Chat Transcript: Needs, free agency subscribers peppered Adam Caplan of on the Vikings' needs heading into the offseason and the options available in free agency. So what about the field of quarterbacks potentially available? Caplan has some strong opinions on those, and not all favorable.

adamcaplan: Hello, all

kajjansiblackmamba: Welcome, Adam

herrmannator: Hello. What is the chance Cincinnati would part with Carson Palmer?

adamcaplan: HER: Not worth discussing really for several reasons, cap first of all.

Tyr: Adam, what do you think the Vikings' plans are at right tackle?

adamcaplan: TY: They will sign someone or draft one

adamcaplan: That position is one of their many needs: C, WR, QB, FB, DT (depth), LB (depth), CB, S (depth)

adamcaplan: Although Birk isn't out of the question to come back

adamcaplan: I'll have some good stuff in my notes for subscribers on Friday on him

herrmannator: Will Igor Olshansky be back with San Deigo?

adamcaplan: HER: They have the cap space to sign him

adamcaplan: And don't really have anyone who can replace him

adamcaplan: Cesaire is a solid backup

Tyr: Adam, have you heard anything about the progress that John Sullivan (center) has made this year?

adamcaplan: TY: Yes and he's not ready

adamcaplan: Let's put it that way

adamcaplan: My sense is either Birk will be back or they may make a run at a younger free agent, perhaps Jason Brown

herrmannator: If Leslie Frazier gets St. Louis or Detroit, is Herm Edwards a possibility?

adamcaplan: HERM: If Edwards gets canned, he makes some sense here since he has experience in this scheme.

herrmannator: Do you think Scott Pioli will keep him?

adamcaplan: HERM: Less than 50-50, but not out of the question.

greatcdnvike: Who really drafted Tarvaris? It's so odd.

adamcaplan: GREAT: Childress had final say, I'm told by a source close to the situation.

greatcdnvike: I don't understand. No college accomplishment, no mechanics.

adamcaplan: GREAT: Everything I've said about him negatively showed up against the Eagles.

Tyr: Adam, any chance that the Vikings may look to add a scatback as a third running back this offseason?

adamcaplan: TY: Don't see it since Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor take up all the snaps

adamcaplan: They have so many other needs

adamcaplan: C, WR, QB, FB, ORT, DT (depth), LB (depth), CB, S (depth)

adamcaplan: those are the needs

adamcaplan: WR isn't as important, but it's still a need

adamcaplan: Can't depend on Rice

herrmannator: I think Jason Brown would be a great replacement. What do you think QB options really are? Derek Anderson is about it and really not sure he is a lot better

adamcaplan: HER: Other than Matt Cassel if the Pats don't use the franchise tag, grade, that's about it

hauts81: Any thoughts on Sidney Rice, Adam? He was by far my biggest disappointment this year.

adamcaplan: I know about the PCL injury, but they really lacked help opposite Berrian

NorthernVike: Can Artis Hicks be the solution at RT?

adamcaplan: Hicks isn't a starter, solid backup who can play RT or guard

Tyr: I assume you don't want to talk about the draft yet, but is Hakeem Nicks out of North Carolina someone the Vikings could target at WR?

adamcaplan: TY: I'll look at draft stuff after free agency gets started.

NorthernVike: Are there good free agents available at RT?

hauts81: Jordan Gross!

Tyr: Gross will likely cost way too much, but he would be the best solution available at RT.

adamcaplan: NO/HAUT: Jordan Gross can play RT. In fact, many scouts thought he should have been a RT from the beginning.

adamcaplan: Also Vernon Carey, he would be an upgradeand he can play LT if needed

babyc42: Hey Adam, how is everything? Not sure if anyone asked, but what do you think the Vikes will do with the FB position next season?

adamcaplan: BAB: there are some veterans that are UFAs – Tony Richardson again, Terrelle Smith, Leonard Weaver. Makes a lot of sense, scheme fit etc.

hauts81: I say move Jim Kleinsasser to FB and find a better receiving option at TE.

adamcaplan: NO: I think they will strongly consider re-signing Kleinsasser

Tyr: Terrelle Smith would be a good lead blocker for Peterson.

adamcaplan: HAUT: They have Shiancoe so they don't need a receiving TE.

babyc42: Getting rid of Richardson was a big mistake imo

adamcaplan: BAB: Totally, Childress takes the hit for Tapeh.

adamcaplan: Eagles I'm told had no interest in re-signing him last year

greatcdnvike: T.J. would fit character wise, whose your momma

adamcaplan: VIK: T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a really good inside WR who can play outside. He would be the underneath WR they could use with Berrian stretching the field.

herrmannator: How confident is Childress with Tarvaris? Looking at his face in the fourth quarter said he isn't ready or a leader. He didn't think he could do it

adamcaplan: HERM: Not that confident, that's why they ultimately will make a strong move for a QB.

babyc42: It's hard to knock Childress with FA moves and draft strategy, that's his one strong point

adamcaplan: BAB: Mixed moves for Childress in the draft, same in free agency. Some have been home runs, some haven't.

