NFL Admits Mistakes

The NFL has admitted the referees in Sunday's game blew as many as nine calls, including one that should have won the game for the Vikings.

The MFL doesn't like its dirty laundry aired publicly. So it will undoubtedly be upset when word gets out that a league memo has been leaked admitting that as many nine calls that went against the Vikings or weren't called at all were wrong.

The memo cites several plays, but perhaps the most costly was a pass interfence call on Corey Chavous late in the fourth quarter. Chavous was called for pass interference on a play where safety Jack Brewer intercepted Brett Favre. With Green Bay having just one time out remaining at the time, the Vikings could have either run the clock out or forced the Packers to try a game-tying field goal with less than 30 seconds left in the game with no time outs.

Some have argued that the Vikings have been overly penalized by the league because of comments made about officiating this season. The Vikings have been called for an inordinate number of pass interference penalties, many of which have been questionable. Whether this will give fuel to the Vikings to get changes made with the powers that be in the NFL is unclear. However, those who contend the game is fixed to a certain degree can use Sunday's loss to playoff power Green Bay as an example of officiating manipulating the outcome of a game.

* VU has been told a ruling is expected today by the NFL's Gene Washington -- the dean of fines -- over the fight that ended Sunday's game. We're told a lot of game film, both televised and otherwise, is being viewed and, in the words of a league source, "numerous fines" are going to be levied. However, it is expected that no supsensions will come out of the incidents, since that practice is usually done by Tuesday -- allowing teams to prepare for the loss of a player for a game.
* Five Vikings were held out of practice Wednesday -- S Ronnie Bradford, G Corbin Lacina, OT Lewis Kelly, LB Greg Biekert and RB Moe Williams. Lacina and OT Bryant McKinnie were the latest players to get knocked down by a mysterious stomach virus that has run through the team the last six weeks. The Vikings had hoped the virus had run its course, but Lacina and McKinnie showed all the symptoms that have befallen other players.
* Randy Moss has a pretrial hearing today stemming from his incident with a Minneapolis traffic control officer earlier this season. He is expected to be required to attend the hearing.
* Green Bay officials are upset over damage done to the visitor's locker room following Sunday's game. A light fixture was broken and several holes were made in the walls of the temporary locker room, and it is suggested that the reason was the disgust of Vikings players over the outcome of Sunday's game.
* The NFL is expected to hear another request from ABC concerning flexible schedule of December Monday night games. In light of last Monday's bomb -- hapless Chicago being caned by Miami -- and the potential season-ending scud of the Rams at San Francisco, ABC is hoping to get the ability to leave Monday games open at the end of the season. However, both CBS and FOX are expected to oppose the plan, since it would steal away potentially highly-rated games from those networks.
* Aaron Brooks didn't throw Wednesday, but is still expected to start vs. the Vikings Sunday.
* The Vikings signed DT Mike Cecere to the practice squad Wednesday.

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