Top Pro Bowlers among fan votes

The Pro Bowl rosters are scheduled to be announced Tuesday. Players and coaches voted late last week, but the fan voting portion of the rosters has already been tallied. Here is how the fans' one-third of the vote stacked up for the top players at each position for each Pro Bowl squad.


Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
QB NFC New Orleans Saints Brees, Drew 951246
QB AFC New York Jets Favre, Brett 880833
RB NFC New York Giants Manning, Eli 821852
QB NFC Washington Redskins  Portis, Clinton  767817
WR NFC Arizona Cardinals Warner, Kurt 673710
QB NFC Minnesota Vikings  Peterson, Adrian  666442
RB NFC Arizona Cardinals  Fitzgerald, Larry  655433
TE NFC Dallas Cowboys  Witten, Jason  626602
TE NFC Indianapolis Colts Manning, Peyton 588342
QB AFC Washington Redskins  Cooley, Chris  550906


Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
QB AFC New York Jets Favre, Brett 880,833
QB AFC Indianapolis Colts Manning, Peyton 588,342
QB AFC Denver Broncos Cutler, Jay 536,162
QB AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Roethlisberger, Ben 480,985
QB AFC Tennessee Titans Collins, Kerry  463,543
QB NFC New Orleans Saints Brees, Drew 951246
QB NFC New York Giants Manning, Eli 821852
QB NFC Arizona Cardinals Warner, Kurt 673710
QB NFC Washington Redskins Campbell, Jason 431750
QB NFC Atlanta Falcons Ryan, Matt 416468

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
RB AFC Tennessee Titans  Johnson, Chris  534170
RB AFC Miami Dolphins  Brown, Ronnie  481293
RB AFC San Diego Chargers  Tomlinson, LaDainian  428381
RB AFC New York Jets  Jones, Thomas  311784
RB AFC Buffalo Bills  Lynch, Marshawn  245694
RB NFC Washington Redskins  Portis, Clinton  767817
RB NFC Minnesota Vikings  Peterson, Adrian  666442
RB NFC Dallas Cowboys  Barber, Marion  419182
RB NFC New York Giants  Jacobs, Brandon  406567
RB NFC Atlanta Falcons  Turner, Michael  401183

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
WR AFC Denver Broncos  Marshall, Brandon  416791
WR AFC New England Patriots  Moss, Randy  416773
WR AFC Houston Texans  Johnson, Andre  413115
WR AFC Indianapolis Colts  Wayne, Reggie  406569
WR AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Ward, Hines  376557
WR NFC Arizona Cardinals  Fitzgerald, Larry  655433
WR NFC Arizona Cardinals  Boldin, Anquan  532108
WR NFC Washington Redskins  Moss, Santana  487924
WR NFC Dallas Cowboys  Owens, Terrell  399510
WR NFC Green Bay Packers  Jennings, Greg  346895

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
FB AFC Baltimore Ravens McClain, LeRon 192854
FB AFC Tennessee Titans  Hall, Ahmard  165117
FB AFC New York Jets  Richardson, Tony  159459
FB AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Davis, Carey  114987
FB AFC New England Patriots  Evans, Heath  80596
FB NFC Washington Redskins  Sellers, Mike  342356
FB NFC New York Giants  Hedgecock, Madison  229081
FB NFC Dallas Cowboys  Anderson, Deon  113987
FB NFC New Orleans Saints  Karney, Mike  82981
FB NFC Green Bay Packers  Hall, Korey  78292

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
TE AFC Kansas City Chiefs  Gonzalez, Tony  400938
TE AFC San Diego Chargers  Gates, Antonio  333101
TE AFC Indianapolis Colts  Clark, Dallas  249583
TE AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Miller, Heath  180940
TE AFC Cleveland Browns  Winslow, Kellen  130154
TE NFC Dallas Cowboys  Witten, Jason  626602
TE NFC Washington Redskins  Cooley, Chris  550906
TE NFC New York Giants  Boss, Kevin  280900
TE NFC New Orleans Saints  Shockey, Jeremy  143702
TE NFC Chicago Bears  Olsen, Greg  111895

