Draft chat transcript: Values at No. 22?

VikingUpdate.com subscribers wanted to know the value of players being thrown around in mock drafts at the Vikings' No. 22 spot, and Scout.com NFL draft analyst Chris Steuber gave his opinions the players worth a look there and those who should stick around until the second round. See what else was discussed last night in Steuber's chat with subscribers.

vikingspub: OK, Chris is here. Let's get started with your draft questions for him.

kajjansiblackmamba: Hi, Chris

keithwviking: In your opinion, the Vikings' needs?

csteuber: KeithwViking: I'd say OL, WR, CB, TE and S

coyote62: What player can come in and help the Vikes at pick 22 right away?

csteuber: Coyote62: In my most recent mock draft I have the Vikings drafting D.J. Moore. I also think Sean Smith or Alphonso Smith could help. Eben Britton or Max Unger could also help right away. Don't count out WRs Percy Harvin (if available) and Hakeem Nick.

purplehorns: Or will the Vikes consider drafting a QB high?

csteuber: Purplehorns: I think the Vikings could draft a QB, but not high in the draft.

ProGaber: What do you have Darrius Heyward-Bey ranked on your big board and would he be value with the Vikings selecting at 22? Are his stats the only thing keeping him from being rated higher with the other top tier WRs?

csteuber: ProGaber: Heyward-Bey is a burner, but he has inconsistent hands. He will be a second round pick. He reminds me a lot of a name you don't want to hear, Troy Williamson.

nordicvike: How many WRs will go in the 1st round, and who would be there at #22?

csteuber: Nordicvike: I think four receivers (Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, Percy Harvin and Hakeem Nicks) will be taken in the first round.

stevemfpayne: Chris, some mocks have the Vikings reaching for Josh Freeman in the first. To be honest with you, I think using our 2nd round pick would be a reach. Any thoughts?

csteuber: StevemfPayne: I think Freeman is a second-round pick. He's still a project and still has to develop. A team taking him in the first round is either desperate or truly believes he has the talent to be a front-line QB. I think he's at least two or three years away.

davev: What's the scoop on Nate Davis, QB from Ball State? Does he have a chance?

csteuber: Davev: Nate Davis has a chance, but he has to work on his mechanics. His delivery is low and him being a little short doesn't bode well for him. He will be a mid-to-late second rounder.

SFVikeFan: Chris, what do you think of Hakeem Nicks? Pros, cons?

csteuber: SFVikeFan: I really like Nicks. He's not a burner, but he probably has the best hands in the draft. He's a strong route runner and catches the ball consistently over the middle. He reminds me a lot of Reggie Wayne.

SFVikeFan: Thanks Chris, I agree w/ Reggie Wayne comparison on Nicks. Who are your top RT prospects vs LT. Is there a chance Vikes go OT at #22?

csteuber: SFVikeFan: I never believe a team should draft a RT in the first round. You can get those guys in the mid rounds. I think they could go OT in the first round: Eben Britton, Phil Loadholt and Max Unger are possibilities.

coyote62: Is there anyone the Vikes would move up to get that they really covet?

csteuber: Coyote62: I think the Vikings would like Jeremy Maclin or one of the four premier tackles. But I think they stay at No. 22.

herrmannator: Hey Chris, do you think Percy Harvin will be overvalued on draft day? He would be a dynamic upgrade for the special teams

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think Harvin has a lot of value on offense and special teams. With teams using the Wildcat more in the NFL, Harvin has a lot of value in that formation. He's very explosive.

dadevike: Chris, if the Vikes had the number 1 pick, who would they take? Who is no. 1 on their draft board?

csteuber: Dadevike: That's an interesting question. ... It could be one of the top QBs (Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez) or one of the top OTs (Michael Oher, Andre Smith, Euguene Monroe and Jason Smith). I think they would lean towards the QB; I'd go with Sanchez.

herrmannator: Herman Johnson is all over the board, what is your take?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think Herman Johnson has to get in better shape and show more of a commitment. He has to improve his feet and quickness. If not, he will be a late third-, early fourth-round pick.

stevemfpayne: Chris, do you think the Vikings would be wise to trade down and grab someone like Duke Robinson or Alex Mack late in the first and pair them with Phil Loadhoalt in the second?

csteuber: StevemfPayne: If there is a player that they identify and want to move up, they should. Players like Mack and Robinson will be off the board early in the second round, so if they don't address the O-Line in the first round, it would be a good idea to move up in the second round.

greatcdnvike: Who REALLY was the person that wanted T-Jack in the draft?

csteuber: GreatCDnVike: I believe Childress wanted Tarvaris Jackson; he saw a lot of Donovan McNabb in him.

davev: Not a draft question, but curious if you have any insight on the Brett Favre situation and him possibly coming to the Vikes?