Tyr: Adam, is it true that the Patriots have already said they will franchise Cassell? Do they intend to keep him or are they using him as trade bait?

adamcaplan: TY: No, they haven't said anything and won't. It's been reported though they will do it by the date.

adamcaplan: I think they will entertain trades for him, but the fact that they are considering using the franchise tag on him suggests Tom Brady may not be ready for next season.

hauts81: Mr. Caplan, do you see any chance of John David Booty starting in the NFL?

adamcaplan: HAUT: No chance.

Tyr: I know that Cassell had a good year, but is it really worthwhile for the Patriots to dedicate $28 million in cap room to QBs?

adamcaplan: TY: I know, it's kind of nuts, but he's showed that he has the ability to do a lot in an offense.

herrmannator: Brady I don't think will be ready till mid season at best. I think Mark Sanchez can do a Joe Flacco, but that is a HUGE risk, and we'd have to trade a bunch to get him

adamcaplan: HERM: Two different players completely, Flacco and Sanchez. Funny how the Vikings brought him in for a visit, they thought he'd be a second rounder.

hauts81: So what do you see as Booty's biggest obstacle? Arm strength?

adamcaplan: HAUT: Yes, arm and overall ability.

hauts81: Dang.

greatcdnvike: Did we offer Cleveland two firsts for Brady Quinn?

adamcaplan: GREAT: Nope, I can tell you that never happened.

babyc42: I would give up at least one of my testicles for a franchise QB like Flacco...sorry

herrmannator: Different players, but seem similar personality make up, it think.

adamcaplan: Flacco has perhaps the best arm in the league other than Jay Cutler and has had little to work with at TE/WR

vikes0415: Any truth to trading for Matt Hasselbeck?

adamcaplan: VIK: No

adamcaplan: Hasselbeck has a bad shoulder.

herrmannator: Is Hasselbeck's shoulder worse than Chad Pennington's?

adamcaplan: HERM: Hasselbeck turns 34 later this year and I don't see why they would be that desperate.

NorthernVike: Is there still hope for TJ down the road or is he a complete bust?

Tyr: Jackson does have the physical tools to be an NFL QB, but hasn't been able to put everything together. Booty just doesn't have the physical ability to be anything more than a backup at this point.

adamcaplan: TY: Inconsistent mechanics are the major issues with him

adamcaplan: I saw that in training camp and laughed at all the hype that it was all behind him. With Jackson, it's clearly a mental issue. Consistently bad mechanics tends to be that.

herrmannator: I agree, Hasselbeck is a desperate move. Hey, maybe Troy Smith

adamcaplan: Troy Smith could be a starter - in the CFL

herrmannator: TJ just isn't mentally strong enough to go 60 minutes at high focus. What you don't like? Short, inaccurate QBs from a bad QB school?

adamcaplan: I have problems with QBs who have inconsistent mechanics. That will never change

adamcaplan: HERM: I think you put that well with his issues. Composure for 60 minutes continues to be his problem.

adamcaplan: Opposed to Flacco, who never gets flustered. He hasn't played that well the last two games, but he's not turning it over

vikes0415: Has childress moved off TJ or will he give it another go

adamcaplan: VIK: They will bring a veteran in, that I expect.

adamcaplan: I think they will check into Cassel.

adamcaplan: They have the money to pay him. The QB situation has to be solved

vikefaninflorida: Sorry. I still see issues with the defense. They still cannot shut down some of the big plays

adamcaplan: VIK: There are positional depth issues for sure on D

herrmannator: Is Kerry Collins really going to start next year in Tennessee?

adamcaplan: HERM: I expect him to re-sign to be the starter there. Anyone who wants Jeff Garcia needs to have their vision corrected. He can't play

greatcdnvike: Do you feel letting Cedric Griffin press helped him change this year? He was so much better the second half

Tyr: I do think the Vikings need to add another corner in the first three rounds.

adamcaplan: Someone to challenge Griffin and eventually replace Antoine Winfield

Tyr: Winfield and Griffin will both be FAs next year and even if we resign both of them, we still need at least one more quality corner back there.

adamcaplan: TY: That's on my needs list

Pikmin: Garcia killed us though running around

adamcaplan: PIK: You judge a QB by the way he throws, not the way he runs

hauts81: Why is our O-line so inconsistent?

adamcaplan: HAUT: LT, RT, and RG are problems

adamcaplan: Anthony Herrera is very inconsistent

NorthernVike: Are we good to replace Darren Sharper with Tyrell Johnson?

adamcaplan: NO: They like Johnson so they are ok there

hauts81: I know the right side stunk but I thought McKinnie was pretty solid.

adamcaplan: HAU: Not sure what you're watching, McKinnie is an average LT, no better

adamcaplan: He's been an underachiever for years

adamcaplan: All: I have to run. We'll do it again soon

herrmannator: Thanks Adam.

Tyr: Talk to you later.

hauts81: Thanks Mr. Caplan.

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