a minimum of two games. Players have returned after two weeks with a torn MCL, but quarterbacks usually are out longer because of the strain they put on their knees. Last season, Andre Johnson suffered from sprained knee ligaments and missed seven games.

Rosenfels, who was 4-1 as a starter when Schaub was injured last season, moves into the lineup again.

"I've got a lot of confidence in him," Kubiak said of Rosenfels. "He's played very good football for this football team. He's had a couple of opportunities this year against Indy and did some really good things in that game.

"Sunday in the second half, he played extremely well, did a lot of good things, got our team in position to have a chance to win. So, he's a fine player. This is an opportunity that he's been talking about all offseason and what he wants in his career which I think is awesome and expect him to get some big opportunities in some very important games here. So, we're looking forward to him doing what he's done for us in the past and that's do a good job."

The Texans may sign a veteran quarterback as the backup. Rookie quarterback Alex Brink, a seventh-round pick, is on the practice squad.

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