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
Centers AFC Tennessee Titans  Mawae, Kevin  347715
Centers AFC Indianapolis Colts  Saturday, Jeff  326022
Centers AFC New York Jets  Mangold, Nick  207609
Centers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Hartwig, Justin  183860
Centers AFC San Diego Chargers  Hardwick, Nick  102336
Centers NFC New York Giants  O'Hara, Shaun  364088
Centers NFC Washington Redskins  Rabach, Casey  268024
Centers NFC Minnesota Vikings  Birk, Matt  198097
Centers NFC Chicago Bears  Kreutz, Olin  189066
Centers NFC Dallas Cowboys  Gurode, Andre  180333

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
Guards AFC New York Jets  Faneca, Alan  343531
Guards AFC Tennessee Titans  Amano, Eugene  180754
Guards AFC Tennessee Titans  Scott, Jake  167392
Guards AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Kemoeatu, Chris  152600
Guards AFC New England Patriots  Mankins, Logan  117638
Guards NFC New York Giants  Snee, Chris  301417
Guards NFC Washington Redskins  Kendall, Pete  262522
Guards NFC Washington Redskins  Thomas, Randy  251177
Guards NFC Minnesota Vikings  Hutchinson, Steve  249683
Guards NFC Dallas Cowboys  Davis, Leonard  198225

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
Tackles AFC Miami Dolphins  Long, Jake  207114
Tackles AFC New York Jets  Ferguson, D'Brickashaw  200304
Tackles AFC New England Patriots  Light, Matt  160819
Tackles AFC Tennessee Titans  Roos, Michael  136877
Tackles AFC Cleveland Browns  Thomas, Joe  134119
Tackles NFC Washington Redskins  Samuels, Chris  301992
Tackles NFC New York Giants  Diehl, David  209447
Tackles NFC Dallas Cowboys  Adams, Flozell  209353
Tackles NFC New York Giants  McKenzie, Kareem  177762
Tackles NFC Washington Redskins  Jansen, Jon 138230

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
DE AFC Houston Texans  Williams, Mario  329769
DE AFC Indianapolis Colts  Freeney, Dwight  326237
DE AFC Tennessee Titans  Vanden Bosch, Kyle  275798
DE AFC Tennessee Titans  Kearse, Jevon  237056
DE AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Smith, Aaron  161085
DE NFC New York Giants  Tuck, Justin  422061
DE NFC Carolina Panthers  Peppers, Julius  290659
DE NFC Atlanta Falcons  Abraham, John  270415
DE NFC Washington Redskins  Carter, Andre  237674
DE NFC Minnesota Vikings  Allen, Jared  219222

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
DT AFC Tennessee Titans  Haynesworth, Albert  399939
DT AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Hampton, Casey  191352
DT AFC New York Jets  Jenkins, Kris  184745
DT AFC Cleveland Browns  Rogers, Shaun  139803
DT AFC New England Patriots  Seymour, Richard  124308
DT NFC Washington Redskins  Griffin, Cornelius  246505
DT NFC Minnesota Vikings  Williams, Kevin  242950
DT NFC Minnesota Vikings  Williams, Pat  218862
DT NFC Washington Redskins  Golston, Kedric  210949
DT NFC New York Giants  Robbins, Fred  177939

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
OLB AFC Miami Dolphins  Porter, Joey  328619
OLB AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Harrison, James  282162
OLB AFC Tennessee Titans  Bulluck, Keith  236398
OLB AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Woodley, LaMarr  221327
OLB AFC Baltimore Ravens Suggs, Terrell  211161
OLB NFC Dallas Cowboys  Ware, DeMarcus  398452
OLB NFC Washington Redskins  Taylor, Jason 250927
OLB NFC Washington Redskins  Washington, Marcus  230774
OLB NFC Chicago Bears  Briggs, Lance  225180
OLB NFC Washington Redskins  McIntosh, Rocky  217264

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
ILB AFC Baltimore Ravens Lewis, Ray 315738
ILB AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Farrior, James  232109
ILB AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Foote, Larry  147871
ILB AFC New England Patriots  Bruschi, Tedy  90063
ILB AFC New England Patriots  Mayo, Jerod  81318
ILB NFC Washington Redskins  Fletcher, London  304294
ILB NFC Chicago Bears  Urlacher, Brian  276508
ILB NFC New York Giants  Pierce, Antonio  207969
ILB NFC San Francisco 49ers  Willis, Patrick  178692
ILB NFC Dallas Cowboys  Thomas, Zach  134450

