Chat transcript: Free-agent possibilities NFL national reporter Adam Caplan answered a few dozen questions about the Vikings' possibilities in free agency. Matt Cassel or Derek Anderson? What positions are the priorities and which, if any, of the Vikings' top free agents will re-sign? Caplan takes on all the questions inside.

adamcaplan: Hi all

kajjansiblackmamba: Welcome Adam

purplehorns: I heard rumors today that the Vikings are targeting Derek Anderson. What have you heard Adam?

adamcaplan: I wrote in my free agency QB piece last week that it was a possibility.

adamcaplan: His roster bonus is due next month and they won't be paying it.

adamcaplan: So the Browns will be looking to deal him.

herrmannator: So Matt Birk's a goner?

adamcaplan: As for Birk, he won't be offered a contract unless Brad Childress changes his mind (doubtful).

adamcaplan: I'm told it has nothing to do with his performance.

adamcaplan: As you probably know, Childress and Birk have philosophical differences.

VikingK: Adam do you have a feel for who they might target?

adamcaplan: The Vikings will looking to sign a RT, C.

herrmannator: Is Jason Brown a target, or is his price going to be too high?

adamcaplan: Herm: As I noted in my blog a few weeks ago, he will want more than Jeff Faine got.

greatcdnvike: What about T.J. Houshmandzadeh?

adamcaplan: Great: For my free agent WR piece for Friday, I will be talking about TJH and if he could be pursued by the Vikings.

VikingK: Any shot at Jordan Gross?

adamcaplan: VIK: I think the Panthers franchise him.

HireLurts: No franchise tag for Peppers?

adamcaplan: HIRE: Peppers is probably one of the most overrated DEs I've seen in a while. He's a highlight reel guy. When he doesn't make the splash play, you don't see him.

herrmannator: What other alternatives are out there? As a free agent center?

adamcaplan: HERM: All veterans, no one young other than Brown.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what's your opinion on Sage Rosenfels? Would he be a good fit with the Vikes and would the Texans accept less than a 2nd round pick this year?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Rosenfels got exposed when he had to start a bunch, really solid backup, not a good starter.

coyote62: Honestly, do you see Brett Favre wearing purple and gold?

adamcaplan: COY: As for Favre, not at this point. Wouldn't totally rule it out if the NYJ released him.

purplehorns: Adam, will the Vikes sign a free agent WR?

adamcaplan: PURP: My sense is probably so. Other than TJH, no one makes sense at this point.

adamcaplan: But WR isn't the priority that C and RT are.

vikingms93: Adam, what is it the Vikes do or don't see in John David Booty? Is he a future starter in this league in your mind or no?

adamcaplan: VIK: He's not seen as a starter ever, developmental backup.

herrmannator: Adam, you mentioned last time that SD would be keeping Igor Olshanksy, but I read yesterday they were resigned to letting him go? Any word on your end?

adamcaplan: HERM: Unless they think Ryon Bingham is ready.

adamcaplan: I haven't gotten to SD yet in my calling around to teams.

washinr: Antonio Bryant is available. What about him?

adamcaplan: Bryant has stayed clean of issues for over a year, but to give him a lot of money is another issue. He did have a great year.

adamcaplan: WASH: Not sure if Childress could work with him.

HireLurts: Why didn't Marcus Johnson get a legit chance under Childress? He had a few starts under Mike Tice as a rookie.

adamcaplan: HIRE: Johnson never developed to what they thought he would be. I'm as surprised as anyone. I really thought he'd be their RT for many years.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, any chance their priorities switch to C and RG, with RT being addressed in the draft? Seems to me we could get a good RG cheaper in FA than RT.

adamcaplan: KAJ: I can tell you that they want both.

adamcaplan: Now if they think there is a RT in the draft that could play right away, then that could change things.

kajjansiblackmamba: As long as they address the issue.

adamcaplan: KAJ: On RG, I agree, I don't think Anthony Herrera isn't any better than average.

coyote62: There is no chance that the Vikings will get Nnamdi Asomugha is there?

adamcaplan: COY: Not happening.

adamcaplan: CB isn't a major need.

njviking1: Who do you like in free agency for this team?

adamcaplan: NJ: Possibly Jason Brown if BAL doesn't re-sign him, RT-Vernon Carey, Mark Tauscher. Could be another that could be a surprise. We'll see what names I hear closer to the combine (That's where I had the scoop on Berrian first).

coyote62: Just throwing it out there, but trading Chester Taylor for draft picks … good or bad idea?

adamcaplan: COY: They have to keep him as insurance for AP.

herrmannator: Do they like Naufahu Tahi as fullback or will they be addressing this area?

adamcaplan: HERM: I think they will look to upgrade.

greatcdnvike: Tell your people WE WANT CASSELL

adamcaplan: GREAT: I'm told MIN has around $20M as of Monday to spend.

adamcaplan: I'd expect at least two impact free agents.

kajjansiblackmamba: Speaking of Taylor, any chance he signs an extension to stay here or are we looking at his last year as a Vike? Same with Antoine Winfield?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Taylor may be offered one, but not sure if he is willing to accept that role.

herrmannator: I'd really like to see the Vikes sell the farm for Carson Palmer. I know you don't think it's possible, but is it possible?

adamcaplan: HERM: No on Palmer. You have a better chance to be Pope.

herrmannator: Well, if I convert to Catholicism .... maybe?

coyote62: Adam, what have you heard about the Darren Sharper situation?

adamcaplan: COY: Not expected to return.

