Vikings aren't happy with Cherilus' shot

The Vikings haven't called the block on Jared Allen by Gosder Cherilus "dirty," but their responses indicate they weren't happy with the hit. See what Allen, safety Darren Sharper and head coach Brad Childress said about it.

Jared Allen told KFAN radio on Monday that he thought his season was over after taking a shot to his left knee by Detroit rookie offensive lineman Gosder Cherilus.

During the second quarter of Sunday's 20-16 win over the Detroit Lions, Allen was about 10 yards away from quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who had rolled out toward the right sideline on a bootleg and was just releasing the ball. Cherilus, who was on his knees at the line of scrimmage, dove backwards, putting his helmet in front of Allen's left knee and his right shoulder pad directly into the outside of the knee.

After a couple of seconds lying on the turf in pain, Allen got to his feet and limped past trainer Eric Sugarman towards Cherilus. Allen had to be restrained by Ray Edwards and Sugarman before being helped off the field by the medical staff.

"Lucky for me, I was already on some good pain-killers for the shoulder (sprain)," Allen said.

"I know the league will be reviewing that because they have a process they go through," Vikings coach Brad Childress said. "I don't think you can get yourself perpendicular to the goal line and block that direction. I think that's what came up a few years ago with the Denver Broncos-Cincinnati game. Somebody went low on somebody, and I think that brought that rule forward. That's kind of the way I saw it."

A quick search through the 100-plus pages of playing rules came up empty when looking for a reference to blocking perpendicular to the goal line, and an NFL spokesman would only say in an e-mail that the league would have more information "about this play" on Friday, the day when fines are normally handed down.

Safety Darren Sharper on Monday left little doubt how he felt about the block by Cherilus.

"Oh, that was a cheap shot, man. That's one of those things that goes against the code of ethics between football players in which you don't take a shot at a guy that's vulnerable," Sharper said. "You could ruin his career. And how his knee bent, that was nasty. You just don't do that. You don't do that at all."

Asked if knees are sacred in football, Sharper said, "Right. You get a guy in a vulnerable position and you don't want to necessarily try to lead with your head, take a guy out. Or a quarterback that's in a vulnerable position, you're running straight at him and then all of a sudden you duck down and try to take a knee out. That's uncalled for."

Cherilus wasn't flagged for a penalty on that play. On the next play, linebacker Napoleon Harris and fullback Moran Norris got into a scuffle away from the play. Both players were flagged for personal fouls and Norris was ejected for throwing a punch.

Allen returned to the game in the second half and registered two sacks of Daunte Culpepper, but his status this week is uncertain. Early indications were that there was some concern the medial collateral ligament may have been sprained, according to Jay Glazer of, but the Vikings typically keep injury information close to the vest.

No matter the severity of the injury, Sharper maintained that there was no need for that type of block in that situation.

"From what I saw in the shot he took, I mean really he didn't necessarily need to do that," he said. "You could've got your body in front of him. It's like he didn't even want to get his body in front of him. He just said, 'I'm going to go ahead and take a shot at a guy's knees and cut him.' He could've kind of blocked him up high, but he cut him low."

Childress said Allen was in the training room early Monday morning. The defensive end's history has been to play through pain.

Allen played the week after he suffered a shoulder injury earlier this year, one that he said was a Grade 3 sprain of the AC joint that usually keeps players out for at least a few weeks.

"I have a rule: I'm going to have to be dead before you cart me off that field," Allen told KFAN, calling the hit unnecessary. "Then I got up and I was so mad that I figured if my season is over, that dude's season is over as well – I'm taking him with me."


  • Childress wasn't giving specifics on quarterback Gus Frerotte's injury either, classifying it only as a lower-back injury and saying, "I think he just tweaked it." Frerotte injured his back in the second quarter and was taken to the locker room on a cart. He didn't return in the second half.

  • Asked if rookie John David Booty would be Tarvaris Jackson's backup if Frerotte can't play on Sunday, Childress said, "I would say right now, as of today, that would be the route we'd go. As I get more information this week, we've still got two or three days before we start this process of practice, we just take a peek at it."

  • Sharper, who has a locker at Winter Park right next to tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, joked about Fox Sports inadvertently showing Shiancoe's private parts during a nationally broadcast postgame show.

    "He's an exhibitionist. He likes that kind of stuff. He don't mind that. He thinks it might help him out with the chicks, I guess," Sharper said.

  • The Vikings' Week 16 game against the Atlanta Falcons has been moved to a 3:15 p.m. start. It was originally scheduled for noon, but it was moved as part of the NFL's flexible scheduling format late in the season and it holds extra appeal with two teams likely playing for playoff positioning. The Week 16 Carolina Panthers-New York Giants game was moved to the Sunday night game on NBC, and the San Diego Chargers-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game that day was moved to noon on CBS. Like the Vikings-Falcons game, the Philadelphia Eagles-Washington Redskins matchup also moved to a 3:15 p.m. Central start.

  • Childress was in a playful mood to start his Monday press conference, offering story ideas to reporters and acknowledging there was plenty to write about this week. "Just to kind of pre-empt things, you guys ought to have plenty of things to write about this week. Such as: Which quarterback will start? Adrian (Peterson), fumbles. Which quarterback will start? Williams Wall, some more. Playoffs – you guys probably want to write that. Who has the toughest schedule? Which quarterback might start? Jared Allen's hits, both given and taken. Some more Williams Wall here for the federal court experts. Maybe a secret Santa here, around your office. Possibly a sidebar on the FOX postgame locker room proceedings. And then early in the week, there's always a surmise on who game-day inactives may be – if you're really needing a couple of extra things to fill out a paragraph. Plenty of stuff for you to knock out. You guys will be done in five to 10 minutes, easy."

  • The Vikings are believed to have only $2.6 million in cap space available for this season, but that should be plenty of money for anyone they would need to sign off the streets with only three games of pay.

  • Rob Brzezinski, vice president of football operations, and Rick Spielman, vice president of player personnel, along with their families, are hosting their annual Adoption Family Fun Fest at Winter Park Tuesday evening. About a dozen players and cheerleaders are expected to attend the event, which is scheduled to have more than 500 people in attendance, including families from the Children Home Society and African American Adoption Agency.

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