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
CB AFC Denver Broncos  Bailey, Champ  283155
CB AFC Tennessee Titans  Finnegan, Cortland  217464
CB AFC Oakland Raiders  Asomugha, Nnamdi  192831
CB AFC San Diego Chargers  Cromartie, Antonio  184069
CB AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Taylor, Ike  156645
CB NFC Green Bay Packers  Woodson, Charles  305946
CB NFC Washington Redskins  Springs, Shawn  251385
CB NFC Washington Redskins  Rogers, Carlos  241440
CB NFC Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Barber, Ronde  239943
CB NFC Philadelphia Eagles  Samuel, Asante  207117

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
SS AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Polamalu, Troy  393211
SS AFC Indianapolis Colts  Sanders, Bob  109132
SS AFC Tennessee Titans  Hope, Chris  76333
SS AFC Miami Dolphins  Bell, Yeremiah  36021
SS AFC New England Patriots Meriweather, Brandon  28922
SS NFC Washington Redskins  Horton, Chris  242298
SS NFC Minnesota Vikings  Sharper, Darren  111947
SS NFC Arizona Cardinals  Wilson, Adrian  111438
SS NFC New York Giants  Butler, James  105307
SS NFC Green Bay Packers  Bigby, Atari  87194

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
FS AFC Baltimore Ravens  Reed, Ed  279083
FS AFC Tennessee Titans  Griffin, Michael  102974
FS AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Clark, Ryan  100470
FS AFC New York Jets  Rhodes, Kerry  66582
FS AFC Indianapolis Colts  Bethea, Antoine  48604
FS NFC Washington Redskins  Landry, LaRon  286457
FS NFC Philadelphia Eagles  Dawkins, Brian  148596
FS NFC Green Bay Packers  Collins, Nick  103486
FS NFC New York Giants  Johnson, Michael  93900
FS NFC Dallas Cowboys  Hamlin, Ken  91960

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
Kicker AFC Miami Dolphins  Carpenter, Dan  171312
Kicker AFC Tennessee Titans  Bironas, Rob  145413
Kicker AFC Indianapolis Colts  Vinatieri, Adam  126448
Kicker AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Reed, Jeff  123782
Kicker AFC Oakland Raiders  Janikowski, Sebastian  77111
Kicker NFC Washington Redskins  Suisham, Shaun  199437
Kicker NFC New York Giants  Carney, John  128929
Kicker NFC Dallas Cowboys  Folk, Nick  122262
Kicker NFC Atlanta Falcons  Elam, Jason  98174
Kicker NFC Green Bay Packers  Crosby, Mason  89341

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
Punter AFC Oakland Raiders  Lechler, Shane  108116
Punter AFC Tennessee Titans  Hentrich, Craig  97496
Punter AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Berger, Mitch  66402
Punter AFC San Diego Chargers  Scifres, Mike  64351
Punter AFC Buffalo Bills  Moorman, Brian  61965
Punter NFC New York Giants  Feagles, Jeff  231555
Punter NFC Washington Redskins  Plackemeier, Ryan 169560
Punter NFC Chicago Bears  Maynard, Brad  68109
Punter NFC Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Bidwell, Josh  62101
Punter NFC Dallas Cowboys  Paulescu, Sam  59232

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
KR AFC San Diego Chargers  Sproles, Darren  128534
KR AFC New York Jets  Washington, Leon  124657
KR AFC Cleveland Browns  Cribbs, Joshua  103670
KR AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Moore, Mewelde  79931
KR AFC Jacksonville Jaguars  Jones-Drew, Maurice  71366
KR NFC Chicago Bears  Hester, Devin  228932
KR NFC Washington Redskins  Cartwright, Rock  189511
KR NFC New Orleans Saints  Bush, Reggie  153573
KR NFC New York Giants  Hixon, Domenik  88657
KR NFC Dallas Cowboys  Jones, Felix  83452

Pos. Conf. Team Player Votes
Specialist AFC Baltimore Ravens  Ayanbadejo, Brendon  160423
Specialist AFC Pittsburgh Steelers  Madison, Anthony  110891
Specialist AFC Miami Dolphins  Cobbs, Patrick  85821
Specialist AFC New England Patriots  Izzo, Larry  82653
Specialist AFC San Diego Chargers  Osgood, Kassim  70844
Specialist NFC Washington Redskins  Campbell, Khary  199207
Specialist NFC New York Giants  Blackburn, Chase  133623
Specialist NFC Dallas Cowboys  Davis, Keith  89006
Specialist NFC Green Bay Packers  Bush, Jarrett  73924
Specialist NFC Arizona Cardinals  Morey, Sean  52350

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