HireLurts: If they find a RT, does Ryan Cook compete with John Sullivan at C?

adamcaplan: HIRE: My sense is that they don't think either can be a starter at this point.

kajjansiblackmamba: True, Taylor could probably find a starting job somewhere

adamcaplan: KAJ: As I noted, they are getting $2 M back on Jimmy Kennedy LTBE's, haven't gotten any confirmation of the rest.

kajjansiblackmamba: LOL, Jimmy Kennedy agreed to a LTBE bonus? He really must have wanted to make a good impression, i.e.-team player

adamcaplan: KAJ: Players get nothing for agreeing to them, which is funny.

coyote62: I heard today that Tony Gonzalez wants out of KC. Any way we get another Pro Bowler from them?

adamcaplan: COY: No, Visanthe Shiancoe is really a talented player, might be actually one of their best offensive players.

adamcaplan: Shows up on tape.

VikingK: Adam, do you believe Tarvaris could be a legit QB with a better line?

adamcaplan: VIK: Could help, but his mechanics are so inconsistent.

tmjay11: Adam, do you think the Vikes actually take a look at Rex Grossman to compete with TJ?

adamcaplan: TM: I'd be shocked, not surprised.

adamcaplan: Grossman is the new David Carr.

adamcaplan: You can figure out the rest.

HireLurts: Tyrell Johnson was exposed vs. Philly, and Madieu Williams may or may not stay healthy. Isn't safety a need?

adamcaplan: HIRE: Johnson just needs time in OTAs with the starters. He needs more time on the field.

coyote62: Not very many people have the Vikings a Super Bowl favorite for next year, but if we get the right free agents do you think that could change or will we need to prove ourselves in the season.

adamcaplan: COY: They can't win it until they get a legit QB. I don't care what they do elsewhere.

adamcaplan: The tape doesn't lie.

adamcaplan: Jackson takes steps forward, then two backward.

herrmannator: What's the scoop in SF on Alex Smith? Washout, or change of scenery?

adamcaplan: HERM: Will have his contract re-done.

adamcaplan: I think Smith could be a decent WCO QB with good coaching.

lancep1: If the Vikings go after FA RT or C, who would be their targets?

adamcaplan: LANCE: QB-Cassel, Jeff Garcia (only because of WCO experience). C-Jason Brown. RT-Jordan Gross, Mark Tauscher, possibly a sleeper there or draft.

HireLurts: Jaws is critical of the simplistic playcalling when TJ is in the game. Do you agree? Can't they give him more rope?

adamcaplan: HIRE: I'll see Jaws on Monday so I'll ask …

HireLurts: You paint a bleak picture with Birk and Sharper. How about Jim Kleinsasser? Do they want him, will there be a market for him?

adamcaplan: HIR: I haven't gotten to Kleinsasser yet.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, a bit off topic (it concerns a division rival), but do you see the Packers finding the personnel they need in FA to make the 3-4 work for them?

adamcaplan: KAJ: GB has good LBs, deep there so it may work.

VikingDave: What about Derek Anderson?

adamcaplan: VIK: Possibly, again, CLE will look to trade him, that's a lock so it's natural that CLE may call the Vikings to see what interest there is.

greatcdnvike: Stir the pot. WE WANT CASSELL

adamcaplan: GREAT: On Cassel, it would cost a lot, like $10M/season.

adamcaplan: That's a lot to commit to a one-year guy.

vikingms93: Garcia?

adamcaplan: VIK: Backup to push Jackson, that's about it.

adamcaplan: Garcia looked done to me, but I never count him out either.

tmjay11: I still like J.P. Losman as an option, what do you think?

adamcaplan: TM: Not as a starter. Losman is a mistake-prone QB. They already have one.

washinr: Adam, what;s the chance of them landing Houshmandzadeh

adamcaplan: WAS: I don't see them believing they need to spend that kind of cash on a WR.

HireLurts: There was some press that Matt Hasselbeck would be available. Do you think there's any truth to that?

adamcaplan: HIRE: Damaged goods.

adamcaplan: Shoulder.

washinr: So you think Antonio Bryant would come cheaper?

adamcaplan: WAS: Bryant is a lot cheaper. It comes down to them believing they could handle him.

adamcaplan: He was unreal down the stretch.

adamcaplan: All: Have to run, good chat. We can do it again in two weeks before I leave for the combine.

vikingms93: Well, thanks for everything, Adam. Have a good night.

tmjay11: Thanks Adam.

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