Williams Wall still waiting

An announcement on the appealed suspensions of Kevin and Pat Williams could come in the next 24 hours or else likely wait until early next week.

The waiting game may continue one more week or it may be over as early as today.

It is becoming more apparent that if the NFL is going to suspend any of the players involved in the StarCaps scandal, it will be done either today or early next week. With the Vikings awaiting the fate of Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, the wait is going to be one that they are anxiously dreading.

Conventional wisdom has it that, if the league is going to hand down suspensions, they don't want to wait until the teams of the players in question start installing their game plan for the next week. As a result, suspensions are typically handed down on Monday or Tuesday (the players' off-day). With the Saints, who also had players involved, playing on Monday night, it's possible that game delayed an announcement for all.

Because there are only five games left in the regular season and the proposed suspensions are for four games, there are many who believe that if four-game suspensions are going to be handed down, the league will do so for the final four games of the regular season. Last year when Ray Edwards was suspended for four games, they came in the final four games of the regular season. Edwards told Viking Update that he didn't appeal his suspension because he wanted to be available if the Vikings made the playoffs. The Williamses' case is already under appeal. The league has tried to avoid extending suspensions into the following year because it usually doesn't want to extend a suspension from one season into the next if possible.

What does that mean? The Williams Wall may be left intact for one more week – critical considering that the Vikings have a must-win game vs. the Bears for sole possession of first place coming up Sunday night. There is evidence that the league will stand by its guns and maintain its zero-tolerance policy concerning banned substances under the steroids policy – that a player is responsible for anything he puts into his body. Expect to see one of two things – either an announcement made in the next 24 hours or an announcement to be made next Tuesday.


  • Another indication that suspensions may be coming down was in the way the Saints handled the record-setting touchdown by Deuce McAllister Monday night. The team was talking about the TD in terms that it might be the last game McAllister plays in front of the home fans and that they wanted to get the record out of the way. The Saints are scheduled to play two more home games, but they may be without McAllister, who is at the center of the StarCaps mess.

  • Ray Edwards said Monday he intends to appeal his fine of $25,000, not so much for the late hit on Jeff Garcia, but for the charge he leg-whipped an offensive lineman for Tampa Bay – a charge he strongly denies.

  • With their blowout loss Monday, the Packers find themselves in a desperate situation, a game behind two division rivals and the knowledge that one of them will win Sunday night – making their game with Carolina even more critical because a loss would drop them two games behind somebody in the division.

  • The Vikings are going to become fans of teams they've already played and/or beaten. Both the Bears and Packers still have to play Jacksonville and Houston, the Bears still have the Saints and the Packers still have Carolina – all teams the Vikings have beaten, but need help from to beat the other division rivals.

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