csteuber: Davev: I think Favre will retire.

herrmannator: Andre Smith seems to be falling out of favor, what is your take? There really seems to be a lot of second-tier tackles floating up and down?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Andre Smith is another tackle who has to get in shape and be more committed to his craft. He needs to be motivated to play and that concerns teams. He's talented, but has a lot of flaws.

nordicvike: No need at LB? Ben Leber is OK, will E.J. Henderson will be 100%?

csteuber: NordicVike: The LB position could use some depth, but I don't think it is a major need.

stevemfpayne: Chris, do you think the Vikes are set with Booty as the 3rd string or do you believe they could go after a Rhett Bomar or Nate Davis in the 4th.

csteuber: StevemfPayne: I think they should give Booty a shot; I don't see much difference between Booty and some of the other QBs in this year's draft.

herrmannator: Ricky Jean-Francois, head case? He has as much talent as anyone… Where do you see him?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Ricky Jean-Francois is talented, but unproven. He doesn't have much playing experience and is very injury prone.

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think he's unmotivated. He has to be more committed.

ProGaber: If we don't take a CB in the 1st, could Victor Harris be available when we select in the 2nd. What is your take on him and how he would fit in the Tampa-2?

csteuber: ProGaber: I like Macho Harris. He has great anticipation and ball skills and is a playmaker. But he doesn't have elite speed and is a perfect Cover 2 corner. He's physical and that helps, but he can't cover speedy WRs. I think he will be a second pick; probably a mid second rounder.

SFVikeFan: Chris do you think D.J. Moore is a good fit for the T-2? I thought he was a bit smallish and not as physical as Antoine Winfield or Cedric Griffin.

csteuber: SFVikeFan: Moore is one of the best playmaking corners in this draft and I know a few scouts that have him as their top corner in the draft. He's very dangerous in the secondary and makes a lot of plays. If he were two or three inches taller, he'd be a top-ten pick. He's also a very good return specialist.

coyote62: Could you see the Vikes drafting a top-notch punter to shake up Kluwe a little bit. Who would that be?

csteuber: Coyote62: Cincinnati's Kevin Huber is the best punter in the draft and he will probably go off the board in the fifth round. Graham Gano is another great punter and will also be taken in the fifth round. Those are two to keep an eye on.

herrmannator: Speaking of CBs - Alphonso Smith, D.J. Moore, Sean Smith, or Vontae Davis?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Of those four, I like Vontae Davis the best, followed by D.J. Moore, Sean Smith and Alphonso Smith.

stevemfpayne: Most mocks have us taking D.J. Moore. Do you believe he will be equally, if not more productive in the NFL? I think this guy plays lights out, a steal at 22.

csteuber: StevemfPayne: I also have Moore going to the Vikes. I think he's the real deal. He's a playmaker and he offers a lot to a secondary and special teams.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, what players do you think will be potential 'steals' on the second day of the draft?

csteuber: Kajjansiblackmamba: I really like N.C. State RB Andre Brown; he's going to be a very good player in the NFL. Hawaii DE David Veikune will be a 10-sack defender in a couple of years.

herrmannator: Are reports of Michael Oher's "difficulty in grasping NFL schemes" real or hooey? I think he's great.

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think Michael Oher is the best OT in the draft. A lot of people think I'm crazy, but when we look back at this draft, he will be the best. He has a learning disability, but I don't think that will stop him from being the player he will be.

SFVikeFan: Chris who are your top DTs in the draft? NT vs 3-technique?

csteuber: SFVikeFan: My top five DTs are: B.J. Raji, Peria Jerry, Fili Moala, Evander Hood and Ron Brace.

ProGaber: Are there any teams that could be looking to trade up to our spot at 22? If so, then who?

csteuber: ProGaber: I think there will be talks about movement at the end of the first round, but it's hard to predict. It all depends if a team targets a certain player.

vikingspub: A couple more for Chris and we'll let him go for this time. He'll probably be back in a couple weeks for another one.

purpleandgold18: Chris, what do you think of the Cal Poly receiver? Good complement to Bernard Berrian to me.

csteuber: PurpleandGold18: Ramses Barden is the WR you're talking about. He's a big possession receiver with strong hands, but lacks speed. He's a nice complement for a speedy receiver, but he doesn't stretch the field very often. He's a solid late second-, early third-round pick.

SFVikeFan: Chris, most impressive offensive and defensive player you saw at Senior Bowl?

csteuber: SFVikeFan: The most impressive offensive player I saw was NC State RB Andre Brown and most impressive defensive player was a toss-up between BC DT B.J. Raji and Tennessee DE Robert Ayers. Hawaii DE David Veikune was also good.

csteuber: Ok, I think that's all the time I have for tonight. Thanks for the great questions.

stevemfpayne: Thanks Chris.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks for your time, Chris.

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