Iglesias took leadership seriously

Oklahoma receiver Juaquin Iglesias didn't feel like he became a team player until about halfway through his career. Now he's hoping the hard work he put in will help him individually in the draft.

Oklahoma wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias is one of the top-rated receivers in the 2009 NFL Draft, and he showed why he deserves that status at the Senior Bowl as he snared six passes for 90 yards against some of the best defenders in the country.

At 6-foot-1, 204 pounds, Iglesias is a physical receiver who rarely gets manhandled coming off the line. And he's a confident player who eagerly welcomes the opportunity to make catches across the middle, providing him with opportunities to tack on more yards after the catch.

The Sooners receiver finished his senior campaign with a team-leading 74 catches for 1,150 yards, 15.5 yards-per-catch, and 10 touchdowns. He also averaged 23.8 yards per kickoff return on 20 attempts. 

Although he was preparing for this week's NFL Scouting Combine at Competitive Edge Sports in Atlanta, Iglesias took a few minutes to talk with Scout.com about his college career and his offseason training. 

Ed Thompson: Was there a specific point when you finally felt like you were clicking and had turned the corner at Oklahoma?

Juaquin Iglesias: I would say the end of my sophomore year. When I got there, my freshman and sophomore year, I did well—and I felt like I did better in my sophomore year than the year before. But I wasn't helping us win that much. I think by the end of my junior year, a lot of us buckled down and talked about winning championships, and I think our game showed it.

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Thompson: What do you think you did differently your junior year that you weren't doing before?

Iglesias: I think it was the hard work I put into it, the time and effort, the way I prepared. I woke up in the morning and everything about me changed. I really wanted to help the team win and be about the team.

Thompson: One of your impressive attributes is your ability to get yards after the catch. Do you see yourself as someone who can make an immediate impact in the slot?

Iglesias: Yeah, I think I can be one of those guys who can get on the field and help out wherever I am needed. Whether that's outside or inside, I'm just going to try to make that immediate impact wherever I am.

Thompson: You finished third all-time at Oklahoma in all-purpose yards. That should play well with NFL teams who are looking to boost their special teams.

Iglesias: I think the return game and special teams helps get you on the field. My ability to return the ball and make yards after the catch is one thing that can help me. Teams are looking at everything that can help you and hurt you at the next level, and that's one of the things I take pride in and I think are some of the best parts of my game. I run after the catch, I've got good vision, and I know where to run and where not to run.

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